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AC Odyssey Iron Metal Guide: How to Get Iron Metal

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is one hell of a sandbox RPG. With views of Ancient Greece and Sparta to enjoy, it can be easy to coast along the vistas of the Aegean shores without stopping to indulge in one of the time-honored traditions of playing RPGs—gathering. Unfortunately for those who are more predisposed to holidaying in Mykonos instead of spending time bent over a forge working on min-maxing, making sure that you’ve got the best gear is more than just a secondary consideration. You’re going to need to keep your blades sharp and ready like in every other Assassin’s Creed game, and you’re going to need iron metal to do that. Don’t worry about turning over every shiny rock that you see—our AC Odyssey iron metal guide will tell you how to get iron metal, what it’s good for, and more.

AC Odyssey Iron Metal Guide – The Basics

Iron metal is a bit of a multi-purpose resource. It’s not just for making your weapons cooler. You’re also going to need a hell of a lot of it to upgrade your marine rig if you want to earn your seafaring legs. Last but not least, you’re going to need a healthy amount if you’re wanting to engrave cool things into your gear.

This resource is just one of the few main resources available in the game, and there’s quite a large variety of ways to obtain it. Much like every other resource, it can be obtained by wandering around in the world and discovering it organically. This resource is fairly common, so it won’t be hard to stumble across some metal in the world if you have an eagle eye. Your ability to view all lootable items in an area will make this task infinitely easier as well. However, if you’re not just the type of person to rely on what you can scavenge by walking around in the world or diving into cave, then it pays to be a little more strategic in your gathering. Specific activities and locations will give you more metal than most, and these are two of the best.

AC Odyssey Iron Metal Guide – Dismantling Gear

One surefire way to pick up some bits of iron metal is to get rid of all the gear that you inadvertently hoard like some sort of angry kobold throughout the course of the game. You often get upgrades quicker than you know what to do with them, which means that your pack will have a ton of gear lying around that isn’t being used. What is that gear made of, you ask? Well, the answer is most likely iron metal.

Dismantling your gear is a guaranteed way to get iron metal. Sure, you can sell the stuff that you aren’t using, but breaking it down is something that you can do from the safety of your inventory without having to go to an arms specialist to do. Once you dismantle your gear, you’ll receive composite materials from it, and basically, everything is made out of iron metal. Better gear gives more resources but you can’t dismantle Legendary gear.

AC Odyssey Iron Metal Guide – Seafaring Combat

AC Odyssey Iron Metal Body

One of the primary uses for your iron metal is going to be upgrading your ship so that it’s the biggest and the baddest in the Peloponnesian region. As such, it stands to reason that the other people taking to the sea have also undergone a similar upgrading process for their own marine vessels. Logic dictates that if you’re going to need a large mass of metal to upgrade your ship, then the Greeks running around with said upgraded ships must have a ton of metal for the taking. Ergo, taking down those upgraded ships will result in you destroying them and taking their scrap, which would include a ton of iron metal.

Yes, there are probably a ton of easier targets in the world of AC Odyssey that aren’t boats, and the naval battles can be a more prolonged affair than going through your bags and scrapping unused chest plates. However, it’s the sheer quantity of iron metal that you get which generally makes this tactic worthwhile. There’ll be no shortage of scurvy dogs trying to pull a fast one on you, so there’ll be plenty of victims to destroy and to salvage from later.

Now that you’ve gotten some tips from us about what sort of activities will work best when you’re looking for precious iron metal, it’s time to go out there and get scavenging like the rest of them.