Black Ops 4 Stuck on Offer Redemption Screen – How to Fix

Want some goodies but you’re facing down the dreaded Black Ops 4 stuck on Offer Redemption screen error? Yup, it sucks. Thankfully, there are a couple of ways to ensure you’re not spending the rest of 2018 looking at a notification instead of playing Black Ops 4. Here’s how to fix the Black Ops 4 stuck on Offer Redemption screen error.

What is the Black Ops 4 Stuck on Offer Redemption Screen Error?

Some users, who are looking to redeem items from the Digital Deluxe Edition of the game or the Black Ops Pass, are continually being bombarded by an error screen after the game’s opening intro. On it, you’ll get a message that begins “Congratulations!” under the heading “Offer Redemption.”

However, you can’t go beyond that, not even to the main menu. Holding down X/A (as is prompted) will simply prove ineffective, and you’ll be met with this message again and again and again. Watch it here for a painful example of what so many are suffering through.

So, how do you proceed and y’know, actually play the game?

How to Fix the Black Ops 4 Stuck on Offer Redemption Screen Error

The best tried-and-tested method for this is, upon seeing the message for the billionth time, to unplug your internet manually via your router/hub device. After 30 seconds or so, plugging it back in should, hopefully, make the game bypass the message and you can finally get on with playing Black Ops 4.

You should also make sure you are 1) Using the correct PSN account, as using your non-primary PSN ID with attached DLC is a recipe for disaster at the best of times, trust me, and 2) Ensure you have all updates fully downloaded and installed, otherwise the game can tend to hang on messages such as these. A quick reset of your game and/or console should blow those cobwebs away in no time at all.