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Destiny 2 Limited Edition Triumph Removed – Will it Return?

Notorious among the the community for simply not unlocking and locking completionists behind an infuriating wall, the Destiny 2 Limited Edition Triumph has been removed from the game… for now. But will the Triumph return and, if so, when can we expect it back?

Why Was the Destiny 2 Limited Edition Triumph Removed?

Bafflingly, one of the easiest Triumphs in Destiny 2 was also practically impossible to unlock for some. The Moment of Triumph, which could be found by heading to the game’s Triumphs Tab then the Account seal upon pausing, would simply unlock if you owned Destiny 2 Limited Edition.

However, that wasn’t the case for many. It was one of the more buggy elements of the game, not unlocking for many who purchased the Limited Edition of the game. Despite the fact it offered no quantifiable rewards other than a warm, fuzzy feeling in your stomach, it irked many who couldn’t polish off the last, solitary Moment of Triumph. Now, it’s been replaced by the hilariously obscure “???” message.  Gee, thanks, Bungie.

Is there a Destiny 2 Limited Edition Triumph Return Date?

In its Forsaken Known Issues update, Bungie confirms that “We are investigating reports of players being unable to claim the Limited Edition Triumph.”

Beyond that, there is no known Limited Edition Triumph return date. In fact, with Bungie opting for both Warmind and Curse of Osiris to be packaged in with a Forsaken purchase, it may never make a return. The Limited Edition originally included the Expansion Pass (now rendered null and void) as well as the base game.

With the combination of Destiny 2 going free on PS Plus and the aforementioned DLC packs now forming part of a bundle, the Limited Edition has gone the way of the dodo. Still, if you own it, it’ll be a very nice addition to your virtual mantelpiece, even if it yields a grand Triumph score of zero.