Monster Hunter World PC Title Update October 2018

Monster Hunter World PC Title Update October 2018 is official, and Capcom has let us know a few weeks earlier of what to expect. The new Monster Hunter World PC Title Update will tweak a few smaller things, but the inclusion of Kulve Taroth, which you can read more about here, can be seen as the game’s biggest addition yet.

Monster Hunter World PC Title Update October 2018

So what else will Monster Hunter World PC Title Update October 2018 bring? Other than paving the road for the new Kulve Taroth fight, the new Monster Hunter World PC title update will fix a few common issues players have reported through the Steam discussion forum since the game’s launch and initial title update patch.

Capcom has repeatedly committed to improving keyboard and mouse controls in Monster Hunter World PC, and while many were happy after a slight change made in the in-game settings at launch, the latest round of patch notes include, among other currently unknown keyboard setting adjustments, “a new shortcut key option which allows players to use keyboard shortcuts”. It sounds vague for now, but the update page notes that numbers 1 to 8 can set these keys to execute actions in-game, meaning it should be possible to map specific item slots, attacks, or gestures and emotes to these keys.

On top of that, the HDR Mode available on console versions of the game is set to be implemented on the same day, bringing the PC version more in-line with other versions and ensuring players don’t won’t need to rely on questionable Windows 10 HDR support or HDR-like modes available through monitors and televisions. We’ll have to wait for this HDR mode to arrive before we’re able to pass judgment on its performance, but it’s good to see such a big featured spliced in post-release.

Lastly, various “minor issues” will be patched out the game when the Monster Hunter World PC Title Update October 2018 goes live later this month. Expect the full list to be published at a later date. What we can expect, though, is an official Monster Hunter World PC low texture fix. At least during character creation and cutscenes, anyway.

You can read the full patch notes announcement post here. Updating the game will bring you to Monster Hunter World PC version 154766.