Monster Hunter World PC Kulve Taroth Release Date Set

A Monster Hunter World PC Kulve Taroth release date is officially on the cards. With no clear event schedule to compare Monster Hunter World PC with its console counterpart, players have been wondering when and how the post-game Kulve Taroth hunt would make it into the port. Capcom representatives took to the game’s Steam page recently to ease the minds of fans, but stopped short of giving an exact Monster Hunter World Kulve Taroth release date.

The post followed the Monster Hunter World PC patch notes released last week. Going on record to talk about certain issues still plaguing the game, the Monster Hunter World PC Kulve Taroth release date was touched upon in the opening paragraph.

According to those who oversee the PC version of the game, Kulve Taroth is being actively worked on and is targeting an early November release date. The post-launch Elder Dragon hunt was added into the console version a few months after its release date. Fought through the new Siege mode, it allows for four times the usual amount of hunters to fight the beast through a single multiplayer session.

The planned November Monster Hunter World PC Kulve Taroth release date should be taken with a pinch of salt, however, as the post specifically mentions that it will “release sometime in early November barring any unforeseen issues.” Should those unforeseen issues arise, expect the date to be pushed back.

Further down the post, Capcom finally acknowledged the texture streaming issues repeatedly reported through the game’s Steam forum page and promises that the next title update will issue some kind of fix. Only texture streaming issues for male character models and cutscenes were mentioned, however, so it isn’t clear whether in-game low texture issues (like terrain) will be on the agenda just yet. No Monster Hunter World PC title update release date was set with the post. Further keyboard control scheme optimizations will feature, too.