Monster Hunter World PC Title Update 2 Fixes Dozens of Bugs

Monster Hunter World PC Title Update 2 has arrived just in time for the Autumn Harvest Festival event. Four posts worth of patch notes mean dozens of Monster Hunter World PC bug fixes have come at once. The latest round of Monster Hunter World PC bug fixes tackle combat issues, localization errors, and miscellaneous tweaks to less noticeable problems.

Earlier in the week, the team behind the customer support threads and announcements on the Monster Hunter World PC Steam discussion pages announced plans to fix dozens of guild card titles absent from the PC version of the game. It doesn’t look like today’s big Monster Hunter World PC Title Update 2 has resolved that particular slew of issues, but plenty of other problems have been ironed out, with a few minor graphical additions and paid-DLC showing up.

Noteworthy Monster Hunter World PC Title Update 2 bug fixes relate to weaker buffs overwriting stronger buffs, typically in the case of Palico buffs spreading through the “Wide-Range” skill. Other issues pertaining to Wide-Range have been fixed, with EX Lifepowder now also sharing the same range as regular Lifepowder.

Plenty of weapon fixes have been introduced to stop unintended variables from affecting specific weapon skills. Bow users can no longer fire Dragon Piercer further than its max range, and incorrect weapon skills triggering due to the input buffer have been tweaked. If you ever tried to coordinate Large Barrel Bomb placement with a group and found the visible amount different per user, that’s a strange issue which has apparently been fixed, too.

Despite there being four separate posts to list all of today’s changes, there’s still no word on the graphical hitches and low-texture issues plaguing users across the game since Capcom worked to fix the connection issues the Monster Hunter World PC launched with. Tomorrow’s launch of the Autumn Harvest Festival event will reward players with a free character customization voucher. The item may help avoid the texture issues present on male character models, but it’s far from a proper fix to a larger problem.

For the full list of Monster Hunter World PC Title Update 2 patch notes, check out the Steam News board here.