Capcom To Fix Missing Guild Card Titles In Monster Hunter World PC

Missing guild card titles in the Monster Hunter World PC port are to be added back in, says Capcom. The company revealed through Steam that Monster Hunter World PC is currently missing 43 guild card titles and is looking into how to adjust the unlock process for the missing titles.

In a news post titled “Issues regarding the guide card titles on Steam platform”, MHW_CAPCOM, the game’s development team Steam handle, said “We have confirmed that 43 Guild card titles that are achievable in console versions of Monster Hunter: World were not available for Steam version of the game.”

The post goes on to say “we are currently fixing this issue as well as reconsidering qualification terms in achieving these Guild card titles.” There’s no timeframe given for a fix, but with patches for things like mouse support, translation errors, and prominent matchmaking issues coming along shortly after being acknowledged by the team, it shouldn’t take too long to see missing guild card titles added back in.

There’s no definitive list of which 43 guild card titles are currently missing in the Monster Hunter World PC, making it difficult to predict how Capcom will alter how they are obtained.

Guild card titles are pre-determined words and phrases users can use to personalize their in-game profile, with the sheer amount of options available meaning players typically use them to inject humor into their publicly available profiles when playing online. Dozens of titles are unlocked at a time for various in-game achievements, with past games in the franchise containing as many as 1000 unlockable words and phrases through the Guild card system.

Fixes for the various performance hitches and texture loaded issues reported multiple times per day on the Monster Hunter World PC Steam discussion pages have still gone unanswered, leaving any word on a potential fix for those issues still up in the air.