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Spider-Man PS4 1.08 Update Patch Notes: New Game Plus, Ultimate Difficulty, and More

The Spider-Man PS4 1.08 update just went live earlier today. This might be the game’s biggest and most highly-anticipated update so far. It arrives with a size of more than 4 GB. The reason for that is because this new update finally brings much-awaited features like the Spider-Man PS4 New Game Plus, Ultimate difficulty, and more.

The Spider-Man PS4 1.08 actually arrived together with the Spider-Man PS4 1.07 update, thanks to official patch notes provided by Insomniac Games.

Spider-Man PS4 1.08 Update: New Game Plus and Ultimate Difficulty

The developer has confirmed that the new update finally adds the highly-requested New Game Plus mode and Ultimate difficulty. Trophy hunters can look forward to obtaining two new Trophies as well, which can be obtained by completing both of those aforementioned new features.

Spider-Man PS4 1.08 Update: New Features for Photo Mode

Other new features introduced in the new update include the ability to rotate layers in the Spider-Man PS4 Photo Mode. Additionally, there are also new frames and stickers, along with a new shortcut option where players can now trigger Photo Mode via the left directional button.

Spider-Man PS4 1.08 Update: Bug Fixes and Improvements

Besides all the new features above, the massive new update also features a bunch of bug fixes and improvements to the game. The following improvements have been implemented in the new update:

  • Friendly combat difficulty has been tweaked based on player feedback.
  • Added a max health cap of 250 and normalized players.
  • Solved a crash related to graphical artifacting.

Several issues have been addressed in the new update as well, including an issue where players would find themselves respawning inside a building in the Financial District, and another where animation during cinematics could break due to hard drive streaming. Issues where pedestrians would disappear for a frame in the distance, and combat music would persist in the open world after completing a Sable Base, have also been fixed.

Spider-Man PS4 1.08 Update