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Fortnite 6.20 Patch Notes Update (Fortnite 1.87 Patch Notes PS4)

The Fortnite 6.20 patch notes update (Fortnite 1.87 patch notes PS4) has finally been shared by Epic Games, detailing a huge number of changes. Last week’s patch included the new Quadcrasher vehicle, in-game tournaments, and more. This week’s highlight is the “Fortnitemares” event, which the developer has been teasing for the past week. Sharing various riddles and images on social media, Epic Games has done its best to get the community hyped during a very competitive month. The Fortnite Jack-O-Launcher is set to make its return, adding some pumpkin style to the usual rocket launcher design. Also being tested in the new Fortnite update is the ability to redeploy the glider in all modes, not just the “Soaring” variants. There’s lots more to discuss, including some highlights that Save the World players will enjoy. Let’s dive in! (And yes, this update does require the usual hour or two of downtime! Sorry about that!)

Fortnite 6.20 Patch Notes Update (Fortnite 1.87 Patch Notes PS4) – Fortnitemares Event

Fortnite 1.87 Patch Notes

The Fortnite 6.20 update sees the return of the Fortnitemares event, adding all kinds of spooky content. As we saw last year, Epic Games is keen to go all out for this terrifying holiday, with themed weapons, skins, and more all being added to the game. As you might imagine, this content will be limited by time, so you’ll want to hit the game hard if you want to experience everything!

The Fortnitemares limited time event has the cube (Kevin?) striking back. Those who play this mode will see cube fragments that spawn cube monsters. There are both large and small cube fragments. Kill the monsters to get loot and shields.

A Fiend Hunter Crossbow is available exclusively in this mode. It can only be found in the Epic variant, has 40 base damage, fires 1.8 shots per second, and does a massive 4x damage against Fiends. It rocks a seven arrow magazine size, but boasts unlimited ammo. Players can find this from floor loot, chests, and vending machines.

Fortnitemares Challenges are also a thing, giving players free objectives to complete. You’ll want to come back every few days to see the challenges rotate. Complete them all to unlock the Dark Engine glider.

These are the first set of challenges:

  • Destroy Cube Monsters
  • Deal damage with Assault Rifles or Pistols to Cube Monsters
  • Visit a Corrupted Area in different matches
  • Dance at different Gargoyles

Fortnite 6.20 Patch Notes Update (Fortnite 1.87 Patch Notes PS4) – Six Shooter and Jack-O-Launcher

Fortnite 1.87 Patch Notes

The Fortnite revolver has been spruced up for the Fortnitemares event. The new Six Shooter weapon can be found in Uncommon, Rare, and Epic variants, dealing 34/36/37 damage, respectively. It can be fired from the hip for a faster fire rate, or aimed for increased precision. This weapon uses medium ammo and can be found from floor loot, chests, and vending machines.

With Fortnitemares also comes the Fortnite Jack-O-Launcher weapon, a pumpkin-stuffed version of the normal rocket launcher. This is purely a cosmetic change only, so don’t expect increased damage or anything crazy like that!

The standard Hand Cannon and Stink Bomb have also seen some tweaks:

  • Hand Cannon balance changes.
    • Increased damage to structures.
      • Epic – From 79 to 150
      • Legendary – From 83 to 157
    • Increased minimum long-range body shot damage.
      • Epic – From 30 to 50
      • Legendary – From 31 to 52
    • Increased minimum long-range head shot damage.
      • Epic – From 60 to 100
      • Legendary – From 62 to 104
  • Stink Bomb
    • Increased chance to find from floor loot by 0.2%
    • Increased chance to find from Chests by 1.7%

Fortnite 6.20 Patch Notes Update (Fortnite 1.87 Patch Notes PS4) – Redeploy Glider in All Modes

Fortnite 1.87 Patch Notes

A big change that is being tested with the Fortnite 6.20 update is the ability for players to redeploy their gliders across all modes. Rather than this feature being exclusive to the “Soaring” limited time modes, Epic Games is trialing it as a standard feature. Player feedback will be important here, so be sure to be vocal about your experience on social media and the game’s forums.

You’ll be able to hop into a Solo, Duo or Squad match as per usual, but now you will be able to re-deploy your glider when you are at least three stories high … We’re testing how providing a singular mobility mechanic that all players can use will affect regular gameplay. We’re planning to run this for a week. Drop in, try it out, let us know what you think!

The ability to quickly build high and deploy your glider to outflank the enemy will lead to some interesting engagements. It should also make for endgame scenarios that reward player aim, rather than building high and waiting. I’m pretty sure the community will be split on whether this change is for the better!

Fortnite 6.20 Patch Notes Update (Fortnite 1.87 Patch Notes PS4) – Save the World Half-Price Sale

Fortnite 1.87 Patch Notes

Following the confirmation that Fortnite Save the World won’t be going free-to-play in 2018, despite that being the initial target, Epic Games has slashed the PvE mode’s price in half. This affects all editions of the game, and will last until November 6.

The Standard Edition now costs $19.99, while the deluxe comes to $29.99. Those wanting to invest a chunk of cash into the Super Deluxe Edition can do so for $44.99, and the Limited Edition is now priced at $74.99.

As Save the World has now been confirmed to be remaining paid-for during 2018, at least, maybe those players who were on the fence will now see reason to buy.

Fortnite 6.20 Patch Notes Update (Fortnite 1.87 Patch Notes PS4) – Save the World Fortnitemares Part 1

Fortnite 1.87 Patch Notes

Those of you enjoying Save the World will be eager to learn that the first part of the PvE Fortnitemares event has begun. Players can now “venture into the creepy lands of Hexsylvania and experience the ‘Vlad Moon Rising’ questline.” This has been updated with additional narrative content, so even veterans will have something new to experience.

Players can earn Candy during the event, which can be spent on Fortnitemares Llamas. Candy is awarded to those who complete missions in Hexslyvania, or to those who defeat miniboss mission alerts on normal campaign missions.

The Fortnitemares Llamas have a chance of awarding all Fortnitemares Heroes of the past, which include:

  • Marine Corpse Ramirez
  • Skull Trooper Jonesy
  • Hazard the 13th
  • Catstructor Penny
  • Shuriken Master Llamurai
  • Sarah Hotep
  • Ranger Beetlejess

In addition to these Heroes, the Fortnitemares Lllamas also contain Survivors. Adding these to the Collection Book will unlock the Legendary Pumpkin Launcher schematic.

This is a pretty massive update, with many changes in the bug fixes department. Though we’ve given you the highlights above, you may want to head on over to the official patch notes page for the full details.