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Fallout 76 Beta Active Quest Icon – How to Disable

It seems that Fallout 76 beta players are already wondering if they can turn off the Fallout 76 beta active quest icon. The beta has only gone live on Xbox One so far, and even then it was only for a select time period on its first day. That said, gamers want to know if they can disable the active quest icon that constantly pops up on their screen. Here’s our guide on how to stop it from doing so.

Fallout 76 Beta Active Quest Icon – What is it?

The active quest icon lets you know what quest you, well, currently have active. Selecting a particular quest gives you a brief description of what’s expected of you to complete the mission, as well as any rewards that you may get from successfully doing so. It’s used to help keep players on track as they progress through the game, but some aren’t happy that it’s enabled all the time.

Fallout 76 Beta Active Quest Icon – How do I Disable it?

Some players have become a bit annoyed that the active quest icon keeps telling them where to go and what to do, even though they know. User PachytheDino took to the Fallout 76 subreddit to ask if there was any way that users could disable this, and let them get on with whatever they want to do. Some players just want to roam around and take in as much of the beta while they can, but constantly being bombarded with what missions they need to complete isn’t helping them do that.

Luckily, another Reddit user revealed that there is a way to turn the active quest icon off in the Fallout 76 beta. Players who wish to do so can simply open up their Pip-Boy menu (the wrist item that they have equipped), and simply uncheck the quests that appear in that sub-menu.