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Planet Coaster 1.8.2 Patch Notes – What’s New?

Planet Coaster 1.8.2 patch notes have rolled out just days after the last small-scale update to the theme park management simulator. As it stands, the Planet Coaster 1.8.2 release date is October 25, meaning your game should update automatically if your Steam settings allow for it.

Community manager Brett kicked off the announcement, and subsequent release post, on the Steam news thread by thanking players for their continued feedback and reports, promising the update includes “multiple big fixes.” Whether or not that’s supposed to read “bug fixes” will surely depend on how many people have been negatively affected by the issues fixed.

Planet Coaster 1.8.2 Patch Notes – What’s new?

Being the second update to hit the Planet Coaster since the massive October patch and expansion pack, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to learn that Planet Coaster 1.8.2 patch notes don’t include any new features, items, shops, props, or anything outside of bug fixes at all. The patch is nothing more than a way for developers Frontier Developments to squash bugs left in or added by the last major update.

The Planet Coaster 1.8.2 patch notes separate the bug fixes into five categories this time around: Staff, Guest and Facilities, Scenery, Ride, UI, and Audio bug fixes.

Starting from the top, noteworthy bug fixes include fixing an issue that saw priority pass queues prevent placement in parks with locked terrain, janitors waiting for certain buildings to get dirty before cleaning them, and even provides a Cosmic Cow vending machine fix to stop incorrect item vending.

Further down, scenery like the Victorian Wall 4m Shopfront should no longer have a visible mesh seam, the Polarity ride pillars should no longer clip with the ride operator booth, and the Recent browser category should now correctly list recently used items.

You can read the full Planet Coaster 1.8.2 patch notes here.