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The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks FAQ/Walkthrough

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                              THE LEGEND OF ZELDA

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           1. Walkthrough
                  a. The Beginning.............................[BEGN]
                  b. The Tower of Spirits......................[SPRT]
                  c. Through the Woods.........................[WOOD]
                  d. Forest Temple.............................[FRST]
                  e. Into a Land of Snow.......................[SNOW]
                  f. Snow Temple...............................[SNWT]
                  g. Intermission One..........................[INT1]
                  h. Under the Sea.............................[USEA]
                  i. Ocean Temple..............................[OCNT]
                  j. Intermission Two..........................[INT2]
                  k. Through Fire and Ice......................[TFAI]
                  l. Fire Temple...............................[FRET]
           2. Sidequests & Collectibles
                  a. Stamps....................................[STMP]
                  b. Heart Containers..........................[HCON]
                  c. Rabbits...................................[RBBT]
           3. Mini-Games
                  a. Take 'Em All Out..........................[TEAO]
                  b. Training Session..........................[TRNS]

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        Please keep in mind that this FAQ is, currently in an incomplete
          state, so many sections may be also incomplete or otherwise
                                 completely missing

                                 ~Darkstar Ripclaw


        I will be honest: I never intended to write for this game until the day
before Spirit Tracks released. I do not like working on big games, never have,
never will. Why did I change my mind? Because when I was perusing the Phantom
Hourglass guides on in anticipation for Spirit Track's release, I
noticed that not a single one did not have spoilers or author rambling of some
sort to a big degree.

        Such may sound upbearing or arrogant of me to make a comment about
other game guides like that, but this here remains my committment to you, the
reader: when you read this guide, you will NOT get spoiled. There will of
course be things like saying "Talk to Alfonzo" as opposed to "Talk to that guy"
and boss names will not be censored, but in general I will NEVER spoil a detail
from a conversation or scene unless it is immediately gameplay-relevant, and I
will NEVER ramble on, or even deviate away from the game (outside of this
introduction, of course).

        That said, please understand that this is a first-playthrough FAQ that
is currently written for release-day players, so while I try to be detailed
as possible, I may stumble over some details, a sidequest that may help
significantly for the next portion of the game may be skipped over, or I missed
a quick detour that gets you a neat item. If you feel there is something that
I need to edit or add in that I can do within a reasonable time frame (ie. NOT
a lengthy sidequest, but yes to something like an easier path around a maze or
whatnot), then feel free to email me using my email at the bottom of this FAQ.
If you feel there is something I should know for in the future, such as a quick
stop I can make with the Boomerang after the Snow Temple to get a rare item,
then that is also appreciated as an email. Review my email policy at the bottom
as well and please state how, if at all, you wish to be credited.

        On the flip side, please also understand that I CANNOT help you with
stuff that is to come later on in the game. This is just disrespectful, as I
cannot write faster than (most) people can game. If I am not at an area yet,
take your problems to a message board to try finding the solution to your

        I thank you for your patience. I will try to write as quickly as I can.

        ~Darkstar Ripclaw


        The walkthrough for this game. Please refer to the table of contents for
the specific search codes for each section.

                                  The Beginning

        Watch through the short story intro, after which you will have a short
scene interation. Answer whatever you will when prompted with a question. You
will not find much in here except for two pots with hearts in them, so head
outside into the village.

        Head east and north along the left-hand side of the road, and talk to
the kid with the blue hat. Roll straight into the tree from the south (NOT at an
angle) to get some Bee Larvae, then start rolling right and around the village
(do not bother trying to go into the water, just roll frequently) until the bees
leave you. Be careful not to roll too many times consecutively, as you can end
up getting momentarily dizzy. Afterwards, go and talk to the same kid with the
blue hat northeast of the right-most house to get a random collection item.

        Move south and talk to the woman standing next to the house with the
rocks in front of it, then lift the rocks up and throw them around (you can get
a few rupees and also a few hearts to recover yourself from the earlier ordeal).
After you are done rock-breaking, head north. You will not be able to enter the
actual northern house, but you can go right and up the stairs, after which you
will get a short cutscene.

        Once aboard, listen to your mentor and touch and drag the gear level up
one level to increase the trains speed. Make sure to keep your focus on in front
of the train at all times; the camera may seem a bit difficult to adapt to, but
it is basically an inverted form of control (drag the stylus right to turn the
camera left and vice versa). Shortly after you make it past the first curve on
the track, you will come to a cow that is laying on the tracks; pull the whistle
to make it move.

        A short while later, you will come to a split in the railway track. When
you get through the text, touch and drag the gear on the bottom to cause your
train to go on the right track. Turn the gear to the left on the next
intersection, then right again at the next intersection. After that, it is
smooth sailing from there; do not touch the gear for the next two track
intersections, and instead continue to go straight.

        After the short scene introducing the Tower of Spirits and Hyrule Castle
is probably the most annoying part in this sequence; braking. Turn it down from
the highest gear down to the second-highest gear (the next gear in sequence is
to stop, while the bottom on causes you to go in reverse). Once you get just a
short amount of distance before the red sign, turn the gear to the stop gear.
You will have a small amount of momentum, so you need to time it right. If you
throw yourself too far, use the bottom gear to reverse a bit.

        When you have successfully stopped in front of the castle, you will
automatically move into the Castle Town. After you disembark from your train,
feel free to walk around and talk to people and smash some pots. You will not
find anything really interesting at the moment, although for reference the shop
is the building just east of the northern gate (with a Tingle easter egg, too!).
Once you are done, head on north through the gates at the top of the screen to
get another scene.

        Check your mail after (Menu -> Collection), but it is not anything
special. Head north into the Hyrule Castle area afterwards.

        There is not much you can do in the surrounding environment at the time.
If you want another Bee Larvae, head to the southwest corner then go straight
north to come to a few trees. Roll into the tree, grab the Bee Larvae, then
quickly run away. There are a few boulders around that you can throw to recover
your hearts after that. Once you are done fooling around, head up through the
gates. Talk to the guards and answer "Yes Sir!" to head inside.

        On the 1st Floor, as the two side hallways have guards to block you off
from going down that way, head up. Do not talk to the guard here just yet;
instead go right and up to break open some of the pots, one of which contains a
Star Fragment. Talk to the man now, and after the scene head north up the stairs
to watch a cutscene, in which you will obtain your royal engineer's certificate,
as well as a letter.

        Read the letter once the cutscene is over, then go to the 1st Floor. The
two hallways leading to either side of the castle are now open, so explore a
little bit if you want, then head up the staircase in the lower-right corner to
go up onto the outside second floor. Out here, loop right around the building
that has the staircase you just came out of, and go onto the ledge on the side
of the castle. Walk along the ledge north, then hop off the ledge at the end and
go through the door into the second floor area.

        In here, head left and go up the staircase onto the third floor. Watch
another scene take place. Accept her request and you will get Link's classic
green tunic. Go outside and listen to her explain how to escort her; basically,
click on the green symbol underneath her and draw the path she should walk, and
press the Call button to call her back to you. Use the left D-Pad button to
switch between the two characters; this allows you to have Link out of Zelda's
view, but still guide her line. The first room is not too bad; wait until the
second guard starts moving, then draw a line to go through the middle of the two
blocks and out to the door. Do not let your stylus leave the screen until both
of the guards are moving away from the door, and are not in close range to the
center area or near the hallway to the staircase.

        Once you get outside, have Zelda jump off the ledge, then draw her a
path going down the left side to the center of the two small hedges on the right
side. When she does this, go to the right side of the first guard and talk to
him multiple times to constantly have his attention focused towards you, away
from Zelda.

        For the second guard, you should repeat the same strategy; draw Zelda's
path-line to go down the right edge of the wall and end up underneath the narrow
strip of hedge to the right of the castle grounds entrance. Have Zelda move to
the left edge of the underside of the brush.

        The last guard will be a bit tricky. Move north and go behind him, and
pick up a rock and throw it. Once he hops and runs back to investigate, quickly
switch views and draw Zelda a pathline to go around the last hedge to the
entrance. You may want to switch views back north and throw another rock (they
respawn) just to keep the guard's attention focused north. Once you do this
successfully, the guard at the front should not be a problem due to his limited
sight, so go south into the Castle Town, where you from then on have a series of
cutscenes that set the plot for the game.

        Once the cutscenes are open, you will be put back into Hyrule Castle.
Talk to the elder man, then leave the room. Go south and watch another short
scene. After, head to the center of the area and go upstairs into the royal
chamber. Head up and go through the right door, then go upstairs again into
Zelda's bedchamber. You will then be given the Spirit Flute. Try to leave the
room for another quick conversation, then actually go downstairs.

        Take the lower door back into the royal audience chamber, then head left
and take the other door up. Head west and south a bit to go outside onto a
terrace, and open a chest for a treasure item. Go back inside, then take the
northern door upstairs. Talk to the guard standing in front of the lone door
here, who will refuse you entrance. Head right to the end of the hallway and
open up a chest that contains a Red Rupee, then head back downstairs. Go to the
southwest corner of this floor and open the chest for a Red Rupee, then go
outside the southern entrance.

        Go down the right staircase to go back inside to the first floor, then
go north to enter a training room. Inside here, talk to the Guardsman to get a
Recruit's Sword. He will teach you how to do three techniques; the regular
attack, the sidestep, and the spin. The first two may be somewhat difficult to
adjust to, so try sliding your stylus forward to start a slash. Once you are
done, head out of the room, then go to the back area. Talk to the guard and then
head outside.

        Out here, go north and kill off the three enemies that are hitting away
at the guard. Talk to him, then go up a pair of staircases to the top ledge. You
should notice that there are two trees on this top cliff here; go far right to
find a bomb flower, pick it up then go slightly to the left of the right tree
and throw the bomb up against the wall. It will explode, revealing a hole in the
wall. Head inside the cave.

                              The Tower of Spirits

        After a short scene, head north, dealing with a Keese on the way. Once
you get inside the open area of the tunnel, four enemies will pop out of the
ground. You can deal with them using a Spin Attack or just continue running on
past them. Head to the lower right section of the cave to find a black block.
Tap it to move it, and move it left, up, right again and up onto a button panel
to lower the blue wall to your right. Open the chest formerly guarded by the
wall to get a Small Key, then head west and open the locked door with your
newly-obtained key. Head upstairs.

        Head up and go right, jumping across the gaps of water. The plaques on
the side here are clues that will help you out in the next little puzzle if you
wish to solve it on your own (in which case you should not be reading this
paragraph!). Open the chest at the end of the small hallway for a Red Rupee,
then pick up a bomb from the bomb flower and throw it at the blocks to clear a
way for you going up.

        Kill off the enemies in here if you want, then turn your attention to
the crystal orb. As the signs earlier indicated, you need to hit them in a
certain order; specifically, start with the right one, then the top one, then
the bottom one, and finally the left one. If you take too long, the orbs will
time out, and you will have to start all over again. After, head up the now-open

        Take care of the Keese in here, then head up for a quick scene.
Eliminate the rats, then continue on and up the stairs. Outside, you will
automatically enter the Tower of Spirits.

        Watch a fairly lengthy cutscene. Once it is done, circle around to the
north end of the room, and go up the stairs to the second floor.

        Up one floor, loop around counterclockwise up the stairs. There is not
anything threatening in this room, so do not worry about getting ambushed by
enemies. At the top, enter the "1st Floor" proper of the Tower of Spirits.

        Inside, head north and watch a brief scene. As soon as you are given
free reign of the screen again, head south back into the previous room and watch
another scene. Once it is done, go back upstairs, and head up the long
spiralling staircase again into the 1st Floor.

        Back here again, watch another scene. Look on the mini-map on the touch
screen to see how the Phantom is patrolling around. When it is out of sight, run
up and go left, and enter the left room. Grab the Tear of Light from the room.
Head back into the outer hallway (as the Phantom only patrols the inner hallway,
you are from now on safe) then go and get the Tear of Light from the northern
sanctuary. Continue on down east and hit the orb in the northeast corner. This
causes a bridge to extend across the gap in the right sanctuary.

        Run into the inner hallway and run around to the east hallway, and go
across the bridge to claim the third Tear of Light (if the bridge falls before
you get there, head back up to the orb, and make sure the Phantom is on a part
of its patrol where you need not encounter it when running around).

        Go into the small space between the inner and outer hallways. When the
Phantom goes past you, run out behind it and hit it in the back with your sword.
Watch the scene which occurs. You will thereafter be placed in front of the door
in the middle. Draw the Phantom's path-line to press up against one of the
doors, then, as Link, go up to the other door and move forward against the door
to open it. Head up to the 2nd Floor.

        In this room, go right. Switch your view to the Phantom, and draw a path
line to go across the spikes, and right to the orb. You need to end the line on
the orb, where it will have a cursor over it with the path line. This will cause
the Phantom to go over and strike the orb, causing the ground spikes to lower.
Switch your view to Link, then head up and regroup with the Phantom.

        Go south from here, and you should find a door in the wall, with two
button panels, one to either side of it. Direct the Phantom onto one of the
buttons and have Link stand on the opposite to open the door. Cross through into
the hallway, leaving the Phantom behind, and kill off the rodents that are
scurrying around in here. Push the block against the wall in front of the rat
hole to prevent any of them coming out, then call the Phantom back to you. Head
left slightly.

        Direct the Phantom north across the spikes and engage with the other
Phantom. Head past the guard Phantom and hit the orb at the end, which will
allow Link to run past the spikes. Once he has done so, have your Phantom talk
to the guard Phantom from the north side, so its back is exposed. Hit its back
with Link's sword, then tap it again for a quick scene and you get a new Phantom

        Head up to the top floor and watch a scene. Go up the staircase and
examine the map to obtain the Forest Rail Map, then watch another scene. Go into
the blue light after to be warped to the ground floor. Head south and talk to
Anjean for a scene, then you will be put out onto the overworld map.

                               Through the Woods

        Direct your train route to go to the center of the map. On the way
there, you will not have to deal with running into other trains by accident, but
you will still have animals on the track you need to be chasing off, as well as
a new element; occasionally, Keese-like enemies will try to swoop in to hit the
train. When they come close, pull the whistle to scare them off. After some
time, you should make it into the Lost Woods.

        Head right when you are prompted to (if your route is not drawn that
far), then after a short while you will be warped back outside.

        Outside, change directions and head east to the forest icon near the
middle of the map. After some time, you will make it to said location.

        Inside of the town, check to see if you have 80 Rupees. If not, run
around through town and raze some grass and through the rocks around until you
accumulate 80 Rupees. Once you have, head into the shop, which is the building
in the lower left area, and buy the Shield for 80 Rupees.

        After that short task is done, head north and go into the top-most hut.
Talk to the man inside. Go outside again and talk to all the villagers both
outside and inside the remaining two huts, then go back to your train. Tap
Princess Zelda to hop back onto the train.

        Head back west into the Lost Forest.

        As the villagers told you earlier, you need to follow the directions
that the tree branches point you towards; you should know what they are talking
about when you see a tree without any leaves and a branch pointing either right
or left. For the first three trees and tracks, this means to go right, right
again, then left. However, the fourth tree has no sense of direction, which
means to go the opposite of where it pointed. In this case, head left at the
fourth track and into the Forest Sanctuary.

        Head north under the overhanging bridge at the beginning, and go left to
a flight of staircases. You should notice that there are some blocks impeding
your progress here. Head right from here and go up another pair of staircases,
and then go down a bit to find two bomb flowers. Pick a bomb from the plant,
then jump down the ledges, run west, and throw it at the blocks on the left
staircase to blow them up.

        Now, head back up the right staircases, then go south, and go left
across the bridge to find a crystal orb. If you slash the orb, the bridge
between here and the gap to your left will go up, but it will go down after a
time. You have to grab a bomb and run across the bridge before it goes down,
then throw it at the blocks that cut you off from the left half of the screen.

        Unfortunately, hitting the orb with your sword will not give you enough
time to make it across, so here is what you must do; take one of the bombs from
the bomb flowers, then go left and lay it in front of the orb. Go back right and
pick up the other bomb, then go and head west across the bridge once the first
bomb explodes, triggering the crystal orb. Continue west and throw the second
bomb, the one Link should now be holding, at the second line of blocks to
destroy it, allowing you through.

        Head up the plaque in the center here, and it tells you to connect the
two statues that are 'facing each other'. If you go around and look at the
statues, you will see that the top left and the second from the bottom on the
right are both lined up diagonally to face each other, so connect those two on
the plaque by drawing a line between them. This will open the door, allowing you
to continue your trek.

        Inside, head up the stairs and talk to Gage. Talk to him again to get
instructions on how to play the Spirit Flute. It may seem a little awkward at
first, but the amount of breathing you need to do to play a note is minimal; you
can keep your head about eight inches away from the Nintendo DS system and blow
and that should still be sufficient enough.

        To succeed in playing it, you need to breath into the mic, and quickly
left to right from orange, to yellow, to purple, and repeat it three times after
Gage does his part each time. After you succeed, head back outside. When Zelda
prompts you to stop, examine the statue. Take out your Spirit Flute, then breath
into the mic with first the blue note and then the orange in tandem with the
blue and orange lights. After, you will get some information on the stone
statues littered around the land. When you are finished, continue east and south
and hop onto the train.

        Direct your train to go to the northern end of the Lost Woods. On the
way there, you will occasionally have Skulltulas drop down from above onto the
tracks. When this occurs (andd the music will change when it does), wait until
you get close, then pull the train whistle to scare it into retreat upwards.

        Eventually, after a long train ride, you will be able to make it into
the Forest Temple.

                                 Forest Temple

        Inside, after the short sccene, head north and go to the stone sculpture
on the left hand side of the door. Examine it for lights to come out. Take out
your Spirit Flute via your menu, and play green, then silver, and then green
again in tandem with the lights coming out. You will then learn the Song of
Healing, which you can use once per time in a Temple or the Tower of Spirits
(you can just exit the temple or tower and then re-enter it for your one-time
use to be replenished). Afterwards, go through the door into the 1st Floor room.

        Smash open the pots at the beginning if you want, then go north up the
hallway, then east and north a bit until you see a gap to your right. You cannot
hop over this gap, but you should see a crystal orb on the opposite end. Go and
grab an acorn from the plant to your left up against the wall, and throw it over
the gap at the crystal orb. Once you succeed in hitting it, a bridge will extend
itself over the gap, so quickly run over it.

        Do NOT head north on the right side of the room, as there are poisonous
clouds in that direction that will damage Link as soon as he walks into them.
Instead, head south into a small chamber. Defeat the three enemies that pop up
out of the ground, then open the chest that appears for a Big Green Rupee, worth
100 Rupees. Head to the southeast corner and go upstairs to the 2nd Floor.

        Proceed north from the stairs, but be careful when walking; navigate
your way around the poisonous clouds to avoid getting hit. In the northern
chamber, the doors will close and you shall have to fight four spiders. A single
hit will take each of them out of the fight. However, when you hit one, get away
from it, as it will swell up and then explode, leaving behind a poisonous cloud.

        After you have defeated all four spiders, go to the northeast corner and
open the chest that appears for the Whirlwind item. You can equip and de-equip
it by tapping on the circle in the upper-right corner of the touch screen. By
lining up your aiming angle, you can blow into the mic and send out a cyclone.
This is able to blow away the poison clouds that are around.

        Do not bother going downstairs for the poison-covered room, but do go
south a room on the 2nd floor. Blow away the poison clouds surrounding the upper
left part of this area and open the chest for a Treasure. Go north back into the
room where you got the Whirlwind, then head up to the fenced off area. Equip
your Whirlwind and aim at the statue, then send a gust of wind at it to turn it
around, opening the door to your left.

        Head left into the next room, then go all the way left and blow away the
poisonous gas surrounding the doorway. Head down the stairs back to the 1st

        Down below again, go over to the fenced out area here. Line up your
Whirlwind with the key sitting on the platform in the center, and send a cyclone
out to carry the key over the fence. Go and grab the Small Key, then go right
and step on the panel to cause the door to slide down. Head south down the
hallway. Head right across the bridge, then go north and blow away all the
poisonous clouds in this room. Head left, until you hit the Stamp Station, then
blow away the mist to the left of it to unveil a button panel. Press down on
it for a chest to appear in the west.

        Go back across the bridge and open the chest for a Big Green Rupee.
After that, head to the center of the room, just north of the entrance, to where
the locked door is. Open the door with your newly-gotten Small Key, then go left
and south into the chamber.

        You will have to deal with two more enemies in here, basically Poisonous
Bubbles. Move away from them as quickly as you can, and equip your Whirlwind. As
soon as one comes into your view, quickly line the Whirlwind aiming system up
with them and send out a whirlwind. This will knock its poison aura away and
temporarily stun the Bubble, so deequip your Whirlwind and go and kill it with a
strike of your sword. Repeat for the other Poisonous Bubble, then head back up
to the 2nd Floor.

        Go straight north upstairs and up another flight of stairs to the 3rd
Floor. Head up a bit here to take notice of a crystal orb over a gap in the
floor. Go left and get behind the acorn, and line yourself straight up with both
the acorn and the crystal orb. Take out your Whirlwind and blow into the mic to
send out a gust of wind that shall carry the acorn across the gap, hitting the
orb, and causing a chest to appear at the end of the hallway to the side. Go up
and open it for a Small Key, then head downstairs.

        Back here, go down and east a bit to find a locked door. Use the Small
Key from before to open it, then head up into a chamber for a Miniboss fight.

        In this chamber area, the miniboss will fly around occasionally, but she
will never directly attack you unless you get yourself stunned, so do not be
rolling around a lot or be performing multiple Spin Attacks. You will not be
able to hit her directly with your sword either unless she has eben stunned.

        That said, Mothula has a single attack; she will glow red a bit, then
summon a Bubble, which she will then throw at you. If you dodge it, it will
crumble to pieces once it hits the wall. This is her weakness; equip your
Whirlwind, then line yourself up with her. Once she summons the Bubble, and
begins to send it at you, send a whirlwind back at her, and it will carry the
Bubble with her, stunning her. If you hit too soon, she will deflect the cyclone
attack right back at you. If this is the case, run away quickly, or else you
will get hit by the cyclone, leaving you open to Mothula's attack.

        Hit her with a cyclone + Bubble, then go and hit her with your sword.
Repeat this once to finish the miniboss off. If you ever need to restore your
health, just go and raze the grass in the room for some hearts.

        After you have successfully felled the miniboss, pick up the Red Rupee
she leaves behind, then go upstairs.

        Up on the third floor again, loop around left and go down south to the
chamber at the bottom. Head right, and you will encounter some sort of blue worm
creature. Go right a bit more, luring it over to the blocks that prevent you
from continuing onwards, and hit the blue worm to cause it to turn into a spiked
ball. Line up with the spiked ball with your Whirlwind and send a cyclone to
carry the ball into the blocks, blowing them up.

        Continuing on right, go and use the Whirlwind item to blow away all the
poison mist in this room. Once you have cleared a path out, go up and right and
step on the button panel to cause a chest to appear. Head left and up and open
the chest for a treasure item, then go and hit the orb. This causes the door to
the lower left room to open.

        Head back down and go all the way west into the corner room. Hit one of
the blue worms when it is lined up in the center of the room, then use a
whirlwind to carry the bomb over the gap. The first time will be to blow up the
blocks that are stopping the bomb from reaching the orb. Send a second bomb over
to hit the orb, then go to the northeast room from here.

        Examine the map at the back of the room; the two skulls indicate
security guards (or hands) that will pop up to try and take back the key if you
trip any of the security switches. Tripping the security is done by walking on
any of the floor panels that have a swirl on them, so the red line is the safe
path; this basically means that once you have the Big Key in your possession,
walk north above the two columns at the top, then to the right of the upper left
two columns, then to the left of the lower left two columns, and finally in
between the bottom two columns, before throwing the Key into the lock to open

        Head upstairs. Examine the plaque at the top of the stairs for a blue
warp point if you want to head back to the entrance, otherwise continue upstairs
for a boss fight.

                                ARMORED COLOSSUS
        The first part of the battle with this giant kabuto beetle is
pathetically easy. As soon as the battle starts, guide Link in either the
clockwise or counterclockwise direction, constantly trying to run around
Stagnox. Stagnox will keep pace with Link for a short while, but after a while,
it will move forward and try to hit Link with a headbut from its pincers. The
thing is, Stagnox is pathetically slow when it tries to do this, so the
possibility of getting hurt during this time period are slim.

        When Stagnox moves forward with its headbutt, guide Link quickly around
to the kabuto's rear end, where it is exuding a poison mist. Quickly take out
your Whirlwind, and fire a cyclone at Stagnox to stun it and temporarily rid the
poison mists from the outside of its body. Hit the rear with your sword several
times until Stagnox regains control.

        Repeat this once more, and Stagnox will then take to the air, before
letting out some of the blue worms that you fought previously in the Temple.
This is where it gets a bit more tricky: Stagnox will, after a while come back
down and try to swoop at Link with its pincers again. When it does this, it is
vulnerable again, since it is close to the ground. To hit the beetle again,
knock out the blue worms, then quickly take out your Whirlwind and line up your
aim with one of the blue spiked balls. Once Stagnox comes down, let lose with a
cyclone to carry the bomb into its sternum, injuring it. Once the beetle is on
the ground, attack its weak point again with your sword. Repeat this once or a
couple more times to finally finish off Stagnox.

        If at any time during the battle you need to heal up, smash open the
pots to any side of the platform for some hearts.

        After the battle, watch a few cutscenes. Open the chest for a Heart
Container to increase your hearts total by one, then go into the blue warp to
return to the temple entrance. Go out onto the overworld via the train.

                              Into a Land of Snow

        Draw a train route to the Forest Sanctuary.

        In here again, head directly left from the train station, and you should
see a small island platform with a Cuckoo on top of it as well as a chest. Go
left a bit more and up the stairs to another cliff. Face the right side, and
take out your Whirlwind. Blow a cyclone to carry the Cuckoo off the island. Jump
off the ledge and go and grab the Cuckoo, then walk back up the left steps. Go
jump off of the ledge again and float over to the opposite platform, then open
the chest here for a Big Red Rupee, worth 200! After, head back out to your
train and onto the overworld again.

        From the Forest Sanctuary, head along to the Tower of Spirits. It is a
fairly long ride, but it is where you need to go next. Once you go out onto the
main overworld map, there will be two trains on the tracks that will get
possessed and will start going around the map. In general, just be sure to avoid
running into these trains, so change track routes if you have to, though you can
generally get a good idea of whether or not you can attempt a route or note
given the distance between you and other trains. Eventually, you should make it
to the Tower of Spirits again.

        Talk to Anjean, then head north up into the spiralling staircase room.
You will have a much longer spiral this time around, so run around
counterclockwise until you hit the second door, and enter the 4th Floor.

        In here, watch a short scene, then go right and up and into the small
niche in the wall, which is the sanctuary. When the Phantom on patrol goes south
past you (on a counterclockwise patrol), quickly run up and over to the stairs.
Do NOT go onto the lava; rather, take out your Whirlwind and send a gust of wind
to carry the Tear of Light over to the right side.

        Run around counterclockwise, making sure to stay out of the first
Phantom's patrol, then grab the first Tear of Light. Go right into the small
niche area and open a big chest for a treasure.

        Go north from here; before turning right, make sure the stone statue is
not breathing flames out of its mouth first. Once you can run past it, head into
the northeast corner for the second Tear of Light, then go all the way left
(again making sure to dodge the flame-breathing statue near the end) and then
south a bit for the third Tear of Light, all the time making sure to dodge the
second Phantom's line of sight.

        You can, I believe, attack either Phantom statue. However, I would
recommend getting the southern Phantom, as the northern Phantom barely moves
around, and does not expose his back much. For the southern Phantom, pop into
the sanctuary where the first Tear of Light was, then when it walks past you, go
out and hit its back.

        Once you grab control of the Phantom, head right along the lower half of
the area. Send the Phantom just down the stairs into the lava. Switch to Link,
then jump onto the Phantom's back, and cross the lava pool and up to the other

        On the right side of the room, tap the floor for Link to hop off, then
head right and up the stairs onto the 5th Floor. Upstairs, head down to another
lava pool. Send the Phantom into the lava, then have Link hop on. Make sure to
tap the screen to get him to take his sword out, then walk around to the north
end of the pool. If any of the Keese get close, perform a Spin Attack to kill it
with Link's sword. At the north end, take out your Whirlwind and shoot a cyclone
at the fan statue, then go south and west for another fan statue. Once both have
been activated, the nearby door will open.

        Do not go that way just yet, however; instead, head southwest in the
lava pool to a small island. Once you get onto it, have Link hop off the Phantom
and open the chest for a Big Green Rupee, then get the Phantom back into the
lava pool and Link on top of the phantom. You can finally go north from here, up
the stairs and onto solid ground again. Head left down the open hallway, and go
south into the room at the end.

        Here, you have one of the small mole-like enemies you have been facing
off against for quite a while, but this one is a coward, and will run away from
you. Direct your Phantom to one of the four cardinal directions, then use Link
to trap the enemy in between him and the Phantom. Kill it to obtain a Small Key.
Call the Phantom to you, then go out of the room and north, and open the Locked
Door. Use the Phantom to carry Link across the small pool of lava, then head up
to the 6th floor.

        This can get frustrating, really quick. Basically, you need to direct
the Phantom to attack Geozard, and while they are clashing swords, sneak in
behind the miniboss and hit him on his back several times. The problem is your
Phantom will only hit once, maybe twice, before needing more directions again.
So yeah.

        In any case, as mentioned, you need to draw your Phantom's path line to
the miniboss assassin. Make sure that you get a yellow cursor around the
miniboss or else the Phantom will not attack him. While the Phantom is busy
distracting the miniboss, go and hit him in his back several times with your
sword. Do not be discouraged if he shows no sign of getting hit or losing
health; he will not do such a thing, so be assured that hitting him on the back
does get you results. It will be after a while of hitting his back that Geozard
finally succumbs.

        Other than that, when drawing your path line, it is best if Link stays
behind the Phantom, as the Phantom offers a sort of defense against the
miniboss; he cannot easily hit Link when he is hiding behind the Phantom.

        After the battle is over, head over into the right hallway, then go
south, left, and around into a large chamber. Ignore what appears to be a sort
of monkey hopping around on a statue, and go down and right. Direct the Phantom
to go in front of the stream of fire, blocking it off and allowing Link to pass
safely. On the other side of the fire stream, go north and up the stairs. Call
over the Phantom and put it on the ground floor, then hop onto its back from the
top of the ledge.

        Continue on right, and proceed past the first of three statues spitting
out fire through their mouth. For the second statue, wait for it to stop
breathing fire before directing the Phantom past it, as this one is on a higher
elevation that will hit Link as opposed to the Phantom. Continue on over to the
southeast room, then head over to the island platform with the Small Key on it.
Use the Whirlwind to push it off the top, then direct the Phantom over to the
Small Key. Link will automatically pick it up.

        Backtrack west past the three fire-breathing statues. Hop off the
Phantom once that is done, then go north into the center room of this floor. Run
north past the two patrolling monkey-statue enemies, then unlock the door. Head
north and go up the stairs onto the 7th Floor. Up here, go up the flight in the
middle to get the Snow Rail Map.

        Go into the blue warp light to be brought back to the ground floor. Talk
to Anjean to head back out onto the Overworld.

        Head wherever on your route, but make sure to pass by Castle Town in
doing so. While on your way to wherever, you will get rammed by some boars. Stop
off in front of the Castle Town area.


        If you are up to getting another full Heart Container right now, go to
the lower right house in the Castle Town. In here, you can play a gauntlet
mini-game called Take 'Em All Out. The first level consists of ten floors of
enemies and the admission cost is 50 Rupees. Once you win it you can get the
Heart Container. See the section Take 'Em All Out in Minigames from the table
of contents for more information.

        Afterwards, head north up towards the Hyrule Castle courtyard. Examine
the postbox at the top of town to get a letter. Read it, then continue on north.

        Enter the inside of the castle. Go through the left hallway at your
first available opportunity, then head north and into the door at the end.
Inside the infirmary, talk to Alfonzo. Head back out into the Castle Town area,
then go south and onto the train.

        Draw a route to head back to Aboda Village, all the way south at the
bottom of the screen. As always, watch out for other trains and make sure you do
not run into them, changing directions from your original route as required, as
well as whistling at animals on the tracks and bats swooping in from above.

        After you get into the village, head south and west to your hut at the
southwest end of the village. Inside, talk to Niko, and he will give you a Stamp
Book, which allows you to get stamps from all the stamp platforms you have been
seeing around the place. 


        Go outside and head back up north to the train station. Get your first
stamp from the Stamp Station right next to the trains station, then go back out
onto the overworld map.

        Draw your route to go to the northwest end of the map. On the way there,
you should try out your new Cannon, and use use it on any of the bats or
Skulltulas that pop up. It is also a very satisfying guilty pleasure to use it
on the cow as well.

        Eventually, when you make it out of the Lost Forest, slow down to first
gear, and tap the boulder three times with your cannon to destroy it. Stop off
at the first station you see to enter the Rabbitland Rescue area.

        Inside, after a short conversation, head right and talk to the man who
is dressed up in a rabbit costume. The basic gist of it is that he wants you to
capture rabbits that can be found in the wilderness on the overworld. Rabbits
tend to hide behind the grey boulders you see scattered all over the place; if
you are near a boulder, sometimes you may see its ears. Use the whistle to get
them to jump, use the cannon to blow up the boulder that they are hiding behind,
and finally use the Rabbit Net to capture them once they are vulnerable. To get
the Rabbit Net you must give the first answer to both of his questions.

        After you get the Rabbit Net, head north up the stairs, then head onto
the bridge in the center of the area here. If you look on your minimap, you will
see that there is a small island to the south of you. You ARE able to jump onto
the island from here; however, the spot you need to jump off is on the land to
the right of the bridge, in the diagonal corner section. It may take a couple of
times, so do not feel burned if you miss it the first time. Once you
successfully complete the jump, open the treasure chest on the island for a
treasure item.

        A bridge will automatically extend out to the mainland for you after you
have opened the chest, so head over and go to the train station, then exit back
out onto the overworld map.

        Head north after leaving Rabbitland Rescue. You shall soon encounter two
of the boar enemies, officially called Bullbo; hit each of them once to knock
them down, and again to kill. After, continue north some more to make it to the
Snow Realm.

        Here, go north, and turn right at the first available opportunity. Slow
down and put your gear to first gear. You should see an arc. Aim the cannon at
the green triangle above the arch to make it turn yellow and light up the entire
arc. If you blow your whistle and keep it on when you go through this arc, you
can warp to an arch just north of Whittleton Village. These are called Warp
Gates, and there are eight sets of them in the game; the Warp Gate set must be
activated by hitting the green triangle on one specific side of the set first,
so you could not have activated this set via the Whittleton Village arch.

        In any case, after that, proceed further around the track until you hit
the area on the map that has a mountain icon representing it, then disembark.

        Go up the main road; do NOT go off to the side, as there are monsters
who will pop up and freeze Link (requiring you to rub the screen with the
stylus). Instead, go into the town area, then go to either side house on the
lower area. Go up the first staircase, and examine the stone statue. Blow into
the mic in the order of the colours the light shows you (Orange-Yellow-Orange-
Blue) to obtain the Song of Discovery. Open the chest that is left behind for a
Red Potion. After, head up two more flights of stairs to the top level of the

        Inside, talk to Honcho, and you will have a mini-quest slash puzzle of
talking to the Anoukis and trying to find which have the best personality mould
and fit together for pairing. The following information should help;

Yeko - Nobody wearing blue with wimpy horns (NOT Noko)
Kofu - Nobody else with big horns (NOT Bulu, NOT Yeko)
Bulu - Nobody with facial hair (NOT Kofu, NOT Honcho, NOT Yefu)
Noko - Nobody wearing yellow (NOT Yeko, NOT Yeko)
Yefu - No Flashy Horns

        After you have finished talking to the Anoukis, go back to Honcho. The
pairings should be Noko (lower middle) - Kofu (upper right), Yeko (upper left)
-Bulu (lower right), and Yefu (lower left) - Honcho (upper middle).

        Afterwards, you shall get a Red Rupee. Once the Honcho is done, leave
his hut, then head south.

        If you want the stamp from Anouki Village, then go all the way south to
the train station (at least outside of the fenced-off area), then go right and
up into the northeast corner. Go through the tree cover at the end to find the
Stamp Station. After, go back to the train, and head off onto the Overworld.

        Draw your route to head left and loop around clockwise.


        Shortly after leaving Anouki Village, going left from the area, look up
to your right side at the boulders. You should see the distinct bunny ears
behind approximately the second rock to your right. Blow up the boulder to
initiate the rabbit capturing mini-game. The rabbit mini-game can be best
described as merely tapping the spot on the screen where you think the rabbit
will be in about a second's time. Tapping will cause the net to automatically
come down. If the rabbit does not move at all or barely moves and is caught in
the field of range by the net, then you will have automatically captured the

        Continue along, where you will encounter some Bullbos on the way. Once
you get into the tunnel, get ready.

        Inside the tunnel, you will have a sort of mini-boss enemy, a giant bug
-like enemy called Rocktite, who will constantly crawl along the tunnel walls
and ceiling towards you. The Rocktite is somewhat like Queen Gohma in several of
the Zelda games; it has a single eye that is constantly open which you need to
fire your cannon at, as it is the only weak point on its body. For the most
part, just tap constantly at its eye whenever it comes on screen, and try to do
it fast enough to blow it back. It is for the most part fairly easy, thankfully,
but for those who are having trouble, I cannot really offer any better advice
than to improve your accuracy and rate of fire. Eventually,
once you finish it off, you shall arrive in the Snow Sanctuary.

        Head down the staircase. Go right if you want to enter a shop, but
otherwise go left, killing the Snow Wolves if they get to be too much of a
nuisance, and head up the stairs at the end. Loop around to the platform up here
to find a stamp station and stamp your book if you want, then continue on going
east, then loop around and head up the stairs. Quickly run west across the
stairs; if you run into one of the snow moles and get frozen, quickly rub your
stylus across the screen to melt the ice, and continue on west, and through the
door at the end.

        Inside, go up to the plaque. What the plaque basically means is that
when you press the button nearby to open the door, you have to head up there
without being in the line of sight of any of the statues. This means that you
should start by going up between the bottom-left and bottom-middle statues, up
between the middle-left and center statues, but not too far north (thanks to
diagonal viewlines), then go right and down through the center and middle-right
statues, around the middle-right statue, then go diagonally northwest to the

         An alternative but simpler route is to hug the left end of the bottom-
center statue, then go up, hugging the left end of the center statue, and
continue north, hugging the right side of the top middle statue (of course make
sure to press down on the panel first to open the door).

        Go up the stairs in the next room and talk to Steem. The song operates
on the same mechanism as when you played with Steem, except the notes go from
blue to silver back to blue and then to orange. Afterwards, go back outside and
hop onto the train again.

        Draw your route map to head north to where the temple is, in the
northwest area of the Snow Realm. For the first stretch, you will encounter a
snowman enemy, who will throw its head at you; launch a cannon first at the head
to destroy it and then at the body. Later on, you will encounter a blizzard, and
the train will be stopped.

        Technically, if you want, you can sequence break the next about 15
minutes or so of the game and go straight on to the Temple. If you do so,
however, you will not be able to trigger a sort of sidequest. If you do not care
about, then imagine the small area to your right, the northern area, and the
western area with the Anouki Village and Snow Sanctuary. There is a spot on the
tracks in the middle of the map where the three tracks intersect.

        From there, go north, then left, the north, then left, then north, then
left, then south, then left again, and straight north from there onwards to the
Temple. Skip to the Snow Temple section of this walkthrough. If you do not want
to sequence break, then ignore the last two paragraphs and continue onto the
next bit here.


        Turn around and draw a route to Anouki Village, and take the south track
to the east of Anouki Village as opposed to the west track going south (do not
know why you would go around the long way, though...). When you are first headed
south, look to your right and the first boulder will have the rabbit behind it.
Afterwards, continue on to Anouki Village.

        In here, head north through the village up to the top hut, and talk to
Honcho in his hut. He shall redirect you to a person named Ferrus on solving the
blizzard, so exit the village and go back out onto the tracks.

        Look to the east end of the Snow Realm map. You should see a train here.
Draw a route to shortly before the train is to get going on your way to the
eastern plains. On the way there, you will encounter a heavy number of snowmen,
so stay on your guard and knock them down as soon as you spot them with your
cannon to keep your train in good condition. Eventually, you should come to a
station. Stop here and disembark.

        After you get off, go up and east into the lone hut in the area. Examine
the yellow parchment on the table to see a rough outline of the east plains and
three spots circled on the map. As you can guess, you will need to travel to
these three spots on the map to find Ferrus. You can also read the paper on the
north bookcase. After, exit out of the hut, then go down to the train station
and hop aboard again.

        Trace your route around the east plains. I am not sure if it is
randomized or not, but I found Ferrus on the bottom circle, my first stop, so
try going there first. Make sure that the possessed train on the tracks is not
going in the same direction you are headed though; you do not want a colission.
Once you find Ferrus on the side of the track, slow down and break in front of
him for a scene.

        Say that you are going to the temple, then he will show you a map. Blow
into the mic to get rid of the dust, then trace the Spirit Tracks on Ferrus' map
onto your map; this is the route you will have to follow if you wish to get to
the Snow Temple. Once Ferrus lets you go, hop back into your train, trace your
route, and get ready for a LONG train ride. Make sure to stop off at the
Wellspring Station first if your train is going backwards, however, so that you
can reverse directions and go forward instead. Although you no longer have the
blizzard to worry about, you will still have some snowmen intercepting on your
route. Eventually, you should make it to the Snow Temple.

                                  Snow Temple

        Watch the scene as you first come in, then go north and into the 1st
Floor area.

        In here, kill the Keese at the beginning, then continue up into the next
room. In here, get rid of the first two enemies in the room by hitting them with
a cyclone from your Whirlwind item first then slashing at them with your sword.
Now, the plaque in the middle has two bell notes. Later on it has more meaning,
but the two bell notes in the center line means that you need to hit the center
bell twice, so do that with your sword to open the southeast door.

        Go through the door. Inside this room, head onto the ice, and push the
block south, left, north, right, then north again. Go up the staircase, jump
onto the block, jump over to the right side, then head down the hallway and into
the next area.

        In here, go down, then turn to face the left side. You should see a
crystal orb across the water here. Take out your Whirlwind. Wait for the sea
monster to spit out a blue rock going south, then send a cyclone at the orb that
brings the blue rock with it to trigger the orb, causing two bridges to extend.
Head left across the two bridges then continue up to the next floor.

        Upstairs, head right and push the block on the ice into the water. Jump
onto the block, then take out your whirlwind and blow a cyclone at the statue to
the right to cause the door to your northeast to turn aroud. While still on the
block, turn around and aim southwest; the propulsion will push Link on his box
backwards to the northeast. Jump onto the platform and head through the door,
then push the block on the ice here left into the water.

        Jump onto the block, then immediately whip out the Whirlwind and send a
blue rock back at ol' Nessie to take the sea monster out. Turn around and blow
some whirlwinds right a bit. Turn around to face the north, then try to get
yourself into the little cubby hole to the south. It will be a bit tricky, but
once you get in there, you can open the chest up for a red Rupee.

        Hop back on and go north, and take out another sea monster on the way
up. Go right from there, and hop off at the ledge at the top. You will not be
able to trigger the crystal orbs just yet, so instead head left into the next
room, where you will have a small fight with three Ice Keese. Take each one out
individually by equipping your Whirlwind, then sending a gust of wind at the Ice
Keese. This will send it back into the wall, stunning it and getting rid of its
ice aura. While it is stunned, go and slash at it before it has a chance to
reignite itself in the torch. Repeat with the other two Ice Keese, then open the
chest that shall appear for the Boomerang.

        Head out into the previous room, and equip the Boomerang via the menu.
Aim by tapping on one of the orbs, then drag the stylus around to the other orb
for the boomerang's return path. Once you successfully hit both orbs in tandem,
a bridge will extend across the gap. Cross it and head back down to the first

        Down below, another plaque. Head south across the ice and go right to
the gap. Take out your boomerang and aim it to circle around counterclockwise to
hit the orb to the north, opening the left door. Kill the Keese as well to make
chest appear in the northeast corner with a Treasure in it. Go back up to the
ice, and push the block down south, then left into the main room. In here, push
it north, left, south, right, south, left, then south again into the nook in the

        Now, this is the tricky part; what the plaque from before was telling
you was that you have to hit the center bell first, then the southeast one twice
in a row, then the center one again. Take out your boomerang and trace a path so
it hits the bells in that order. Once it does, the lower left door opens up. Go

        Out here, go to the center of the screen with five torches. Now, if you
throw the boomerang through the center torch and have it fly around, it will
melt the snow over the floor. Do so, and you will see that the four unlit
torches each have a panel next to them with a dot or dots in them. You need to
throw the boomerang through the lit torch, then on a route so that it lights the
four remaining torches in the order indicated by the number; upper-right, lower
-right, upper-left, lower-left. Once you have succeeded in doing that, head west
and go back inside down to Basement 1.

        In here, head right. You can use the Song of Awakening at the statue if
you want to get a map of the treasure chest locations in this room. After, head
to the edge of the ledge, and throw the boomerang at the ice torch. As you can
see, it will create an icy path for you to cross over. While the ice _WILL_
break, it tends to take a long time, so you have a lot of leeway.

        Start off by creating a path for you to cross to the island to the
right, and open the chest here for a Small Key. Make another pathway of ice to
go back left to the beginning part of the basement, then use the Small Key to
open the locked door. You will have to fight four Ice-covered Octoroks. To beat
them, send your Boomerang through the torch in the middle and around the room to
hit the Octoroks. After you have melted their shell, you will still have to hit
them once to take them out. Also be wary, as they can still spit out rocks after
their shell is melted.

        Once you have defeated the Octoroks, go to the eastern door. Send your
boomerang through the torch, then up northeast into the frozen wind statue on
top of the water. Send your boomerang through the ice torch again and carve a
path across the water, but stop partways and turn around to the wind statue.
Take out your Whirlwind and send a cyclone at it to turn it around, causing
another door to open.

        Now, go north, and take out one of the sea monsters. Carve a path
straight north into the niche at the northeast with the nearby ice torch to get
to a stamp station. After grabbing your stamp, start using the five ice torches
to make your way west across the room and into the northwest corner. Throw the
Boomerang through the first two ice torches to keep the other three lit with ice
fire, and when you encounter the sea monsters, you can surround them with ice
and hit them with your sword.

        Take out all the sea monsters in the water, and a chest will appear on
the northwest niche. Open it for a Big Green Rupee, then head north upstairs.
Here, go south and outside. Out here, get into one of the corners, then kill of
the Fire Keese through judicious use of your Boomerang. Once that is done, melt
the snow between the two torches to reveal a five-note sequence for when you go
back to the center chamber of the first floor. Head back inside.

        In here again, go down to the bottom of the room, then face east. Throw
a boomerang to the ice torch, then around and back, and walk across the ice to
come to a small cubby hole with a button panel. Stand on it to open the door.
Now, go up to the bell, and push it right, south, left, and north. This will
leave it horizonatally aligned with the patch of ice that goes into the main
room. Go and throw the boomerang into the ice torch to create an ice path across
the water, then push the bell right, where it will then slide into the center

        Cross the ice, then head north and open the chest for a Red Rupee. Go
south slightly, then throw your Boomerang through the ice torch, and have it
curve around to light the torch in the center room. Go into said central room,
then freeze a path south across the ice for you to push the bell over south,
then left, then south again.

        Once the bell makes its successful journey across the water, push it
left, up, and north. Now, the sequence for this last clanging of the bells,
based on what you saw on the floor outside, should be left-center-center-right-
center bells. Once you execute it, the last door, the one to the north, shall
open. Head north and light the torch to the right by using the one to the left
as a fuel source, and a chest will appear right above you containing a Red
Rupee. Go left and up the stairs to the second floor.

        Up on this floor, ignore the left room for now, and instead take out
your Whirlwind and go south for two of those ice mole enemies to show up. Get
them out of their protection with the Whirlwind, then kill them. Examine the
sign on the wall, then head back up and go into the left room.

        The sign obviously meant that you need to light those respective unlit
torches with the corresponding type of fire. This is a bit tricky, as you need
to light all of them at ONCE to get it correct. Since the ice torch has a closer
distance to its three unlit torches than the fire torch does, stand next to the
ice torch and send the Boomerang through the lit ice torch, then the upper right
torch, upper middle torch, and lower middle torch, before going up left through
the lit fire torch, through the upper left torch, then the lower left torch,
before coming back to light the lower right torch.

        When you have succeeded, head right into the hallway and continue right
through the now open door. In here, you will have to face off against four Snow
Wolves. My recommendation is just to let them close in on you, then repetitively
use the Spin Attack to hit as many as you can. When they are down to only one or
two left, then you can go and hunt them down individually. Once you are done,
continue on right through the next door.

        Go south a bit and then west, and step on the button panel to cause a
bridge to extend across the gap. Walk onto the center of the bridge, then turn
around and aim north with the Whirlwind. Send a cyclone at the Big Key to send
it north. Go back around the ice and pick up the key, then head back down and
west across the bridge. Finally, throw the Big Key into the lock to the Boss
Room and go up into the next area.

                               MASTER OF ICY FIRE

        At the beginning of the battle, Fraaz shall float around, bloating
himself up and deflating every so often. During this time period, he will either
gain an icy coat or a fiery coat, which can freeze and burn. When he dons either
aura, Link must throw his boomerang through the _opposite_ element of torch;
therefore, throw the torch through the fire torch when he has his ice aura on,
and vice versa. The boomerang must then hit Fraaz. This will stun him for a bit,
so go in and hack away at him with your sword.

        Repeat this once or twice (depending on how many strikes you get in),
and Fraaz will split into two and remain stationary. When this happens, throw
your Boomerang through one torch, have it hit one of the halves of Fraaz, then
have the boomerang continue its journey through the opposite torch and hit the
other half of Fraaz. Of course, you are supposed to hit a certain one with each
element, so check the top screen to see which one is the fire-aligned half and
which is the ice-aligned half.

        After you do this, Fraaz shall destroy the torches. He will then bloat
himself up, and start floating around. He will take on either an icy or fiery
coat, and spit out fire of his according element; if he is red fire, he will
spit out six fireballs that will create fires on the ground. If he is blue fire,
he will spit out one fireball that will create a radius blast once it hits the
ground and leave some fire behind. He will then switch to the opposite element.
When he does this, throw your Boomerang through the fire and then at him, and
hit him while he is stunned.

        Once you have done that a couple of times, Fraaz will split apart again.
Run around and they will spit small fireballs out that leave fires. Make sure to
keep track of which element each half is, then throw your Boomerang through one
fire, hit one half, then keep it going on the same flight through the other fire
and hitting the other Fraaz.

        Fraaz will then merge back together and start bloating himself up again
and spitting fireballs. This time around, however, he becomes a real pain in the
rear end; he will often stick with the same element twice in a row, spit out
more fireballs or a bigger fireball radius, and takes two hits with the opposite
element before he can be stunned. My reommendation is to take advantage of when
he is close to the opposite element fire and quickly hit him with the boomerang
once, and then twice to stun him. If he is too far away from a fire of the
opposite element, do not bother trying, as you will just likely end up getting
hit by a fireball in the process. Hit him twice after he has been stunned to
finally finish off the master of fire.

        If at any time during the battle you need to get some health, either use
the Song of Healing or smash the pots to the side.

        Once you have finally won the battle, open the chest for a Heart
Container, then step into the light to be teleported to the front entrance.
Watch a scene before exiting out of the Snow Temple.

                                Intermission One

        An intermission is just that, an intermission in the walkthrough. This
is the part of the walkthrough where I detail in good detail the stuff that you
can now do having completed the Snow Temple and gotten the Boomerang that is
OPTIONAL, but will help to your overall quest. A lot of it is a walkthrough
version of getting all the rabbits, stamp stations et al, which I find can be a
lot more helpful than a locations section in the sidequests. Some of it is
general chest-opening and so forth, and a few mini-games and other short
sidequests (longer sidequests get their own section within the walkthrough).

        First and foremost, it should be noted that from now on you will see the
face of a brown-skinned black-haired person moving around the overworld map.
This person is Beedle, a shopkeeper who travels around the land in a hot air
balloon. Call him down when you are near him by blowing your whistle, and he
will ground his balloon for you to stop at and shop.

        Make sure you have AT LEAST 600 Rupees before trying to get to him. This
is because Beedle will sell the Bomb Bag, which costs 500 Rupees (but comes with
10 Bombs in it already for those wondering), which of course gives you more to
find and get during the intermission. The extra 100 Rupees is to buy yourself a
Beedle Membership Card, which you can get after you buy the Bom Bag and exit the
shop menu. This will allow you to eventually get a few nice items, in particular
a Heart Container.

        You will also be able to pick up two letters from a postbox whenever you
head into a town, though you will have to enter and exit a house for the second
letter to show up. After you buy something from Beedle, a third letter along
with a Beedle Club Card will come for you.

        That said, there are five rabbits that you can pick up now that the
blizzard around the Snow Temple has cleared up.


        Head slightly south from the Snow Temple, then turn east at your first
opportunity. Continue on east, but brake your train and come to a stop at the
turn-off to the triangle (though you should be turning to go south). Straight
east from the triangle, you should see a boulder; shoot at it with a cannon to
expose the rabbit hiding behind it.


        From there, head south until you have the opportunity to go west, then
take it. After you make it to the next wye, go south. When the track curves to
go east, face the west and you should see a boulder near the track curve that
has the hidden rabbit behind it.


        Turn to go back north when you hit the next three-way intersection, then
turn east again. Look to the south side of the track to spot the stone hiding a
Snow Rabbit.


        Keep going on, and turn north the next chance you have, then turn east
at the next track triangle. It should be the second boulder to your north.


        Ignore the next north track, and instead head south. Continue straight
south until you are almost at the curve going west, then look to the east end to
spot the last rabbit for the area.

        With five Rabbits in hand, head down to Anouki Village, and go south
into the Forest Realm. Here, head south until you hit Rabbitland Rescue, and


        Inside, go and talk to the rescue manager. In addition to some Rupees
he will give you, you will also get a Heart Container for having captured five
Rabbits already. Exit back out onto the overworld now.


        Go south from here, and head down until you hit the part where the
track begins to curve east. Look to the southwest and you should see the
familiar pair of bunny ears hiding behind a rock. Blow open the rock and
capture the rabbit.

        After you get the Bomb Bag, there are two locations that you can go to
to put your newly-bought bombs to full use. You could technically go first to
whichever location you are closest to, but I will detail what to do in the order
of Anouki Village, Wellspring Station, and Hyrule Castle, partially because
there is more to do than just using the bombs at Hyrule Castle, and because it
is nearby the Tower of Spirits, with Hyrule Castle being the last stop for this
intermission chapter. So in that case, head to Anouki Village first.

        In here, head to the back of the screen, onto the third floor where
Honcho's hut is. Go right of his hut, and plant a bomb at the base of the crack
in the wall. Enter.

        Inside, you will find an ice floor puzzle and a block. Push the block in
the following directs; west, north, east, north, east, north, east, south, east,
south, west, and then north. After, go up the staircase, and hop across the
platforms and box to get to the chest. Open up the chest for a Big Red Rupee.

        Once you are done here, make your way to the Wellspring Station for
something you can do with the Boomerang.


        From the train station, head right, and go behind Ferrus' hut. Go up to
the north west edge of the ice field, and take out your Boomerang. Trace a path
going up north to the ice torch, then back down to make a path for you to cross.
Go up north, then create some more ice going west to the stamp station in
another niche. Once you are done here, leave, and go to Hyrule Castle Town.

        Head northeast up to the northeast corner, and go up the stairs. Plant a
bomb at the base of the boxes to blow them up, then head down and around
clockwise to come to a chest that contains a Red Rupee.


        Backtrack to the northeast corner, then go up a bit, then head west all
the way to the northwest corner to finally find the Stamp Sation for the town.
After you get your stampbook filled up, head south from here, then go east to
come to a final chest, one which contains a second Red Rupee.

        Once you are done, head north, and go into the Hyrule Castle area.


        In the first floor of the inside of the castle, head down the right
hallway, then go up and north into the training room for the land's finest
soldiers. You can view the Minigames --> Training Session section for more
information, but basically you have to pay 20 Rupees to go into a mini-game,
then hit the soldiers 60 times or more. Avoid getting hit by their spears by
watching out for when they begin to twirl them, and run to either end of the
room often to avoid getting ganged up on. Once you get 60 hits or more, you will
get a Heart Container.

        Once you are done, head back out to the Castle Town, and go to the
train. On the overworld, make the short trip to the Tower of Spirits.

                                 Under the Sea

        A note for this chapter is that you MUST have the Song of Discovery to
continue on. If you have not yet obtained it, go to Anouki Village, and play the
Spirit Flute at the stone in the middle of the village, going from orange yellow
orange blue.

        Talk to Anjean inside, then head up the northern door. Go up three
stories of spiralling staircases and go into the door at the top to enter Floor

        Floor 8 is a fairly dim, dark place, and so you will have to stumble
around a bit. Thankfully, there are some unlit torches about the place; head
right from the beginning to find a third torch, and then to the northeast, an
unlit torch. Use your boomerang to bring some fire from the lit torch to light
up the unlit torch, illuminating a bigger section of the room.

        Head up and light another torch to the northeast, which will show a bomb
flower in the eastern niche. Pick up a bomb, and go to the northern wall, and
lay the bomb down between the two lit torches up here. Go through the hole in
the wall into a small chamber, where there will be a chest that holds a treasure
in it.

        Exit back out into the main corridor, and go directly south, lighting
two more torches. The ghosts will attack you if you run into you, but they also
dislike the light, so as long as you stay near the torches you will be fine.

        Notice the stone tablet in the southern hallway. Go right a bit, and
south to the nearby torch. Walk a couple of steps right from the torch, then
take out your bomb bag, and bomb the wall directly north of here to open a hole.
Head into another room, and open the chest for a Treasure. Head back outside,
then go all the way right and head up the stairs onto the ninth floor.

        Up here, head left a bit, and light up a torch. Continue left. You
should see another torch next to a plaque. You will have to wait for the ghosts
to move past and edge out left into the darkness to get enough range to light
the next torch. After, continue on to the plaque. Go north from here (the left
side is just a giant pit beyond the torch), then light up another torch from the
sanctuary area.

        Now, for the Tear of Light to your immediate right in the center area of
the large area, you should know ahead of time that the Tear of Light is
protected on three sides by walls; you can only enter from the southern end
(that is an inner layer; you can go in past the two walls from the left side
from your sanctuary, then loop around counterclockwise to the southern part of
the passage and then go up into the sanctuary niche that contains the Tear of

        With the first Tear down, wait until the Phantoms are in the northwest,
west or south corridors, then run east and go up to the northeast corner. Take
out the Whirlwind and blow a cyclone into the torch to extinguish the flame,
revealing light streaming through a crack in the wall. Plant a bomb next to the
wall to blow it (if you do not have the Bomb Bag then head west to a sanctuary
that has a bomb flower in it), and enter. Inside, grab the second Tear of Light.

        Back outside, head all the way west until you cannot go west anymore,
then go south, then west a bit more and north up into another sanctuary with the
last Tear of Light. From here, head back to the sanctuary in the approximate
center of the room (the hallway left of the area where the Phantoms are
patrolling by) or the sanctuary in the northwest of the patrol range, and wait
for one to walk by, then hit it in the back to take control of it.

        Once you have the Torch Phantom, head back into the beginning area to
the floor, and go to the left side. Go to the southwestern end of the hallway
and light the torch if you have not already to show a small bridge going across
a high gap. Direct the Phantom to slowly walk across the narrow bridge, with
Link following behind. When you get to the split in the bridge, go south. Once
you make it back onto solid land, head left and have the Phantom hit both
torches to light them up, opening the doorway. Head onto the next floor.

        On the tenth floor, go east a bit until you come to a door with a button
panel next to it. Direct Link to stand onto it, then continue east with the
Phantom. Once it hits near the end, go north a slight bit to find a button
panel. Have the Phantom stand on it, and with both button panels being pressed
down on, the door to the next section of the floor will open. Switch back to
Link's perspective and call the Phantom over.

        Go north down the hallway. Read the tablet if you want for a clue for
later, then when you hit a gap in the floor to the north, go right slightly,
then up again, then head left, down and around clockwise to the northwest corner
of the floor, where you shall find a chest that contains a Treasure.

        Backtrack around counterclockwise until you hit the northern wall, then
go right until you hit the boss door. Go south, and keep an eye at what the
shape is that the brown tiles in the center of the room here form. Go east once
you near a pit, then south again, and east into the southeast corner of the
room. Here, examine the red wall, which tells you to draw out a certain symbol.
This symbol is what said brown tiles earlier formed, which is a capital Z, so
draw one (nothing fancy, just two straight lines connected by a diagonal line).

        You will need the Phantom to pick up the key, as it is being protected
by an electrical charge. Once you do this, the lights will turn on, and three
Key Masters will spawn into the room to protect the Key. Do not bother trying to
kill them before escorting the Phantom, as they will respawn. Instead, call the
Phantom towards you, and guide it up to the keyhole, taking care of any Key
Masters that come towards you (they will take three regular attacks, or two
sliding attacks).

        Once you get the Boss Door unlocked, head upstairs to the eleventh

        You may have recollections of fighting a Geozard the last time you were
here. There are two things to keep in mind when you are fighting the Geozard
Chief; first is that he can breathe fire from his mouth in a streaming attack.
This can be guarded against by staying behind the Phantom whenever he decides to
spit out some heat. Secondly, there are four square gaps in the floor that you
most definitely want to avoid.

        That said, the general strategy remains the same. Stay behind the
Phantom at all times to avoid sword attacks against Link. Once you have directed
the Phantom's path line to attack the Geozard Chief, get behind him and swipe at
his back. It is best if you wait until he is on the edges of the room, where if
you get pushed back you get pushed back into a wall, not a gap. Once the Phantom
stops attacking and the Geozard Chief gets out of the double-team, run over to
the Phantom and defend yourself, and repeat. The Geozard Chief is more resilient
than the Geozard, so it will take at least three hits to take him out

        After the battle is over, open the chest that appears in the northwest
corner for a Treasure, then head upstairs. Up here, examine the Ocean Rail Map
to extend the tracks in the land going southeast. Go down to the blue warp point
and go to the bottom floor. Talk to Anjean.

        Now, you COULD go straight to the Ocean Realm, but if you got the Bomb
Bag from Beedle's Shop, then there is some more stuff here in the Tower of
Spirits that you can get, so go back inside the Tower of Spirits (if you do not
have the Bomb Bag or just do not want to traverse the Tower again, then skip to
the next Overworld section in this walkthrough). There is also some stuff you
can get with the Boomerang and Whirlwind.

        Once you get back inside, go into the spiralling staircase, and head up
and go into the first floor room. On the first floor, go to the northern end of
the room, and head left to the gap. Throw the Boomerang across the gap to hit
the orb in the northwest corner, causing a chest to drop down in the niche to
the north. Open it up for a treasure.

        Grab the three Tears of Light and take over the Phantom. Go up to the
second floor. Up here, head east and north to the northeast corner. Direct the
Phantom to stand right at the edge of the gap, then take out the Whirlwind. Blow
a cyclone at the Phantom to push it over to the opposite edge of the gap. Have
the Phantom stand on the button panel, then Link can walk over and grab another
piece of treasure from the chest. Continue on left and have the Phantom drop
down the ledge. As Link, jump onto the armor's back, then go down a bit and then
east again into another niche with a ledge. Jump off of the Phantom's back and
open the chest for another treasure piece.

        Jump down from the ledge. Send the Phantom to distract the other
Phantom, then head to the northwest corner. Call the Phantom to you, then plant
a bomb at the base of the wall to blow it open. Head inside and open the
treasure chest for another piece of treasure. Go back outside, defeat the enemy
Phantom, then head upstairs. Go into the blue light to return to the ground
floor of the Tower. Go back into the spiralling staircase area, then take the
second door up onto the Fourth Floor.

        Here, grab the Tears of Light and take possession of another Phantom,
then head east across the lava pool using your Phantom as a carrier. Go upstairs
to the fifth floor. Up here, go west across the large lava pool, then go up
north and head into the right-most of the two northern lava pools. Hop on the
Phantom's back.

        Now, take notice of the orb in the northern niche. You will not be able
to climb off the Phantom onto the ledge, but you can use the Boomerang. To do
so, get the Phantom to stand on the island platform in the middle of the lava
pool, then send the Boomerang around counterclockwise to hit the orb, opening
the door to the east. Go east now into the next hallway.

        Ignore the northern stairs for the moment, and instead continue on east
through the lava pool to safe ground again. Have Link get off the Phantom's back
here, then direct the Phantom into the top bridge to block off the first
statue's line of literal fire. Have Link walk across past the first statue and
the middle statue (as the second one's line of fire is too high up to affect
Link) then use the Phantom again to block the third statue for Link to continue
on to the northeast corner.

        Once you successfully make it over, go north and examine the wall to see
the crack in the wall. Plant a bomb at the base of the crack to blow it up, and
go inside the room. Open the chest in here for a treasure, then head back
outside. Go south from here, and head downstairs to the fourth floor.

        Here, go up, and have the Phantom stand at the edge of the gap. Use the
Whirlwind to push the suit of armor over the gap, then direct it to stand on the
button panel. This will light the torch on Link's side. Equip the Boomerang,
then send it through the lit torch and then the unlit torch on the opposite side
of the gap to cause a bridge to open up. Head over, then go straight up to the
wall of fire.

        Equip the Bomb Bag, and have Link put a bomb right on top of the
Phantom. Quickly send the Phantom up and left to a row of blocks, then drop the
bomb at one of the boxes (you need to have the yellow cursor for that to work).
Once the boxes are destroyed, continue the Phantom onto the button panel, which
shall cause the flames to drop. As Link, go north and west and open the chest
for a Treasure. Take both Link and the Phantom and go back south, and upstairs

        Back on the fifth floor, head north, and go west past the three statues
breathing out fire. Get into the lava pool, then take the northern staircase and
go upstairs to the sixth floor.

        Up here, you will face two Geozards at once. As you might expect, the
Phantom will be pretty useless since it will attack whichever Geozard you target
one, then continue doing whatever it does, and it will stop if it gets hit. Your
best bet is to lure the two Geozards away from the Phantom as Link, then, once
they start hitting you with your swords, run out of their attacking range, and
quickly trace a line for the Phantom to move and hit one of the Geozards. Keep
your focus on attacking one of the lizards to quickly reduce their numbers; once
they are down to one, the fight becomes far easier.

        After you defeat the two Geozards, go south and open the four chests for
four tresaure items. My personal recommendation to get to the bottom from here
is to just save and quit the game, and then reload to play again. Talk to Anjean
to go out onto the Overworld into the Forest Realm.

        Head south from the Tower of Spirits, and go to the southeast portion
where you will hit the river. On the way there, you will see a couple of
Bulldos; also make sure to evade the Dark Trains. Once you get close to the
bridge, slow down, and stop once you see that it is boarded up. Reverse
directions and stop at the nearby train station.

        Inside, head east, south and west in a clockwise fashion, and enter the
lone house in the Trading Post. Inside, go up a bit for a short scene in which
we get another character introduced. Agree to fetch the bridge builder.

        Exit out of the hut. The stone statue to the west does not offer
anything useful, and the cave to the west is currently boarded up, so go back
north and onto the train station and out onto the Overworld again.

        From the Trading Post, go back north to the Tower of Spirits, and enter.
Inside, talk to Anjean and go out into the Snow Realm. From here, head west.
Shortly before the curve turns northwards, there will be another train station
that you can stop at, so stop there.

        Head north and east up the first staircase from the train station. Do
not go up the second staircase just yet; instead, go right a bit, then up north
to find four boulders that are lying around. Throw them aside, then take out the
Spirit Flute and play the Song of Discovery for a chest to appear. Open it up
for a Big Green Rupee.

        Afterwards, go north up the stairs and enter the house. Inside, talk to
the bridge worker and he will go ahead of you onto the train. Go back outside,
and head down to the train station. Talk to Ferrus and he will tell you about
the bridge builder and how you need to drive the train properly. After, hop onto
the train.

        During the duration of the ride to the Trading Post, there are several
things you must do to prevent the bridge builder from hopping off the train;

        -Avoid getting hit by any enemies. If you have the music on the music
         will change as soon as any enemies come into range.
        -When you see the yellow signs, blow your whistle.
        -When you see the blue signs, speed down to the faster of the two gears.
         The reverse is true; for for the yellow signs, slow down.
        -When you need to stop, slow down first, then brake. The same goes for
         if you need to reverse directions for a Dark Train; if you can, slow
         down, then stop, then reverse.
        -When you come to the Trading Post, do not go past the stop sign.

        When going from the Bridge Builder's Home to the Tower of Spirits, watch
out for a yellow sign. When you see it, whistle with the train's horn. After,
you will have to encounter a couple of Bulldos, so take them out quickly.

        Once you pull into the Tower of Spirits, head into the Forest Realm.
Change your route around as needed according to where the Dark Trains are, and
keep an eye out for the slow and speed up signs and enemies both. Shortly after
you get onto the track leading to the Trading Post, you will have another
whistle sign, followed thereafter by a couple of Bulldos. Once you get to the
Trading Post, slow down shortly before you get there, then brake again so that
you drift and come to a stop right in front of the Post.

        After you disembark, head down around clockwise and enter the hut. Talk
to Linebeck, then go back outside. Head to the northeast corner and talk to the
bridge worker. Watch a scene, then head back south andwest and into Linebeck's
shop. Talk to Linebeck, and you will get Linebeck's Letter.

        Read the letter, then head outside and go west to the cave.

        Inside, take note of what the sign says; in this cave, there are several
Like-Likes, a staple enemy to the series that most players should be familiar
with. You can kill them by throwing a Bomb into their 'mouth', but for the most
part just hit them with the Boomerang to stun and then slash at them with your
sword. They will also suck in the air around them, trying to draw Link in; just
keep running in the direction opposite from them until they tire out. If you get
swallowed, quickly rub the stylus along the screen to get spit out without
losing your shield.


        From the entrance, head north, dodging the Like-Likes and staying out of
their range. Once you hit the northern end (do NOT break the right-most pot
here), go left and jump across the few platform islands. Plant a bomb at the
box, then jump back a bit. When the box has been destroyed, head up for the
Stamp Station.

        After your rendevouz with your stampbook, head back east onto solid land
and go up the stairs to go outside. Back in the open again, take out the few
crows that are on the treetops, then go to the Air Stone. Take out your Spirit
Flute, and start at the purple colour (the one all the way to the right) and
continue left up to the silver (the second colour from the left). Doing so, you
will learn the Song of Light, and reveal a crystal that shoots a concentrated
ray of blue light off to the northeast.

        Follow the light northeast until you hit the edge of the ledge. Take out
your Boomerang and throw it northeast to hit a crystal orb. This shall cause a
large island to the northeast to have a bridge extend out to the mainland. Head
east and north across the bridge, and you should see the crack in the wall. Go
back south and then east a bit to pick up a bomb from a bomb flower (or just use
your Bomb Bag) and throw the bomb at the crack in the wall to blow it up. Enter
another cavern.

        Inside, clear out the Octoroks in the cave. Do NOT open the chest to the
north as it contains a Like-Like inside. Instead, play the Song of Light next to
each of the two crystals in this cave to cause them to shoot out beams of
concentrated light. From the intersection point, you are supposed to go six
steps west and four steps north; this is measured in the stone tiles, so you
just need to go to the northwest corner of the stone tiles. Play the Song of
Discovery. Open the chest that appears for the Regal Ring.

        After, head back out to the front area, and talk to Linebeck for a
scene. Once done, head into Linebeck's house. You can sell your treasure to him
for Rupees, or trade treasure for new train parts. After you are done here, head
out onto the overworld map again.

        Head east across the bridge, and continue chugging along a ways until
you get into the Ocean Realm. In this part of the world, stop off at the first
train station you see to enter Papuchia Village.

        Here, explore around the area and talk to the denizens of the village.
If you want, go to the hut on the center-right island, and talk to the Wise One
inside. After, go to the northeast island, and jump to the west two islands.
Open the chest for a treasure, then make your way back to the train and out onto
the overworld again.

        Head east from Papuchia Village along the bridge going over the water.
For pure charm, ring the whistle for some dolphins to jump over the bridge. Once
you hit the end, slow down and stop at the train station on the small island.

        Head west from the train station, and then go north a bit. You will
encounter a new crab-like enemy that has a rock in front of it that it drags
around with itself. If you get too close, it can bring the rock up and smack you
with it. It will also move around rapidly, preventing you from moving further.
To take it out, throw the Boomerang behind the Lobarrier enemy to hit it from
the backside, then finish it off by striking flesh once with your sword.

        In any case, take out the first crab enemy, then go north and head
inside the cave. Inside, continue on upwards and take out another Lobarrier,
then continue on east and south. Once the screen shows the gap, go up and grab a
bomb from the bomb flower. You COULD try to throw it across the gap, but an
easier way to do this is to line up with the blocks, go slightly southwards,
DROP (NOT THROW) the bomb, then use the Whirlwind to send the bomb over the gap
and hit the blocks on the opposite end. Once the blocks are destroyed, use the
Boomerang to hit the crystal orb in the small niche, causing a bridge to extend
over the gap.

        Cross the bridge east, and then head north. You will have to deal with
another one of the crab enemies (Lobarriers), but after you take it out it is
smooth travelling north and west a bit to the stairs going up. Outside again,
head north and examine the red door going into the central building to get a
riddle; the riddle you are presented with basically means that you must figure
out what a symbol that can be had by drawing the lines that the statues gaze in.

        To that end, the southeast and southwest statues should be traced from
where they are up to the center door in a diagonal line. Go to the west end of
the map, and use your Boomerang to stun a few Octoroks. While they are stunned,
move up a bit, and use the Boomerang again to hit the crystal orb on the island,
giving you a bridge. Cross over, take out the Octoroks, then take note of the
statue's gaze (aka draw a line southeast). Head back onto the mainland, then go
north again, taking out a Lobarrier. The statue's gaze here goes southwest.

        Go back to the center of the map, then head right and north. Take out
two Lobarriers, then draw out the northeast statue's gaze (southeast). Go right
up the stairs, take a Cuccoo, and fly south down to the larger island. Step on a
button panel to cause a bridge to open up to the mainland, then look at the
statue's line of sight here (southwest towards the center). Grab hold of your
Cuccoo, then jump off the high ground south to the next island, and open the
chest here for a treasure. Continue south again, then head left and up to the
center door.

        If you drew the gaze of the northeast and northwest statues far enough,
then you should have the shape of two diamonds (squares turned on a 45 degree
angle) side by side to each other. Draw it into the door, then enter the cavern
once it opens up. If you are having troubles, try drawing the symbol for
infinite, as that should register as well.

        Examine the sign in here, then head back outside. Go to the southeast
corner of the area, and go south back into the first outside area. Go down and
press down on a button to cause a bridge to extend south, then go south and west
across the islands. Head onto the train, then go west a bit on the overworld and
disembark at Papuchia Village.

        Here, go south to the center-right hut, which is the Wise One's place.
You will get a scene shortly before you head there. Continue on to the Wise
One's place, and inside talk to her. Go back outside, and head down to the
southern island. Play the Song of Discovery right next to the palm tree for an
Air Stone to appear, then examine it. Play the notes it shows you (purple yellow
purple) to learn the Song of Birds.

        After the scene that follows, head back up to your train. Now is a good
time to save your game. Once you have done that, go out onto the overworld.

        Head east towards the Ocean Sanctuary. On the way there you shall have a
cutscene take place.

        You will be taken to the inside of your carriage. As Link, you must
defend Carmen from any and all of the pirates that come in. A good way to tell
where the Miniblins will come in from is by looking at the top screen; the enemy
skull icon will show up a few seconds before they actually come on-screen.
During the first bit, be aggressive and proactive and take them out before they
have a chance to get to Carmen. Once pairs and trios of Miniblins begin to come
in at an alarming rate, stick to Carmen, and abuse the Spin Attack three times
in a row to clear out the Miniblins (do NOT do four times in a row, as the
fourth one will cause Link to become stunned for a second), then attack, then
Spin some more. Eventually, you will hit a mini-boss fight.

        This is somewhat different from most miniboss fights. Big Blin will
wander right across the screen at a very slow pace, trying to reach Carben. To
stop him, you need to hit him several times, and then retreat when he begins to
swing his club.

        The thing is, the Big Blin is very resilient. It will take you probably
over a dozen in-and-outs to take him out. However, there is a neat trick you can
use; at the beginning of the battle, hit him from the front a couple of times,
then go behind him. Hit him from behind as much as you can. The reason why you
should hit him from behind is that he will not be able to attack you right away.
Instead, he needs to turn his upper body ninety degrees to face Link somewhat
before he can swing his hammer. This gives you a lot of extra time to hack and
slash at him.

        That said, the primary key to winning this battle is this: do NOT
overextend. If you overextend and get hit by his club, it will not hurt that
much (only a half a heart), but it will take you time to recover from being
stunned (and you need to rub the screen with your stylus to do so). In the
meantime he will be able to make a significant stride down the carriage.

        Also, occasionally a Miniblin will come onto the screen to try and
capture Carben all on its lonesome. The first time, it will be one Miniblin, the
second time, two, and then four Miniblins. Always, always, always go and stop
them as soon as they come on screen, as it is very easy to take too long to run
across the carriage to Carben if you daddle around. The Miniblins are also an
indicator of the Big Blin's general health; the first Miniblin will come on when
he is at about half health, and the four-pack when he is very close to being

        After you finally finish up the mini-boss battle, continue on east to
the Ocean Sanctuary.

        A short scene will occur in which you will get your first Force Gem.
These are highly highly useful in this game, as each one will open up an
additional few Spirit Tracks. In this case, the tracks unlocked will allow you
to activate an Arch that can bring you to the tracks northeast of the Wellspring

        Once the scene is over, go east and north onto the next screen, then
enter the cave. Talk to Carben and go through the notes (blue orange purple). To
skip the yellow note, do not put the Spirit Flute down; instead, stop breathing
in the mic at the orange note, then skip over to the purple note and breath in
again. You will get Carben's Letter after. Read it, examine the rail map and
mark the spots on your own map, then head back out to the train station and onto
the overworld again.


        Head east from the sanctuary all the way to the southeastern island. On
the water between the Ocean Sanctuary and the first island, look to the south to
see a Rabbit in the water, hiding behind a barrel. Destroy the barrel to lure it

        On the first island east, if you have the music on, you should hear
clicking. Once you see Ferrus on the right side of the road, slow to a stop, and
he will give you some advice that will be useful in the next few minutes; some
sculptures in the realm react to loud noises.


        Get the train going again, then continue on east. Shortly before
reaching your destination, look to the north; just before you hit the island,
you should see another Rabbit hiding behind a barrel.

        Continue on now until you hit the southeast island, then go north one
island. Shortly before you get to the island, look up to your left, and on top
of one of the large spires of rock you should see a statue holding up a red orb.
Pull the whistle to make the orb turn blue.

        After that, head to to the center north island in the archipelago area,
the island marked 2. You will probably encounter a few pirate ships on the way
there; hit the cannonballs that come at you with your own cannonballs to stop
them, then fire at the ships themselves. Once you make it to the island, the orb
is on the ground to the north end of the statue, which you can see coming in
from the west or east sides.

        Go south from there and then west and north a bit to the spot of water
marked 3. The red orb is within obvious site, so brake and whistle at it once
you get near it to turn it blue. Go inside the mouth of the fish statue that
pops up to head underwater.

        Under the sea, mark your route to the Temple located in the northeast
area. While wandering there, you will face some smaller jellyfish-like enemies
that you may have seen on the surface; blast them multiple times for Rupees.
Also make sure to take out the Octoroks when you see them, as they will spit ink
at your train, fogging up your vision (although thankfully they do not damage
you). It should also be noted that as you are underwater, the mechanics of
shooting your cannon shot changes; your shot no longer goes in a projectile, but
rather slowly drifts up to where you shot at.

        Once you near the Temple, an Armored Train will come out and pursue you.
Go up the left side, and rotate around in the loop. Another regular Dark Train
will come out around this time. Rotate around in your loops until the Dark Train
turns to go west to where you are now, then head south with both Armored Train
and Dark Train behind you, and stay ahead of them. Shoot the two trains
occasionally to keep them slowed down, until you make it into the Ocean Temple.

                                  Ocean Temple

        Once you disembark from the train, head north into the next area, into
the 1st floor area. Inside, head up and left a bit into a room with four
tablets. You can disable the Yellow ChuChus by either waiting until they power
down their electric field to attack them, or else use a Boomerang to stun and
then kill them.

        Take note of the numbers the tablets give; basically, 1 to the left, 2
to the right, 3 is to the north, and 4 is the southern tablet. Head north up the
left end. Run east down the hallway (do not walk) to avoid getting hit by four
arrow traps (staying near the bottom helps as it takes the arrows longer to
reach you), then go up the staircase at the end up onto the second floor.

        Upstairs, go down south, and hop onto the block. Walk to the northwest
corner of the block. You SHOULD have the shield by now; if you do, then the
arrows will automatically bounce off your shield as you go by, but you will need
to walk back up a bit as it will push you back. If you do not have the shield,
then you basically need to dodge the arrows.

        When you make it to the opposite end, head south and onto the next
block, which will move southeast. As you go down that way, take a notice of the
four orbs, and that they are lined up in a cross formation. The order you need
to hit them in corresponds to the order of the tablets downstairs; therefore,
hit it in the order of left, right, north, and then south. This will open the
door at the end of the block's trip.

        Once you make it to the southeast, head down the corridor, and go up a
bit. You should see a Crystal Orb; if you hit it, the gap in front of you will
be replaced by a floor, while a gap will open up to the south. However, do not
do that right next to the orb; instead, go down to the south corridor, and hit
the orb from around the corner with the boomerang so the southern part of the
corridor has the gap. With that in mind, backtrack across the two blocks and go
back to the first floor.

        Down here again, go back past the arrow traps and the room with the
tablets to the front entrance, then go north and head east, where there are no
longer any boulders blocking you from exploring (if you tried to go here
earlier). Ignore the southern portion of this half of the first floor, and
instead head back up to the second floor.

        Up here again, go south and stun a pair of Yellow Chuchus with your
Boomerang, and then kill them. Head up the stairs to the third floor. Up here,
go left and into the central chamber for a mini-boss fight.

        Snapper is basically a joke and probably the easiest miniboss in the
game. At the beginning of the battle, he will have you captured in his whip in
an automatic sequence. Do not bother trying to go forward to hit him or trying
to escape his grasp; instead, wait until he tries to pull you towrads him. When
he does this, go straight at him and hack and slash away. When he pushes you
away after, aggressively push towards him and hit him some more, and if he gets
you in his whip's grasp again, then just continue waiting until he reels you in
to hit him some more. Truthfully, this is painfully easy and he dies after only
three rounds.

        After you defeat the Snapper, open the chest that is left behind for the
Whip. Afterwards, head back east and go downstairs to the second floor again.
Here, head south all the way to the bottom-most part, then turn to face left.
Take out the whip and target the branch to the left. At the apex of each swing,
swing over to the next branch, and land on the ledge at the end.

        Open the chest here for a treasure, then return back across the gap. Go
north and head down to the first floor. Here, head south a bit and go right to
the door blocked off by some vines. Whip the vines twice for Link to remove the
lower thorns, then go through the doorway to open a chest for another treasure.
Head south and use the whip to go west to the entrance, then west again to go
into a niche on the west. Whip the tongue of the statue to pull it back, causing
a chest to appear in the northern section of the room. From the entrance, go
west and north and open the chest for another treasure.


        Go right up the stairs, then head left on the second floor to find a
crack in the wall. Blow it open, but do not go inside just yet; instead, head
right of the doorway going downstairs and plant another bomb at the wall here to
blow up a hidden faulty wall, then go inside.

        In here, go up, and use your Whip to dethorn the vine. Continue on, and
equip your Boomerang. Throw it around clockwise to hit the Crystal Orb in the
niche to the right, then go back south into the previous room. Here, go inside
the left end of the room. Whip your way across the three branches to the north
end of the room, then pull the tongue of the statue back.

        Face south, and watch for the moving block on the mini-map on the top
screen. When it is moving left, whip onto the first branch, then fall down onto
the block. When it moves to the right side, jump off, and head north to find the
Stamp Station.

        Now, once you are done stamping, head back to the first floor, and go
east, and up to the second floor. Continue on up to the third floor, and go back
west into the room where you earlier fought the Snapper, this time with all the
chests from the first two floors liberated. Use your Whip to go across to the
west room, and head up the stairs to the 4th Floor.

        Up top, read the stone tablet for a message if you want, then continue
on east and south, then west across a gap, and down and east again. You can aim
at the Yellow ChuChus with your whip now to kill in two hits. Pull back on the
sculpture's tongue to open the nearby door, then head north and go into the
narow corridor. Go to the far right and pull the tongue of the statue at the end
of this path. This will trigger a bridge to extend across the south gap.

        Go across the gap, then go right and take the door to head downstairs.
Down here, head west all the way to the opposite end, where there are two
statues. Take the whip to pull out the tongue of the first one, which will end
up being the handle of a giant sword, then tap the other statue to throw the
sword in there, causing a chest to appear. Open it for a Small Key, then go to
the center of this corridor and swing north back into the Snapper chamber.

        Here again, head north, and whip your way north across the gap. Ignore
the door to the west, and instead go east for a quick detour; wait until the
block is moving upwards to whip onto the branch, then fall down onto the block.
Go onto the floor once the block heads south and open the chest for a treasure.
Make your way back west, then go to the northwest corner. Open the locked door
using your Small Key from earlier, and head back up onto the 4th Floor.

        Upon entering, go left and pull the tongue out from the statue to open
the door right to your south. After, head east, and use the Whip to navigate
your way over the lengthy gap. Once you have successfully made it over east,
continue south. In the large chamber, you will be forced to do battle with two
Helmet ChuChus; use your Whip to pull their helmet off, then hit them once to
kill. After, continue up the staircase onto the fifth floor.

        Up here, pull the thorns away from the vine and go up to read a tablet.
Head back south, and go west. Nearing the center of the room, you will face two
more Snappers, who patrol independently of each other. Once you encounter one of
them, take out your Whip and hit him with it to stun him, then hack and slash
away at him, then take out the other Snapper.

        After, continue south, then head down the west corridor. Ignore the
statues, and instead go north at the end. Pull the switch on here to cause a
propeller to fly up into the sky, then whip the propeller for Link to latch on;
at the same time, keep your stylus on the screen for Link to stay on. You need
not guide the propeller, however, as it will automatically take you to the
southwest corner of the room. Drop down once you get onto solid ground, and head
upstairs to the sixth floor.

        Head east from the staircase; in the small chamber, you will have to
take on a pair of Blue ChuChus. These foes have an electric field around them,
which never goes down, and cannot be stunned by the Boomerang, Whip, or
Whirlwind items. You can only damage them with two items; either take out some
bombs from your Bomg Bag and throw them directly at the Blue ChuChus, or else
use your Whip to take a sword out from the statue's mouth to the north, then aim
the sword at the ChuChus. Once you win, a hook branch for the whip will appear
in the far east of this room.

        Back downstairs, whip open the propeller in the corner, and then grab
onto it to fly back to the main area. From where it drops you off, pull the
three handle-swords out of the three statues to your direct north to cause some
extra branches to appear in the northern section of the room. Head over to the
northeastern corner of the room, and do some Tarzan action over the five hooks
to the opposite end of the gap.

        Upstairs, go back east. On the fourth branch, wait until you hit your
apex, and you will have to drop a bit. Target the fifth, lower branch quickly to
get back onto ground. Hit the orb here to cause the fourth branch to lower
somewhat, allowing you to tread back west if you needed to. That said, continue
south, take out a Helmet ChuChu, then go west. Read the tablet; basically, you
need to keep an eye out on what statues have and do not have swords in them, as
that will become integral a bit later on.

        That said, while you are documenting which statues do and do not have
swords, take the lower corridor going west. Head all the way to the end, then
destroy the thorns on the vines. Head up and pull on the switch with your Whip
for a chest to drop down; go back to the center of the room then head west along
the northern path for a chest which contains a treasure item.

        Next, take the lower right path, and follow along the narrow stretch,
throwing a bomb at the ChuChu if you have any. Go north using the branch, and
open the chest for a Small Key. Now head back to the northeast corner, then use
your Whip to go back to the northwest corner, and back downstairs.

        Down here, you will need to rearrange the swords in the four corridors
to match what the sword positions were like on the sixth floor by taking swords
out of mouths and putting them in others. For the lower left corridor, there
should be no swords in mouths. For the lower right corridor, the center mouth
should not have a sword, while the left and right do. For the upper left
corridor, the far right and center mouths should be the only ones with swords.
Finally, the upper right corridor should be like the upper left corridor; only
the far right and center statues should have swords in them. If you have
troubles with moving the swords around, once you grabbed one, put away the Whip
and Link will automatically let go of the sword; move closer to the statue you
need to put the sword in and grab the sword from there.

        Once you have done that, the door in the lower right corner will
automatically open. Head south from the center of the room and open up the
locked door, then proceed right across the gap via another branch. Head up the
giant staircase, then go back up to the sixth floor.

        Up here again, head left and hit the propeller with your whip to launch
it up into the air. Grab hold of the propeller and let it guide you around until
you have the chance to drop on the block. Drop down, then head left onto the
southern platform island. Step on the switch for a bridge to extend north. Pick
up the key, then go north. You will have to face some Key Masters; drop the key
and kill any that come your way, then pick up again and head north. Throw the
key into the lock to open the door into the boss area. Go left and then head
east using the two branches. Up top, examine the plaque for a blue warp point,
then throw the thorns away from the vine. Head up for a boss battle.

                                  BARBED MENACE
        Before you can start the boss fight proper, you will have to ascend to
the top of the fighting arena. At the same time, Phytops will be throwing some
toxin down from the top of the battlefield at you. If you have music on, you
should hear Phytops' cry before it throws anything down, so make sure to run
around when it does that. Make your way past the first two flights of hooks.
When you come to the edge of the third platform, take your whip and snap one of
the thorns off the vine enemy, before whipping it back into its eye (by tapping
on the eye).

        Once you hit the top, smash the pots to recover whatever HP you lost,
then set off the propeller. Grab onto the propeller for it to carry you up to
the top.

        When you have made it to the top, Phytops will make its reveal proper.
Phytops is slightly like Arrghus from A Link to the Past; at the beginning of
the battle, the plant enemy will slam two vines down, one to either side of
Link, restricting your movement area to about an eighth of the circumference of
the area. Following that, Phytops will spit out the same toxin that it was
spitting out earlier; you can tell when it is going to do this, as some rods
will poke out of its 'head' area and spit out the toxin from there.

        That said, Phytops weakness is its two vines. Use your Whip to take one
of the thorns off of either vine, then take the vine and throw it at Phytops,
destroying one of the pink parts on its 'head'. Do this until its eye is
exposed, then thrown the vine at its eye to stun it. Run up to Phytops and hit
it while it is stunned using your sword.

        Once Phytops has recovered, it will go back underwater. Four vines will
come back up; two will slam down to the sides, cutting you into a small area
again, while the other two will slam down at Link a couple of times. Quickly run
out of the way when these are coming down to keep your hearts meter up. After,
the second pair of vines will retreat back underwater, and Phytops will
reappear, with four vines instead of two. From there on in, it is the exact same
strategy as before; expose its eye while dodging the second pair of vines (they
do not attack that often), stun it, hit it, then dodge the vines that try to hit
Link. Overall, it should take you somewhere around three to four series of
attacks on the vine monster to take it out for good.

        Once you win the battle, watch the scenes. Open the chest up to get the
ever-so-obvious prize of a Heart Container for defeating Phytops, then go
into the blue warp point and watch some more scenes. Afterwards, leave the Ocean

                                Intermission Two

        This is the same drill as the last intermission chapter; this is merely
a section where I detail



        Loop around the archipelago clockwise, going up to the northwest most
island, just northwest of where you are right now. Once you leave the islands,
look to the south and the rabbit will be hiding behind the first barrel that you


        After capturing the rabbit (or falining to capture it), continue on east
to the upper middle island, then continue on east. At the curve where the track
begins to go north, look to the east towards the big tower structure and the
rabbit will be hiding behind the first of two barrels.


        Go down to the center east island, and head west. The Rabbit will be in
the first barrel to the north.


        Head west after that until you hit the center bottom island, then
continue on west. Go on straight at the track triangle, and the barrel with the
rabbit in it will be to your north shortly after that.

        After, back up a bit to the center island, then go south, and west,
until you hit the Ocean Sanctuary, and stop here.

        From the start, head north so that you are on the edge of the mainland
and parallel to the island to your north. Wait for a bird to come by, and play
the Song of Birds to attract said bird. Use your whip to snap onto the pole it
is carrying around, and let it carry you over to the small island. Remember to
hold your stylus on the screen to stay hanging.

        Disconnect from the bird once you make it over to the northern island,
and open the chest here for a treasure. Play the Song of Birds again to attract
the attention of the bird again, and go back to the mainland. Now, head east and
north up onto the next screen.

        On the second half of the Sanctuary, go to the northwest corner of the
area, to where the statue is; you can take the Lobarrier out by snapping the
whip at it to steal its stone arm, then sending the stone right back at it. Play
the Song of Birds to get the attention of another bird, then snap your whip at
it to grab a hold of the pole. Let it carry you to the northwest island, and
drop down. Open the chest for a Treasure.


        Make your way back to the mainland via Song of Birds and the Whip again,
then head in front of the entrance that leads to Carben's place. Play the Song
of Birds for another bird to appear. Grab onto it via the Whip, and it will drag
you upwards onto the top of the cliff. Drop down and head left to find the Stamp
Station for the Ocean Sanctuary.

        Now that everything that can be done here has been done, head south a
screen, and go to the train. On the overworld, head west and enter Papuchia

        Here, head east and south down to the southernmost hut. Go east and
latch onto a bird (if there are none, call one with the Song of Birds) and it
will take you to the southeast island. Go down south onto the next screen of

        Down here, head south and go to the southwest corner, and use the Song
of Birds to call a bird. It will take you down to the southeast island. From
here, go to the southwest corner again, and call another bird, which shall take
you to the southern tip of the long, narrow central isle. Head north, and use
the Whip to take away the stones that the Lobarriers are using to defend
themselves, then throw it right back at them to kill. Once you hit the northern
end of the island, open the chest up here for a Big Green Rupee.

        You are not quite done yet, so head to the southern end of the island,
and go west. Play the Song of Birds, and latch onto the bird that comes from the
northwest (NOT the East), which will carry you to the northwest isle. Head down
to the southwest tip, and play the Song of Birds again to get a bird that will
take you to the center isle (after wandering over to the southern part of the
center island). Open the chest here for a treasure item.


        Go west and play the Song of Birds one last time, and latch onto a bird
coming from the south to go to the southwestern island. Drop down here and
examine the stamp station to get your stamp. Once you get it on, you COULD call
on the birds again to make your way back into the main screen of Papuchia;
however, it is far more convenient just to save your game, and reset, and be
placed at the northeast entrance here.


        In any case, once you make it back into main Papuchia, go to the
southern-most hut and talk to the lady inside. Answer with a positive to begin a
slightly lengthy quest for a Force Gem. After she is done, head out onto the
overworld, then go west all the way to Whittleton Village in the Forest Realm.


                              Through Fire and Ice

        Talk to Anjean, then head north up the stairs. In the spiralling
staircase room, go around all the way to the top, and enter what will be Floor

        On this floor, you will have enemies that resemble eyeballs that are
aptly called "Phantom Eyes". To kill them, you must first stun them from out of
their range using either the Boomerang or the Whirlwind; the Boomerang is far
more useful in this regards as you can hit them from behind a corner, then
finish them off with Link's sword. Killing them is imperative because if one
spots you, then one of the Phantoms on the current floor can instantly teleport
to the Phantom Eye and chase after Link. Thankfully, the Phantom Eyes are marked
on the map along with the Phantoms, and their range of sights are marked by the
yellow rings that expand outwards from them.

        With that being said, head to the southeast corner (make sure the
Phantom is ahead of you so you have some leeway), then go up and left a bit.
Kill the Phantom Eye with your Boomerang and sword, then retrieve the Tear of
Light from the sanctuary. Now, while making sure you do not fall into the
Phantom's patrol, go to the southern corridor, and head to the middle. Go down
away from the northern wall, then throw the Boomerang through the west torch,
back to the center and through the eastern torch to light it up. It is vital
that you step away from the northern wall, because if you accidentally hit it
with the Boomerang, it will attract the notice of the Phantom.

        Once you light up the eastern torch, a chest shall appear in the
northeast. Go north into the northeast chamber of this room. Go and enter the
sanctuary niche on the right side and hit the orb to cause a bridge to extend
over two of the platforms in the southwest. After, head around clockwise to open
the chest for a Small Key.

        Go down and head up the stairs on the southern portion of the platform.
Up top, go north, and take the sword out of the middle sculpture's mouth, and
throw it into the RIGHT; do NOT put it into the left or else it will summon a
Phantom to you. This will cause a chest to appear on one of the platforms in the
southwest area.

        Now, while still on top of the platform, head west and swing west across
two branch hooks onto the next high floor. Go up and head west again, then go
south across another pair of hooks. Continue east and turn to face the north,
but do not actually cross over just yet; instead, take out your Boomerang and
throw it around to stun the Phantom Eye on the opposite side of the gap, then
switch to the Whip. Swing over using the overhead branch (it may be difficult to
see), then take out the Phantom Eye. Collect the Tear of Light.

        After, go back across the branches, then head to the front entrance to
the area. Go west, and head up the stairs to the left of the two platforms. You
should have activated the bridge and gotten a chest to appear earlier, so cross
east to the right platform and open the chest for a second Small Key. Jump off
to the west and open the door in the southwest corner with a Small Key. You will
not be able to do anything with the orb here, but for now opening the door
itself is sufficient.

        Go to the northeast corner of the room, and open up the locked door.
Head upstairs to the fourteenth floor.

        Up a floor, go south, and then head into the western corridor. Continue
west and hit the the Phantom Eye from long range with your Boomerang, then stun
it. Continue on west and north and take out another Phantom Eye, then walk into
the corridor right before the Phnatom, with the square walls in the middle. Go
to either the north side or the south side, and plant a bomb here, then run
around to the opposite side. When the bomb goes off, it will attract the
Phantom's attention, allowing you to run past it and grab the last Tear of
Light. If you do not have the Bomb Bag, then go to the west end of the corridor
and throw the Boomerang at either the north or south wall.

        Stay in the sanctuary, then when the Phantom comes back, hit it in the
back to take control of it. In this area of the tower, you can direct the
Phantom to teleport to where there happens to already be a Phantom Eye (though
you need to make sure the cursor appears when targeting a Phantom Eye to
teleport to). Draw the line down southeast to the Phantom Eye in the small
locked room, then have the Phantom stand down on the button panel in the room to
open the door.

        As Link, wander down to said southeast room. You no longer need to worry
about the Phantom Eyes as they have no Phantom to summon to them. Open the chest
in the room to get a treasure item. After that, go back down to the previous

        Down on the thirteenth floor again, head down and west a bit, and go up
the stairs on the northeast platform. Direct the Phantom in front of the ledge,
and have Link jump on top of the suit of armor's shield. Go down a bit then east
to the floor pit. Since you are now on top of the Phantom, Link can swing over
using the branch. Open the chest for a treasure, then head back south.

        Go into the southeast area of the floor and take out the Phantom here
with your sword. Afterwards, walk up onto the northeast platform again to get
back onto the Phantom's shield. Head south and go into the southern corridor
again, and go to the bottom of the south side for a ledge Link can jump off
onto. Open the chest to the left for another Treasure Item. Hop back on, then
teleport to the southwest corner using the Phantom Eye. Have Link hop off and go
into the niche here with the orb.

        While Link is there, have the Phantom teleport to the northwest
corridor. Go south and into the west corridor to hit the orb. Switch your
perspective to Link and hit approximately the same time as the Phantom does.
This will open the door to the northern corridor. Head north and go up to the
fourteenth floor again. Upstairs, head south down the corridor. On the occasion,
a Blue ChuChu will pop up; get behind the Phantom when they appear, as it will
automatically kill them off once the ChuChus approach.

        Once you hit the southwest corner of the room, take Link across the
sand, but leave the Phantom behind, standing on the nearby panel. When Link
crosses the sand, stand on the button panel on the right side as well, to cause
a bridge to appear across the sand. Direct the Phantom over the bridge, then
continue on east.

        At the spikes, send the Phantom across them and northeast to stand on a
red glowing square. Switch to Link and continue on east and north up the next
corridor and stand on the opposite square. This will cause the two characters to
trade places. Direct the Phantom back over the spikes, then go west. Use the
Whip to pull the sword out of the mouth out of the left side Zora sculpture, and
put it back into the right side sculpture to open the nearby door. Head up to
the fifteenth floor.

        Up here, move right a bit and then south and have Link stand on the tile
that will glow yellow once he does. Switch perspective to the Phantom, and
direct it to go north slightly, then east across a bed of spikes. Once you can
no longer go east, have the Phantom go south and then head west to stand on
another blue glowing tiles to switch the places of the two characters.

        Go to Link's perspective, and head east and north across another bed of
sand, making sure to watch out for any Blue ChuChus that may unexpectedly pop up
from the ground. Ignore them and once you get past the sand, you will face off
against another Geozard. Use the Whip on the lizard to pull its shield away,
then move in and hit it constantly with a flurry of sword strikes.

        After the battle is over, head left, and push the block you find here
west and north, and onto one of the two button panels. Go down to the southwest
corner, and have Link stand on it to make it glow blue. Switch back to the
Phantom, and have it go north onto another blue tile to have the two switch
places. Keep the Phantom's perspective, and have it go north and stand on the
button panel that you did not push the block onto.

        This shall cause the first spike bed in the lower east corridor to
lower, so switch back to Link and run around counterclockwise down the corridor
and back up to join with the Phantom again. Call the Phantom over, and head to
the northeast corner, where there is a large stone door. Direct the Phantom to
push against one side, while Link pushes against the other side, opening the
doors. Inside open the lone chest for a Small Key.

        Get both characters back into the center of the room; you can do this by
going west and south a bit to a staircase, and going west some more and jumping
off the ledge. Take the lower west corridor, then go on until you hit the gap.
Equip the Boomerang and throw it up to the northwest at an orb, which shall
cause a bridge to extend across the sand.

        Take control of the Phantom again, and direct it to teleport north, to
the left of the two Phantom Eyes. Send the Phantom south and west across the
sand, then go directly south into the southernmost corridor. Turn right inside
the corridor and onto the glowing tile. Switch back to Link, and head east a bit
and south onto the other red tile to make the two switch places.

        Go back to the Phantom, and again warp to the left northern Phantom Eye.
Go down south past the spike bed, but stop short of the southernmost corridor;
instead, have it go east into a small niche and stand on the button panel here
to lower the spike bed preventing Link from leaving the southern corridor.

        Have Link go up and regroup with the Phantom, then go west. Have the
Phantom go up the west end here as north as it can, to prevent the boulders from
rolling past it. This allows Link to go north without running over a spike trap.
Once Link makes it north and then east slightly, get both characters to press
down on one of the two button panels here to extend a bridge east.

        As Link again, go north and east a bit alone, and stun the Phantom Eye
from around the corner before continuing on. Use the Whirlwind to blow the
Phantom Eye north, then west across the sand. Change perspective to the Phantom
and have it teleport up to the Phantom Eye, then kill it.  Have your avatar Link
follow the suit of armor across the sand, then have each character stand on one
of the button panels.

        This will open the door in the center middle of the area, which will
allow you to head upstairs. Have the Phantom teleport to the Phantom Eye
patrolling back and forth there, then as Link go south and east across the
bridge following the Phantom. Unlock the door, then head upstairs to the
sixteenth floor.

        Proceed south once you get upstairs and read a tablet that tells you to
move from 'the green tile to the red', so this is basically another area where
you have to trace lines across the screens.

        If you warp your Phantom over to the right Phantom Eye and talk to the
other Phantom, it will tell you its patrol path has a special meaning. Warp your
Phantom to the left Phantom Eye, where you will have a square floor with tiles
that lights up as you walk across. The walking from the green to the red titles
should be fairly obvious; just walk from the northwest green tile to the
southeast red title. You then have to combine this to go along with the
Phantom's patrol path, which is to go from southwest diagonally to northeast,
west to the northwest, diagonally southeast to the corner and then back up
northwest, then south, which it restarts the patrol path all over again.

        In layman's terms, you must walk the path the patrolling Phantom does,
starting with the green title, and copying the patrol path so that you do not
reach the red title until the end. This means you need to start in the part of
the patrol where the Phantom goes directly south from the northwest (green) tile
down to the southwest tile, then diagonally to the northeast tile, west to the
northwest tile, and finally diagonally southeast to the red tile.

        Once you successfully complete the puzzle, have the Phantom go back into
the center corridor and reunite with Link. Loop around south, east and north and
up the staircase to the seventeenth floor.

        Up here, grab the Fire Rail Map, then watch a series of cutscenes take
place. Once the scenes are over, talk to Zelda's spectre and go to the Snow

        From the Snow Realm, go up north slightly, and then take a train track
going east into the Fire Realm.

        In the Fire Realm, you will have to be prepared to deal with falling
boulders that smash down into the ground near or on the tracks. Especially be
sure to take out the ones on the tracks, but the ones close by should also be
dealt with; they net you a blue Rupee each time you destroy one. After you head
east for a while, ignore going north to the black rock icon. Instead, head east
some more into a cave, onwards to the symbol in the southeast corner of the
Spirit Tracks that you currently have available. Outside, stop off at the train
station to enter the Goron Village.

        After a short scene, head down the train station steps and go up to the
entrance to the village. Talk to the Gorons, then continue on west. Walk up the
steps and head west into the next screen.

        In this area, go north up the nearby staircase, and walk past the Goron
behing the rods of iron to find a chest that contains a collectible treasure.
Jump back down the ledge, and continue on running west. Stop short of going
north and watch how the boulders roll; one boulder, followed by two boulders
close together. You can head up a small bit and press against the eastern wall
to avoid getting hit. When you have more space again, right after one of or the
pair of boulders come through, run up to the west end and stay underneath the
stairs, then run around onto the stairs when you have breathing room again.

        Once you go up the stairs, you will run into another obstacle in the
form of flying rocks randomly hitting the ground. If you see a shadow appearing
underneath you, then run away to dodge the falling rock. Head south, and then go
west a bit. Try waiting for the rocks to roll by, then do a roll and a run
northwest. After you make it past the second line of boulders, loop around
counterclockwise down the stairs in the southwest.


        Ignore the crystal orb for now, and instead head to the west end. Take
out and use your Whip to go north across the lava flow via the two branch hooks,
then go up the stairs and go north another branch hook. Quickly run north once
you get up here to avoid the Fire Babas that will try swallowing you up if you
are too slow. Once you have made it up the stairs, throw a Bomb at the other two
Fire Babas or do a Jump Slash at it to kill. Head west slightly to find the
Stamp Station.

        Once you are done, go back south the three branch hooks. Take your
Boomerang out here and then throw it at the crystal orb to activate a bridge to
the north, which will only stay up for a certain period of time. Go back up the
first two branches, then quickly run north and east across the bridge. Go north
once you have made it across, and go north at the sign. Watch a scene.

        Once the scene is over, go back south to the previous screen. Continue
on east, and down the stairs. Go east across a couple of branches, then up the
steps to the top ledge. Open the chest for a piece of treasure. Go south,
STAYING ON THE TOP LEDGE, then head up to the west. Drop down onto the lower
ledge in the relative middle of the scene (south of the near west end of the top
ledge) and go south to open another chest for another treasure. Drop down to the
east, then go south and back into town.

        Walk east and watch another scene. After, go to the train and head out
onto the overworld.

        You will be requested to bring something cold to cool down the lava, so
obviously you will need to head to the Snow Realm. Once there, make your way to
Anouki Village.

        In here, go down the train station, then wander up to the southwest
house. Go west a bit more and talk to the Anouki in blue standing next to the
lake. Agree to take her out to a fresh water source. Go to the train station,
and head out onto the overworld. Make your way to the Wellspring Station, but
keep in mind that as the Anouki is a passenger, you need to whistle at the
yellow signs, slow down at orange signs, speed up at blue signs, and slow down
and brake normally when you come to Wellspring Station to keep the Anouki from

        Go down the stairs and head up and talk to the Anouki here to get a
Force Gem. Go into Ferrus' hut, then head back outside. Continue talking to the
Anouki and tell her the price of the Mega Ice is far too high until you get it
for free. Head onto the train and go out to the overworld map.

        Outside, chart your route to the Fire Realm. While going there, make
sure to watch out for tanks and Snowmen alike, and take both of them out before
anything can hit your train. Other than enemies, you should have nothing to
worry about destroying your cargo in the Snow Realm.

        Once you make it into the Fire Realm, however, it will be a totally
different story. First and foremost, while in the Fire Realm the ice will slowly
melt, so you have to crank the speed up to First Gear. Secondly, notice that
there is a third train here, which is in front of the black rock. If you get
close to it, it will move forward and block your way to Goron Village, so simply
head north at the first opportunity, and go along the tracks counterclockwise
north, east, and south to get to Goron Village. In the meantime, make sure to
dodge the two regular Dark Trains, as well as taking out any enemies and falling
boulders that might appear.

        Braking sharply and reversing will not affect your cargo, and you need
only one piece of Mega Ice available once you reach the Goron Village, so do not
sweat it too much.

        Once you dismebark from the train, head west and talk to Kagoron for a
short scene. Go east and head up the stairs at the end, then go north and west
and loop around to the west end of the high ledge. Go across the bridge west
some more, and open the chest at the end for a treasure. Jump off to the east,
and go straight up two stairs. Head inside and watch a scene. After, go up
through the north door.

        In here, use your Boomerang to disable the Fire Keese that are flying
around in one shot, and continue on. When you hit the lava pool, ignore it and
instead continue on straight north, then west across more lava using a branch.
Step on the panel for two bridges to extend across the lava pool, then head back
east, down, and then east across the main lava pool. Continue on east across the
small ledge until you make it out to the other end.

        Wait and watch the pots, and do not break the three that are shaking as
they contain Like-Likes (for that matter, do not even approach those three
pots). After you are done, run up the stairs, then head west. Ignore the
northern set of stairs and continue west and open a chest at the end for a piece
of Treasure. Go back east, and then head up the northern stairs to go outside
and north again to the Fire Sanctuary.

        First thing is first; you will still have flaming rocks coming down from
above, hitting the ground, so watch the ground around you to make sure that
there are no shadows which indicate the approach of a falling rock. Secondly,
there are still several Fire Babas around; approach them so they expose their
vine, then retreat and hit them with the Boomerang to cut their 'heads' off or
else Jump Slash or Spin Attack to kill in one hit. You can also use bombs, of
which there are several bomb flowers around, to kill them.

        In any case, go north up the first corridor, killing or bypassing two
Fire Babas on the way. Once you go all the way north, head east and then go
south a bit. Notice the two unlit torches; use your Boomerang to go through the
lit torch and then through the other two torches. Go south a bit more to spot
another unlit torch. Get it lit up for a bridge overhead to extend across the

        Continue on south down to the end, and clean up the area of three Fire
Babas. Use the Boomerang to light a torch in here using the southernmost torch
from above, then light the other two torches to cause two more bridges to go up.
Head north a bit and go west up a pair of staircases. Go west across the first
bridge, and head north. In the northwest corner you will find a treasure chest
that contains a treasure.


        Head east along the north end of the sanctuary past the long, narrow
bridge. When you hit solid ground again, go down south a bit and examine the
Stamp Station and put your stamp in your stampbook. After, jump down to your
right onto the lower part of the cliff, then continue east. Read the stone
plaque at the bottom here if you want to solve the riddle for yourself.

        If you just want to continue playing, here is what the riddle means; the
two men are glaring at each other, and then a light of friendship shone between
them. This means to find the two statues that are looking at each other, which
is the upper center and middle right. In between the two, play the Song of Light
for a hidden light crystal to appear, pointing at the north door, which will
then open up.

        Inside, go down the stone bridge to the left or right, then head up the
stairs and talk to the Lokomos. Embrose's duet is fairly tricky; you need to
shift back and forth from purple to yellow to purple to yellow again quickly,
and then stop breathing, then go over to the light blue and breath in there. Do
this three times to perform the duet successfully. Do not get too frustrated if
you cannot perform it easily; take a deep breath and let loose. The most
important thing is that you do not accidentally breath while skipping over the
orange pipe, as doing it even once screws the entire sequence up.

        After, walk your way back to the Goron Village.

        In here, listen to the Goron Elder, and you will end up having to do
another thing before you can go to the Fire Temple. Go outside and talk to the
other Gorons to gather some more information, then head out onto the overworld.

        From the Goron Village, head east into the eastern section of the Fire
Realm. Inside the cave that follows shortly, quickly make work of the bug
enemies that are crawling around the place. Once you get outside, take a look at
your mini-map to see three birds going around the maze in the north.

        Now, this is a mini-game that I personally dislike. You have to travel
around the maze and hit the three bird enemies. To get to one, you must watch
where they are going, and try to move around to corner them from the front. Once
you encounter one, pull your whistle, and they will be temporarily stunned,
which you can notice is when they begin to stop moving around, their wings
outwards and their body exposed. When this happens, quickly tap at them to shoot
the cannon. If they move to the side, pull the whistle again, then turn your
camera around and try to hit them again.

        It is imperative that you keep adjusting your camera around when
fighting the birds, as it is far too easy for them to move out of your view and,
while you are busy changing your camera view, run away. At the very least keep
it pointed up and not facing down. When you hit a bird, you will automatically
get its key. Afterwards, the keyless bird will start chasing you, so keep an eye
on the map and whistle and hit the bird with another cannonball if it starts
stalking you.

        Once you get all three keys, which can take frustratingly long, head
south and around and into the Fire Temple.

                                  Fire Temple

        Go north from the train. Inside the actual Temple, go north down the
front entrance corridor, taking out the Fire Keese along the way via use of your
Boomerang. Go west at the split all the way to the end, then continue along
north up until you get to the spike beds and spinning walls of fire. Time the
west flame for when it just goes past Link, then start running east and north,
then west across the top corridor. The brown rocks are safe spots for you to
duck into if you need to get some breathing room.

        Once you have made it around the spike beds, head left a bit and then
south to be locked into a small chamber, where you will be forced to fight two
Stalfos. There are two ways that you can go about fighting them; you can either
throw a bomb at one and kill it instantly, or you can use your sword, push one
into a corner and then hack and slash away at it (if you try to fight it out in
the open), then continue attacking until the pile of bones is extinguished. You
could also try hitting them with your whip, but that takes too long to be

        In any case, once you defeat the Stalfos, both doors will unlock. Go
south and read the plaque; mark the pits that are in this southwest chamber
(between the northwest and middle west boxes, between the southwest and south
bottom boxes, and between the south central and central boxes) and between the
southeast and middle east boxes. Ignore the wall crawlers for now, as you will
be unable to kill them as of yet, and instead navigate around the boxes east. Go
up the first staircase in between the north center and northeast boxes, and
throw a Boomerang across the floor to hit a Crystal Orb across from you. This
will cause a stone disc to fall down on the ground.

        Go back down, and continue east, and take the set of stairs up to the
second floor. Watch a short scene and ignore the statue to your right. Tap on
the object to hop into what happens to be a mine cart, which will take you
around the screen to the northwest corner. Open the chest at the end for a Small
Key, then hop back into the cart to return southeast. Head downstairs.

        Back on the first floor, head west and go back to the corridor just west
of the entrance. Tap on the stone plate, and Link will lift it up. Walk east,
and throw it on top of the volcano in the gap. Jump over the plate and head up.
Pull the block down south twice, then push it right once, then north twice, then
push it right to block off the stream of fire until you cna head south and into
the southeast chamber.

        Now, keep in mind what the plaque in the southwest chamber said; there
are hidden pits in this chamber that mirror the pits in the southwest chamber.
Go down in between the middle right and lower right pits, go up and then left
past the upper middle and central blocks, then head all the way south. Go east
for a chest that contains a Big Green Rupee, then head all the way west and
north to get to the staircase going back up to the second floor.

        Upstairs, hop into the mine cart, and it will take you around. Hit the
first crystal orb you see but not the second, and it will drop you off at a
small isolated ledge with a chest. Open the chest for a Treasure, then go back
to the entrance to the room. Go around again and hit both the first and second
orb, and you will be carried all the way to the northwest corner of the room.
Quickly take out the Stalfos, then open the chest for a Small Key.

        Get back into the mine cart, and go back downstairs to the first floor.
Head to the center of the room, and open the locked door on either side of the
main door to expose a pair of crystal orb switches. Back away from the main
door, and take out your Boomerang to hit both orbs on the same flight path. This
will cause the door heading to the staircase in front of you to open up. Head
north and up to the second floor. Up top, you will enter a mini-boss battle.

        This is actually a pretty nice, easy battle. When the Heatoise first
appears, hit it on its head, and it will retreat into its shell. It will then
slide towards Link, intending to hit your green tunic clothed avatar. When it
does this, it will continue on until it hits either Link or the wall. Note that
around the wall, there are two of the electric wall wasps; move in the direction
of one of these so that Heatoise runs into one of them, and it will be shocked
temporarily, letting its head come out, and be stunned. Hit Heatoise over the
head when it does this. Once it recovers, hit it in the head to make it retreat
into its shell, and repeat this pattern until the battle is over.

        After, grab the Red Rupee from the fallen Heatoise, then open the chest
for the Bow and Arrow. Head into the east corridor, and use your new Bow to
shoot an arrow across the gap into the red eye to turn it blue, making a bridge
extend across the gap. Head north and go back downstairs. On the first floor
again, head south and shoot what seems to be a stone arrow statue (and what I
will be referring to them as) to reflect your arrow east and north into another
eye. Go down the bridge and jump east and open the chest for a treasure.

        Return to the stone arrow and hit it with your sword to cause it to
rotate clockwise. Shot it three more times to make it face north. Have Link lift
it up, then go and throw it west; tap the small island platform to make it an
accurate throw. Aim an arrow at it to reflect the arrow north, which will hit
another eye.

        This causes a bridge to extend from where Link is west to the stone
arrow. Go west, smack it three more times to turn its aim west, then throw it up
north onto another small island platform. Send an arrow at it to reflect off
into another eye to extend the bridge further. Continue west, then go downstairs
into the 1st Basement area.

        Down below, there is not much to do here yet. Read the plaque for one of
the more humourous statements in the game, then continue on downstairs to the
2nd Basement floor. You will quickly be sieged by Stalfos on either side of you
when you get downstairs. Take out your Bow and quickly notch an arrow at each
Stalfos, then killing them off when they are in a pile with a second arrow.

        Once you take out the Stalfos, go south into the next room. Here, go
west and shoot an arrow at the stone that will be redirected north into an eye,
temporarily stopping the geysers to the east. Before the clock runs out, equip
your Whip, and swing over the hooks to the east end Tarzan style (you can
actually shoot the arrow from long range if you want to cut down on your running

        When you make it onto solid ground again, head north. Kill off the two
Stalfos that pop up here, then go east. Jump across the stone plates once they
are low enough, and wait for the third one to have the geyser spit it up before
hopping over to the fourth one. Jump onto the northeast ledge and open the chest
for a treasure. Now go south, Whip in hand, and swing south across three branch

        Once you land, press down on the nearby panel to cause the door to lower
itself. Head west and you will encounter a staple of the Zelda series; spike
traps. For the first three spike traps, run past them when they go up or down,
and stay in the safe spot while waiting for the next one to pass. For the fourth
and last spike trap, wait until it goes up, then run down south and go west the
first chance you have. Go south and east after it heads back up north again, and
open the chest for a tresaure.

        Look to your right from here to see several Keese flying around.
Specifically, Fire Keese; throw a boomerang through one of them to light the two
torches in the area. After you light up both torches, a stone weight will fall
nearby onto the volcano to your west. Head back up to the west, dodging the
spike trap, and jump across the stone weight north. Go upstairs to the first
Basement room.

        Up here in the southern room, you will be forced to face off against two
Heatoise. Thankfully, they are far easier now; all you have to do is notch your
bow and fire two arrows at each one's head to kill. Divide them by attracting
only one towards you before taking it out, then eliminate the other. If you need
more arrows, destroy the wood heart in the southwest corner. After finishing off
the two Heatoise, open the chest that appears for a treasure item. Read the
tablets if you want as hints for the next puzzle, then go west and back

        Head west and run past the two Stalfos, ignoring them in here. Go north
and step down on the bitton panel; unfortunately, this only keeps the door open
while you are standing on it, so head north some more and pick up another arrow
stone. Drag it back down and put it in front of the door, and aim it west. Have
Link stand on the button panel again, then aim north so it reflects into the
eye. This causes a stone weight to drop down near you.

        Pick up the stone, then go north. Throw it onto the volcano to the west.
Go back south and pick up the stone arrow, then go back north and hop on. Wait
for the geyser to spew out, then jump left onto the ledge. Up top, drop down the
stone arrow, then hit the nearby crystal orb to cause a branch to appear in the
east end of this basement floor.

        Take out the Keese, then go to the northeast part of this area to find
another stone arrow. This one does not point in the four cardinal directions,
but rather in the four diagonal main directions. Smack it around so that it
faces northeast, then take it south and put it into the bottom of the three lava
geysers. Take the straight-pointing arrow and strike it so it faces west, and
put it into the east geyser.

        Now, walk over to the ledge, where the stone weight is, and pick it up
when the geyser shoots it up. Put it on the west geyser. Stand on top of the
stone disc, then shoot an arrow at the orb to your north to cause all three
geysers to spew lava into the air, causing you to hover off the ground. As Link,
shoot the western eye, then aim at the arrow stone to your southeast, which will
bounce off the other arrow stone, which will bounce it into the eastern eye.

        Jump off after you have completed this sequence and go up the stairs to
your northwest and open the chest for a Small Key. Head back down, and go east,
and jump off the ledge at the end. Continue east and whip your way across to the
center of the room. Go back north and up the stairs to the 1st Basement floor
again. Head west and open the locked door, then go left and up the stairs. Hop
into the mine cart.

        You will swing around counterclockwise in a loop for awhile. You can get
back to the northeast corner by hitting the orb to the north. Now, when on the
south side, look up and you should barely see four red eyes. If you recall
reading the four tablets earlier, then you need to shoot them in the order that
the tablets said to; this means to shoot the middle left one first, then the far
left one, then the far right one, then the center right one.


        Once you activate all four in the correct order, you will be deposited
in the center of the room. Do not go down the stairs quite yet, however;
instead, hop back into the train station. When it goes around clockwise, and to
the southwest corner, take out your bow. Touch and hold your bow on the
southwest corner to force the camera to focus over there, then hit the crystal
orb when you see it. If you miss, go back to the center, then head back again.

        When you succesfully pull it off, you will be thrown into a small niche
in the northwest corner. Examine the stamp station to get your stamp put in the
stampbook, then head back into the mine cart and go back to the center of the
room. Go south and downstairs to the second basement area, then go downstairs
again into the third basement area.

        Down here, throw a bomb at the rock to your right (go west across the
small island platforms to secure a bomb from a bomb flower if you do not have
the Bomb Bag). Once the rock is blown up, pick up the stone weight and throw it
onto the geyser. Examine the map on the wall first, and mark the spots it shows
on your own map. Head east and jump into the mine cart.

        Now, there will be several crystal orbs along the mine cart ride, but
you only hit some of them; those indicated by the map. This means to swipe at
the first orb, ignore the second one, and hit the third one to make it safely
north. If you do not do it properly, the cart will run into a lava geyser, and
you will be thrown to the beginning.

        After you get past the first cart ride, go down south and west a bit,
and take out the Whirlwind. Use it to blow the Boss Key into the south cart. Go
north and down the stairs, and use the Whip to go west past the lava. Open the
chest for a treasure, then head back east.

        Go up the stairs and head west and hop into the north cart. Again,
remain mindful of which orbs you have to hit; this means to hit the first and
second orbs, and ignore the third orb. Take out your Bow and Arrow shortly
after, and when you get to the southeast dip of your path, aim northwest to hit
the fourth orb here. If you fail to make it across successfully, you will have
to go and use the Whirlwind to push the Boss Key back into the cart before you
can reenact the journey.

        Once both Boss Key and Link make the journey successfully, throw your
key into the lock to open it up. Downstairs, go around and read the plaque to
make the blue light appear, then head north up the stairs.

                                   LAVA LORD

        During the first part of the battle, Cragma will seem to be fairly slow
and harmless. He will rotate his body a bit, and then bring his arm and fist
down in slow motion to hammer the ground, causing a few rocks to hit the ground.
When he first raises his arm, look at the lower section of his body to see a
bright light on his rock skin; aim an arrow at it to make him recoil. When this
occurs, quickly run to either direction as he will bring his arms together and
slam the ground where Link is.

        When he slams the ground with both arms together for the first time, a
larger boulder will hit the floor. Look around for it, and plant a bomb at the
base of it. If you do not have a Bomb Bag, wait for him to smash his arm down
again, and go over to where the boulder is for him to destroy it. Once the
boulder is gone, pick up the stone plate that was underneath it. Go east and
drop it on top of one of the volcano geysers. Jump onto the plate, then into the
mine cart from there. Make sure you have about a dozen arrows before you hop in,
though a full satchel is best.

        While in the mine cart, you will rotate around the battlefield
counterclockwise. Look for the glowing spots on Cragma's skin; every time you
locate one, notch your bow and shoot an arrow at the spot to stun him.
Occasionally, he will bring his hand up close to Link; hit the spot on his hand,
or else he will swat you out of the cart, forcing you to restart. Once you get
near the top of the rotation, shoot him in the eye to stun him. You will be
dropped off on the ground shortly after that, so go and hit him several times
with your sword.

        Collect up some more arrows, and then repeat the sequence once more;
this includes having to hit him on the weak point on his lower body, getting the
larger boulder destroyed, and dragging the stone plate over to the geyser.
Repeat the mine cart sequence again, although this time he will bring up both
hands instead of one, requiring you to hit him both, then hit him in the head
after shooting his eye, to finish him off.

        After the boss battle, watch the various scenes, then open the chest for
a Heart Container.

                           SIDEQUESTS & COLLECTIBLES

        This section details the various sidequests, short and long, that Spirit
Tracks has to offer, as well as the locations for every (fixed location)
collectable item in the game.


        After you complete the Forest Temple, there will be a short sequence of
events that occur, after which you will be able to acquire the Stampbook from
Niko. Scattered over the various realms of the land of Spirit Tracks are
rectangular stamp stations that you can visit and put a stamp in your Stampbook
at. Once you acquire a certain amount of Stamps, and visit Niko again, he
shall give you a reward for it. There are twenty stamps in all, and their
locations are below.

        You can collect three different prizes;

        10 Stamps - Shield of Antiquity
        15 Stamps - Engineer's Outfit (You can switch outfits at any time)
        20 Stamps - Sword Scroll 2 (Gives you the ability to use the Great Spin

Forest Realm

        1. Aboda Village
           When: As soon as you first get the Stampbook

           This can be found right next to the staircase that heads up to the
           train station at the northern end of the screen.

        2. Castle Town
           When: As soon as you obtain the bombs

           Once you obtain the bombs, go to the northeast corner of the Castle
           Town, and bomb the blocks preventing you from going up the nearby
           stairs. Head up, then go west to the northwest corner of the
           battlements to find it.

        3. Whittleton
           When: As soon as you first get the Stampbook

           Go to the northeast corner of the area, and tread the pathway onto
           the next screen. In this second section of Whittleton, head north a
           bit and the stamp station will be in plain sight.

        4. Forest Sanctuary
           When: As soon as you first get the Stampbook

           From the entrance, head north and go left at the top. The stamp
           station will be right at the top of the stairs.

        5. Forest Temple
           When: As soon as you first get the Stampbook

           From the entrance, go east and up to the northeast room. Blow away
           the poisonous clouds in the room with the Boomerang to reveal the
           stamp station.

        6. Trading Post
           When: After completing the third portion of the Tower of Spirits
                (Pre-Ocean Realm) and bringing the Bridge Builder to the
                 Trading Post
           Prerequisites: Bomb Bag

           Go west in the Trading Post and enter the cave at the end. Inside,
           go north, and jump west across some platforms and up to a block.
           Place a bomb to blow up the block, then jump north again to come to
           the Stamp Station.

Snow Realm

        7. Anouki Village
           When: As soon as you first visit Anouki Village

           Head to the area in front of the train station, and outside of the
           fenced-off area. Go east and then head north to the northeast corner.
           Slip through the tree cover to find the stamp station.

        8. Snow Sanctuary
           When: As soon as you first visit Snow Sanctuary

           Head west from the train station. At the western end, loop around the
           staircases, and go south from the staircase going east to spot
           another staircase going up to a small platform with the stamp
           station on top.

        9. Snow Temple
           When: As soon as you first visit Snow Temple (must clear part of
                 the temple first)

           When the center room on the first floor has at least two bells and
           you can go southwest, head out that way and go down to the basement
           floor. When you get to the room with a big pool and five icy fire
           torches, the stamp station is in the niche in the northeast corner of
           this room. You can use the Boomerang to freeze a path over to the
           stamp station.

       10. Wellspring Station
           When: After you obtain the Boomerang

           From the train station, head right, and go up past the hut. On the
           northwest edge of the ice field on the eastern side of the area,
           take out your Boomerang and trace a path north to go through an icy
           fire torch, and create an ice path to walk north. Use the Boomerang
           again to be able to walk east a bit and into a second niche that
           contains the Stamp station.

Ocean Realm

       11. Papuchia Village
           When: After you obtain the Whip

           Go down to the southernmost island with the hut, then head right
           to the palm tree. Play the Song of Birds to grab the attention of
           a bird, then latch onto it to fly over to the southeast corner. Go
           down south from there. From there, head progressively down, then
           west and south again via the birds until you hit the southwest
           corner, where you shall find the Stamp Station.

       12. Ocean Sanctuary
           When: After you obtain the Whip

           Head up to the northern part of the Ocean Sanctuary, and stop in
           front of the cave to where Carben resides. Play the Song of Birds,
           and use the whip to grab a hold of a bird, which will carry you to
           the top of the cave cliff. Up there, you can easily find the stamp

Fire Realm

       15. Goron Village
           When: First visit to Goron Village

           Go west to the western screen of Goron Village. Cross through the
           obstacles along the lower half of the area until you get to the
           western edge. Cross the first bit of lava across the two hooks, then
           go north and past another hook. Run past the two Fire Babas up the
           stair, and the Stamp Station will be in the northwest of this small

Desert Realm

Ocean Realm:
-Pirate Hideout: (Snake Rope + Bird Song needed) On the center of the map, on
 the hill.
-Ocean Temple: (Snake Rope + Bombs needed) Bombing the north walls on 2F.
 Inside the new room.

Fire Realm:
-Fire Sanctuary: (Boomerang needed) Unlock the bridges (turning on the torchs)
 North part of the area.
-Fire Temple: (Bow needed) The room with 4 eyes next to each other, a switch is
 hidden on the SW corner. Hit it with an arrow.

Desert Realm:
-Sand Sanctuary: After doing Sand lokomo's sidequest (unlocked after passing
 Sand Temple) pick a cucco and fly to the island in the SE corner of the area.
-Sand Temple: (Sand wand needed) On the west side of the sand river on 2F.

-Spirit Tower: On the very top of the tower.

                                Heart Containers

        Much like The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass, but unlike basically
every other Zelda game, you do not acquire pieces of Hearts in Spirit Tracks.
Instead, you can only get whole hearts at a time. Each Heart Container fills
your heart meter up by one, so they are quite obviously useful. You get one
Heart Container from defeating the boss of each Temple, so those locations
are fairly obvious; this list details the remaining ones that you can collect
elsewhere in the game.

        1. Snow Sanctuary
           When: As soon as you first visit Snow Sanctuary

           Buy it from the shop on the right side of the train tracks for
           2000 Rupees.

        2. Castle Town
           When: As soon as you clear the Forest Temple

           Complete the first level of the Take 'Em All Out mini-game in the
           castle town area to receive the Heart Container.

        3. Hyrule Castle
           When: As soon as you clear the Snow Temple

           Get 60 hits or more in the Training Session mini-game in Hyrule
           Castle for the Heart Container.

        3. Rabbitland Rescue
           When: As soon as you clear the Snow Temple

           You can technically start capturing rabits before the Snow Temple,
           but it is only after clearing the Snow Temple that you can capture
           enough rabbits. Once you have five rabbits, go to the man at the
           Rabbitland Rescue area and talk to him to get a Heart Container.


        After you make it into the Snow Realm, you will be able to stop off at a
place called the Rabbitland Rescue. The manager of the place will give you a
Rabbit's Net that you can use to capture stray rabbits on the map for rewards.

        The stray rabbits will always be found hiding behind a boulder. You can
pick them out by their distinct bunny ears being too long to be totally
concealed by a stone, or else use your whistle to startle them. When you do
this, you will be thrust into a short little game; the rabbit will run around a
field, occasionally stopping them. You have to tap a spot on the ground, and the
net will come out, taking about a second and a half to hit the ground. The trick
is figuring out where the rabbit will be when the net finally hits the ground.
You can either try to anticipate where it is running to, or wait until it stops
and hope that it stays stopped.

        Please keep in mind the location that I use as a relative neighbor; that
is to say, if I give a location as being west of a location, then it is best to
start off from the location as opposed to trying to trace the same steps while
coming in from elsewhere.

        When you get the following number of rabbits, you shall get the
following rewards;

        5 Rabbits - Heart Container

Forest Realm

        1. South of Rabbitland Rescue
           When: As soon as you acquire the Rabbit Net

           Go south from Rabbitland Rescue. At the first turnoff going east,
           face the west end and you should see the rabbit behind a lone rock.

Snow Realm

       xx. West of Anouki Village
           When: As soon as you acquire the Rabbit Net

           From Anouki Village, head west. The rabbit is on your right side,
           approximately the second boulder.

       xx. East of Anouki Village
           When: As soon as you acquire the Rabbit Net

           From Anouki Village, head east, then go north when you get to the
           intersection. From there, shortly before you get to the next
           intersection, look over to your left side, and off in the distance
           you should see a boulder with the bunny ears.

       xx. South of Snow Temple
           When: Once you clear the Snow Temple

           From Snow Temple, head straight south until you hit the end and
           begin to curve east. Turn to face the southwest from the 'corner' of
           the curve to see the rabbit behind a rock.

       xx. Southeast of Snow Temple
           When: Once you clear the Snow Temple

           From Snow Temple, go east at the first triangle. Once you get to the
           next triangle, brake your train, and look directly east of the wye
           to see the rabbit behind a boulder.

       xx. Southeast of Snow Temple
           When: Once you clear the Snow Temple

           From Snow Temple, go east at the first triangle, then south, and then
           east again at the first available opportunity. Ignore the next south,
           then look to the north for the boulder hiding the rabbit.

       xx. Southeast of Snow Temple
           When: Once you clear the Snow Temple

           From Snow Temple, go east at the first triangle, then south. Ignore
           the first intersection going east, and take the next track down east
           instead. Look to the south quickly to spot your Rabbit.

       xx. Southeast of Snow Temple
           When: Once you clear the Snow Temple

           From Snow Temple, go all the way south until the track curves east,
           then go all the way east until the track curves north. Shortly after
           the curve, look to the east, and the Rabbit will be there amongst
           several other boulders; braking during this portion is advised.

Ocean Realm


        A listing of and how-to-play and in-depth walkthrough of all the
mini-games that can be found in the game.

                                Take 'Em All Out

        Take 'Em All Out is a gauntlet exercise where you have to go through
a certain number of floors per level and fight several monsters each level,
topped off by a boss on the top floor.

        The mini-game can be found by going to Castle Town, and going to the
lower-right house in the front area. Inside, talk to the Gerudo-like female, and
you can play for 50 Rupees.

        During the marathon, you will be able to get Rupees from your enemies,
but they will never drop Hearts. Furthermore, you cannot use the Song of Healing
during this time period. Therefore, the only way you can heal yourself is by
buying a Red, Purple or Yellow potion beforehand and using it when Link gets low
on hearts.

        Level One: Reward is a Heart Container
                   Ten Floors
                   Can Only Play After Clearing Forest Temple

                                   LEVEL ONE

Floor One
        The first floor of your first time through will have six Spinuts walking
around individually. Isolate them one by one and quickly hack and slash at them
to take each one out.

Floor Two
        In this area, you will fight eight Octoroks. Each Octorok needs to
attacks to take it down, so you can use a sliding attack to take one out. Keep
an eye on the rest of the screen at all times, however, for any stray rocks
another Octorok might spit at your avatar. If you have the Boomerang, I do not
recommend you use it, because an Octorok might look in your direction and spit a
rock at you.

Floor Three
        The annoyance factor gets jacked up a factor with four Poison Bubbles
and four Rats. The Rats move around a lot quicker, so take them out, using
Spinning Attacks to keep them from getting too close to you and damaging you.
Once rodent extermination has been done, go to one of the walls and hit a Poison
Bubble with your Whirlwind, then go and kill it. Repeat for the other three. If
you have the Boomerang, then just trace a line to hit all four of the Poison

Floor Four
        Floor number four has six Red ChuChus. Let one or two get in clse, then
take them out with a Spin Attack to kill them in one hit. They move fairly slow
so let them come to you and be patient.

Floor Five
        Six Blastworms (the blue worm creatures that turn into rocks that
explode) make their floor on the fifth floor. My recommendation is that you only
hit one of them, wait for it to turn into a bomb-rock, then take out your
Whirlwind. Aim and send a cyclone at the bomb so that it smashes into another
Blastworm and blows that one up as well. Your cyclone will not stop once it hits
another Blastworm, so you could potentially pull off a combo of hitting two or
even three other Blastworms. Repeat again, then eliminate whatever ramining
Blastworms there are in the area. If you visit after the second Temple, the
Boomerang works wonders in taking them out, however, particularly as they move
very slowly.

Floor Six
        You must be careful when moving the avatar around on Floor Six, as there
are several Keese around. If you are visiting after completing the first Temple,
you will need to slowly and carefully edge around and take each one of them out
by hand with your sword. If you are coming in after obtaining the Boomerang from
the Snow Temple, then just quickly trace your throwing path through two or three
targets at once and repeat until all of the Keese are dead.

Floor Seven
        Two Mothulas are the inhabitants of this floor. You may recognize each
Mothula as a replica of the miniboss from the Forest Temple. The same general
strategy as when you fought her there remains the same here, except that there
are now two of them. The best way you can fight them is to stay out of the way
of one of them while confronting the other; a Mothula will only summon a Poison
Bubble if she is within range of you. Once you hit a Mothula for the first time,
if the other Mothula joins up to fight, just run away from them until they split
up again, and repat until you can take one of them out, then eliminate the

Floor Eight
        This floor offers an easy break from the last pair, with three Spinuts
and three Octoroks. The Spinuts will approach Link right from the get-go, so let
them approach and hit them with a Spin Attack, then go and attack each Octorok
individual, making sure to avoid any stray fire.

Floor Nine
        The ninth floor is a literal mess, with over a dozen enemies, spread out
between Spinuts, Octoroks, and Red ChuChus that will pop up from underground as
you approach. Go right as soon as you get onto the floor to avoid the fire of
the Octoroks and the approach of the Spinuts, then clear out any enemies that
continue to approach with a couple of Spink Attacks. Once you have gotten the
place calmed down a bit, go around and start attacking any of the enemies that

Floor Ten
        Floor Ten is a repeat of your fight with Stagnox, the boss of the Forest
Temple. There is not a SINGLE difference between this fight and that except for
the lack of pots with hearts in them; down to the amount of hits it takes to
defeat each form, Stagnox is otherwise the exact same.

        Once you defeat Stagnox, go down to the bottom floor via the blue light,
and you will get a Heart Container.

                                Training Session

        After completing the Snow Temple, you will get a mail in the postbox
from Russell inviting you to come to the training room at Hyrule Castle. Here,
you will get the chance to play a training mini-game; basically, you have to hit
the three soldiers in the room a certain amount of times, and you can only
suffer three hits before the game ends. The mini-game costs 20 Rupees per play.

How to Play

        To avoid getting hit, the telltale notice of a soldier attacking is when
he begins to twirl his spear. As soon as you see it, get out of the range of his
attack. Do not try going around him, as he will be able to rotate around, just
get out of his range. To your advantage, usually there only ever happens to be
one soldier who will try to attack you at a time, and oftentimes if you stay
inside the three soldiers range they will still take a bit before one tries to
attack you.

        Also, it should be noted that the game counts a 'hit' as you merely
attacking a soldier. It matters not whether he guards against it, if you attack
him, you go up a point.

        That said, there are a couple of strategies you can use to rack up a
high score, and they both involve running back and forth. The first one is to
run back and forth frantically, hit a soldier, and then run back the other way.
This is to keep all three soldiers from zoning in on you, so you will only have
to worry about one soldier at a time when attacking.

        The other is a bit less liberal. When you run to one side of the room,
wait for a single soldier to come to you, then hit him multiple times. Once you
estimate your safe period to be over before he comes at you with your spear,
start running back in the opposite direction.


        That said, the following number of hits will give you the following

        60 hits - Heart Container

                                Version History

 V0.7     12/11/09
 -Walkthrough up through and including Fire Temple
 -Added Intermission Two, expanded Intermission One
 -Updated Stamps, Heart Containers, Rabbit locations

 V0.5     12/10/09
 -Walkthrough Up through Ocean Temple
 -Added Training Session Mini-Game

 V0.38    12/09/09
 -Added section on Rabbits
 -Update to Stamps, Heart Containers locations
 -Walkthrough up through Intermission One
 -Started Mini-Games Section

 V0.35    12/08/09
 -Added section on Stamps
 -Added section on Heart Containers

 V0.3     12/07/09
 -Walkthrough up through Snow Temple

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