Football Manager 2019 Can’t Attend Matches – Is There a Fix?

The pitfall of the Football Manager 2019 can’t attend matches bug has persisted since the early beta release. So, if you’re looking to watch AI matches and scout some upcoming talent, you’re currently unable to do so. That is, unless you follow some of the Football Manager 2019 can’t attend matches fixes we’ve listed down below. We’ll also take a look at when we can expect a full fix for the head-scratching issue.

Football Manager 2019 Can’t Attend Matches – What is the Bug?

It was never a problem in recent years, but the ability to attend matches in Football Manager 2019 is seemingly dead and buried. Previous instalments saw you simply click on the “V” or “versus” symbol in a match and you’d instantly be able to watch a fixture. Now, that isn’t the case. Clicking that, or even clicking the magnifying glass and selecting the blue-hued icon to attend a match on any given gameweek is completely fruitless. So, what can you do to correct the infuriating bug?

Football Manager 2019 Can’t Attend Matches – Is There a Fix?

Before you do anything, you should press the “Report Bug” button on the left-side of your game screen, and follow the process to let Sports Interactive know that there’s a problem with the game. Even going into the competition calendar, a method that normally works, yields no results, despite working earlier in the beta.

However, one member of the Football Manager test team has taken to the game’s forums to let everyone know that the “attend match” feature has been taken out of the game’s beta release but should, all being well, return in time for the full Football Manager 2019 release on November 2.

So, from then on, you will be able to go back to your usual formula of attending matches. It’d be wise, though, to not start a new managerial career (if you were planning on doing so) until tomorrow, just in case the bug rears its ugly head in beta save games only.