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Red Dead Redemption 2 Beaver Locations

Rockstar Games’ latest release Red Dead Redemption 2 contains 38 different species of animals for players to track and hunt, with each of them occupying specific territories spread across the in-game map. Finding beaver locations in Red Dead 2 involves the player seeking out a couple of different rivers within the regions of Ambarino, West Elizabeth, and New Hanover, with one specific location in Lemoyne where players can hunt beavers in the early stages of the game.

Beaver Locations in Red Dead Redemption 2

Beavers can be found in multiple areas across the Red Dead Redemption 2 map, in just about every major region save for New Austin to the south. Generally speaking, they hang out around bodies of water like rivers and fords. More specifically, they’re found around the Kamassa River to the east and the Beartooth and Upper Montana Rivers to the west.

Players still in the early stages of the game will be able to find beavers in southern Lemoyne, just a short ride south of Saint Denis. Beavers tend to make their homes in the river inlets between Rhodes and Saint Denis, just off the northern shore of the Lannaheche River, in the eastern end of the area known as Scarlett Meadows.

Beaver locations in Red Dead Redemption 2 map

After exploring farther out into the world, beavers can be spotted near other major rivers. They’re found in the central Kamassa River area around the Elysian Pool in eastern New Hanover, just a short ride west of the Van Horn Trading Post. They’re also found near the Lake Isabella area of western Ambarino, south of Spider Gorge, very close by the far western border of the map.

Circling back south again, beavers will appear in two locations around the Upper Montana River: off the river itself, just a short distance south of Strawberry in central West Elizabeth, as well as around the southern shores of Lake Owanjila.

Players aiming to track down all of the game’s Legendary Animals will also be on the lookout for the Legendary Beaver. This creature can be found due west of the Van Horn Trading Post, south of the Elysian pool on the Kamassa River, in a location just below and between the E and R of the “New Hanover” featured in the in-game map.

Beaver Materials, Pelts, and Crafting

Keen hunters would be wise to take out beavers using smaller arms, especially and specifically the bow and arrow, by aiming as close as possible to the animal’s heart. If they’re able to get a clean kill, they’ll earn a Perfect Beaver Pelt, which can be used to craft a number of different items at the Trapper, notably including the Beaver Mountain Hat, Country Vest, and Beaver Roping Saddle. On the other hand, Legendary Beaver Pelts can be used to craft the Legendary Beaver Flop Hat and the Legendary Beaver Cavalry Gloves.

Assuming the player’s aim is to enhance their camp or provide food for the gang, beaver pelts can be used for Campfire Seat Covers or to craft a Satchel, and their Stringy Meat can serve as food for the Van der Linde gang in a pinch. Alternatively, the Animal Fat from a beaver can also be put to use in crafting Predator Bait, Fire Arrows, Fire Bottles, and both Explosive Cartridges and Explosive Slugs.

Like with many of the other animals in the game, the habitats and locations of beavers in Red Dead Redemption 2 follow the patterns of the natural world. They aren’t particularly hard to hunt or kill, perhaps with the exception of the Legendary beaver, and their meat, fat, and pelts certainly come in handy during the earlier stages of the game.