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Fallout 76 PvP – When Do You Unlock PvP?

Fallout 76 is out later this month, and the beta is running this week to give players a taste of the game. As this is the first multiplayer Fallout game, players want to try everything new, including Fallout 76 PvP. The only problem is, if you start the game you’ll soon discover that the PvP is locked and you cannot attack other player characters. So how do you unlock PvP, and how does it work? We’ve got the answers.

When Do You Unlock Fallout 76 PvP?

When you start Fallout 76, either in the beta or in the main game, PvP will be locked. You can work with other players on missions, chat with them, and trade with them, but you cannot fight against them, either voluntary or accidentally. So when can you unlock PvP and start fighting other players?

PvP is unlocked when your character reaches level 5. When this happens, at the same time you get some Perk cards to unlock, you’ll also get a pop-up on your screen telling you that combat with other players is now enabled. Player vs Player combat in Fallout 76 is now available to you! But how does it work?

How Does Fallout 76 PvP Work?

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There are three parts to PvP in Fallout 76. For starters, if you have officially added allies and made friends of other players, you won’t be able to attack them and friendly fire isn’t a thing. We don’t know if this will be optional in the final game or a later patch, as we like the chaos of friendly fire in our co-op games, but at the moment it’s disabled.

If you’re worried about playing Fallout 76 because you’re concerned that every player you meet will randomly attack you, don’t be. Other players can attack you, but their attacks will do drastically reduced damage. That is, unless you choose to fight back, at which point you will officially become enemies with that player and all attacks will do full damage. There are also certain events, like Bounties or Workshop Defense, where certain players become a target. Generally though, if you just want to explore Fallout 76 and do PvP when you want, you can do. Just make sure you have a Mini-Nuke launcher to hand before you do so.