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Fortnite NFL Skins – Everything You Need To Know

Well, I didn’t see this coming. Fortnite NFL skins will soon be available to purchase in-game. So, if you want to rep the Ravens, or pull on a Patriots (boo!) jersey, you’ll be able to do this month. Below, we’ll look at the Fortnite NFL skins release date, how much will the Fortnite NFL skins cost in V-Bucks, how to buy Fortnite NFL skins, and a look at why, oh why, they are being referred to as Fortnite NFL Outfits.

Fortnite NFL Skins – Release Date

As of right now, this is one of the few concrete pieces of info released over on Epic’s announcement page. Starting from 4 PM Pacific and 7 PM Eastern on November 9 (that’s midnight GMT on November 10 for folks in the UK), you’ll be able to get your hands on the brand-spanking-new Fortnite NFL skins from – where else? – the Fortnite Item Shop.

There is no telling whether this is a one-time only deal, a permanent addition to the Fortnite Item Shop, or something that will stick around for a limited time. Either way, you’re probably going to want to get ahead of the curve and buy this the minute it goes live because there’s every chance that the game will continue its 24-to-72-hour release window for skin rotation. So, if you miss the boat, you could miss it for good.

Fortnite NFL Skins – Price

No Fortnite NFL skins/Outfits price has been confirmed as of writing, though don’t expect it to come cheap. A licensing deal with the NFL is expected to cost a fair wedge. If that’s the case, we can pretty much safely say that these are going to be either Epic or Legendary skins. So, look at forking over 1,500 V-Bucks or 2,000 V-Bucks for a chance to wear your team’s jersey in-game.

While, as recently as June, Epic brought a series of 24 Fortnite soccer skins that ended up setting users back 1,200 V-Bucks, we can pretty much expect a larger spike in both sales and starting price for this one. That appears, now, to have been the proving ground for this type of deal, right down to the multiple options to transform one skin into another.

Fortnite NFL Skins – What Teams Are Included as Fortnite NFL Outfits?

A fan of Patrick Mahomes but you’re a diehard Browns supporter? This is the best part: just a single purchase of the Fortnite NFL skin allows you to have access to all 32 teams across the NFL. That’s right: for a one-off fee, you get every team from every conference, and you can change them on-the-fly before every game in your Locker. Not only that, but you get a 33rd team: an as-yet-unannounced Fortnite football team. My money’s on the Tomato Temple Tyrants.

Fortnite NFL Skins – Can I Put My Name on My Jersey?

Unfortunately, the Fortnite NFL Outfits won’t have the ability to do just that. You can, however, chuck a number on the back of your jersey, from numbers 1-99, as well as choosing from either a female or male avatar. Perfect for those who want to pretend to be Tom Brady (#12) or Andrew Luck (uhh, also #12). Outside of that, though, customization is fairly minimal. There’s no chance to add names, nor any other logos. Plus, you’ll only be able to wear the Fortnite NFL skin, plus what appears to be a mandatory helmet. So, no combining it with Tricera Ops. Dream. Ruined.

Again, this is similar to the Fortnite soccer skins from around the World Cup. It’s unlikely, unless the NFL gives special dispensation, that you’ll be able to put certain names on official merchandise which the multi-billion dollar company has licensed out for use. So, for those who want to have “BRADY SUCKS” on the back of the jersey (I see you), then you’ll have to make do with playing pretend.

Fortnite NFL Skins – Launch Trailer

If you’re going to find a better reveal trailer than the Fortnite x NFL launch trailer, then I can’t wait to see it. Below, you can see exactly what I mean: a Fortnite avatar is, ahem, chiming in with his own way to take the field and, behind him, avatars wearing every single NFL jersey can be seen popping some superb shapes. If any of those get pulled out in real life, you’d best believe there’s a flag on the play. This is Fortnite though, so boogie on down.