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Fallout 76 Order of Mysteries – How to Find and Join Them

Fallout 76 is a gigantic game, with a lot to see, do, and discover, even before you start hanging around or fighting with other players. Perhaps one of the coolest features you can uncover is the Fallout 76 Order of Mysteries, a series of quests that allow you to join a secret organization under West Virginia, the likes of which hasn’t really been seen in a Fallout game before.

Just getting the mission requires a specific set of circumstances to happen, so how do you join the Order of Mysteries? How do you find them in the first place? And do you have to wear that silly veil all the time? We’ve got all the answers.

What is the Fallout 76 Order of Mysteries?

The Order of Mysteries in Fallout 76 is a secret organization, the type of which hasn’t really been seen in Fallout games so far. The Elder Scrolls games such as Skyrim have the Thieves and Assassins guilds, for example, but Fallout has only had groups like the Brotherhood of Steel. The Order of Mysteries is a spy guild, based around the in-game fictional ‘Mistress of Mysteries’ series of movies, and was supposedly started by the actress who played the titular Mistress. They’re a combination of spy network and superheroes, so a B-movie version of Marvel’s S.H.I.E.L.D. organization basically.

How to Start the Fallout 76 Order of Mysteries Quest

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To gain access to the Order of Mysteries, you’ll need to find one of their operatives, by now very deceased, out there in the world. There is no indication where any of them are. The corpse of the operative we found was located just next to the AVR Medical Center, slumped over a box in an alleyway. Raid the body and you’ll find a tattered dress, a Veil of Mysteries, and some instructions to go to Riverside Manor, which luckily is very close. Do not, under any circumstances, sell or drop the Veil of Mysteries apparel item. It’s not marked as a story item, just as a regular piece of clothing. If you lose it, you will be unable to continue the quest, and can’t join the Order of Mysteries!

How to Get Into the Order of Mysteries

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Riverside Manor is where you have to go next, and it’s located just east and a little south of AVR Medical Center, just past Charleston. It’s the big building marked on the map, and if you look on the map above, our player marker arrow is there. Head in after killing the ghouls outside. The manor is big, creepy, and filled with more various types of ghoul. You can clear the place if you like and raid it for supplies. When you’re done, head to the front room as instructed, which is the room directly on your left as you came in.

The mission description says you should investigate the room wearing the Veil of Mysteries, so put it on if you haven’t already. At the back of the room are two blinds. You may notice that the blind on the left has a door hidden behind it, so approach that one and the whole thing will swing open. Head down, and don’t worry about the Resident Evil-style laser grid, it won’t hurt anyone wearing the Veil of Mysteries. So no, you can’t bring a friend.

Downstairs you’ll find the headquarters of the Order of Mysteries! You’ll find a number of rooms and a mainframe, all deserted unfortunately. Investigate, play the holotapes to find out the history of the Order, and follow the mission markers. You’ll then have to craft your own mask of Mysteries, and sign up to become an official “initiate” member of the Order. Which of course you want to do, who wouldn’t?

What Comes Next?

First you’ll have a track down a mentor sponsor, in order to progress from Initiate level to Novice. It doesn’t matter that all the members are dead, but the real bad news is that your personal mentor is located in Lewisburg, which is overrun by Super Mutants. Once you’re at a high enough level to take them on without dying instantly, head to your mentor and you’ll be able to claim the right to become a Novice.

After this point you’ll have full access to the Cryptos mission board in the Riverside Manor base, which you can use to get special missions. We won’t spoil what type of missions, but they’re well worth signing up for, even if it’s just for the rewards.