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Red Dead Redemption 2 Dinosaur Bone Locations

Among the huge variety of collectibles available to find in Red Dead Redemption 2 are Dinosaur Bones. Tracking them all down takes a fair amount of due diligence, but as luck would have it, we happen to know all 30 Dinosaur Bone locations. Keep reading to learn where to find all of these ancient relics and how to complete the “A Test of Faith” side quest.

How to find Dinosaur Bone Locations in Red Dead Redemption 2 and Unlock Rewards

Players will first get the chance to track down Dinosaur Bones after reaching Horseshoe Overlook, around or during the game’s second chapter. This location is found in New Hanover, northeast of Flatneck Station and southwest of Twin Stack Pass, in the area known as The Heartlands. It’s there that they’ll find a paleontologist who goes by the name of Deborah McGuinness, and after a brief discussion, Arthur will be able to start tracking down Dinosaur Bone locations that can then be mailed off for various rewards.

All Dinosaur Bone locations map in Red Dead Redemption 2

After they find and mail off their first Dinosaur Bone location, players will be rewarded with a Quartz Chunk, which can be used to craft the Bear Claw Talisman at the nearest Fence location. Assuming they reach a total of 15 mailed Dinosaur Bone locations, they’ll then be rewarded with the unique Skull Statue. Finally, once all 30 Dinosaur Bone locations have been discovered and mailed off, Arthur will receive an invite to Deborah McGuinness’ ranch over at Firwood Rise, where he will be given the Jawbone Knife.

All Dinosaur Bone Locations in Red Dead Redemption 2

A grand total of 30 different Dinosaur Bone locations are spread all about the Red Dead Redemption 2 map, with the most significant groupings of them being found in New Austin to the south and Ambarino to the north.


Five Dinosaur Bones can be found in the area within or right around The Heartlands.

  • The Heartlands Oil Field Bone is in the Heartlands Oil Field, found within the well beneath the oil derrick.
  • The Heartlands Southern Gorge Bone is not too much further south, atop a hill adjacent to the dried-up river.
  • Continuing south, the Heartlands Grassy Hill Bone can be found sitting in the open atop a hill a short ride from the shore.
  • Swinging east, the Scarlett Meadows Dewberry Creek Bone can be found underneath the L in Lemoyne, out in the open southwest of Dewberry Creek.
  • Finally, turning north, the Heartlands Dewberry Creek Bone is sitting in the open due west of Dewberry Creek.


Toward the northeast borders of the Red Dead Redemption 2 map are seven more Bones, each scattered around the regions of Ambarino and New Hanover.

  • The Heartland Abandoned Shack Bone can be found just above the O in New Hanover featured in the in-game map, just outside of the titular abandoned shack.
  • Turning east, the Roanoke Ridge Kamassa River Bone is sitting on one of the middle cliffs slightly off the western side of the Kamassa river.
  • Closer to the Van Horn Trading Post, the Roanoke Ridge Van Horn Bone is sitting right out in the open, only a short ride northwest from the city.
  • The Roanoke Ridge Valley Overlook Bone is near the far northeastern edge of the map, on the cliff facing right above the trail that leads to the Brandywine Bridge waterfall.
  • Riding west from that location leads to the Roanoke Ridge Overlook Bone, found on a rocky outcropping not too far south of the bridge supporting the train track.
  • The Grizzlies Northern Boundary Bone is not far away that location, sitting out in the open atop a hill due north of the O in Ambarino.
  • As for the last Dinosaur Bone featured in the map above, the Grizzlies O’Creagh’s Run Overlook Bone is located due west of O’Creagh’s Run, right on top of the mountain’s ridgeline.


A total of six different Dinosaur Bone locations are found along the northernmost reaches of the Dakota River.

  • Right nearby the “I” in Ambarino as featured in the in-game map is the Grizzlies Calumet Ravine Bone, which is located within a craggy outcropping near the top of the hill.
  • The Cumberland Forest Bacchus Station Bone is not too far away from that location, found sitting right on top of the cliff southwest of Bacchus Station.
  • West of Bacchus Station is the Grizzlies Dakota River Ledge Bone, which is hanging out just off the cliff’s ledge on a small rocky outcropping.
  • The Cumberland Forest Six Point Overlook Bone is in the namesake Cumberland Forest area, again found sitting right at the top of the rocky cliff.
  • The Grizzlies Rock Wall Bone and the Heartlands Northern Boundary Bone are almost right next to one another, on nearly adjacent sides of the Dakota River.
  • The Rock Wall Bone is at the base of the cliff just off the northern shore, whereas the Northern Boundary Bone is sitting atop the cliff just off the southern shore.


Four different Dinosaur Bone locations can be found spread across the region known as West Elizabeth and the surrounding areas.

  • On the northern end of the map featured above is the Big Valley Northern Cave Bone, which is found inside the cave sitting at the foot of Mount Hagen.
  • Toward the middle of the northernmost bend in the Dakota River, as featured in the map above, is the Heartlands Cliff Face Bone, found right around the lower base of the cliff.
  • The Big Valley Rocky Slope Bone is found, shockingly, sitting right out in the open atop the rocky slope.
  • Finally, the Big Valley Beryl’s Dream Bone can be scooped up near the windy bits of the path heading up Mount Shann, around halfway from the base of the mountain to its peak.


The final batch of Dinosaur Bone locations are all found within the southern region known as New Austin.

  • Starting at Tumbleweed to the west, the Gaptooth Ridge South Tumbleweed Bone is found sitting out in the open in an area overlooking the southern end of Tumbleweed.
  • Heading further north, the Gaptooth Ridge North Tumbleweed Bone is located on the east side of a cliff overlooking the city’s northern borders.
  • The northern edge of New Austin plays host to the Cholla Springs High Desert Bone, which is tucked away in a small crevasse found at the base of the hill.
  • The Cholla Springs Jorge’s Gap Bone is not too much farther south, just southwest of Jorge’s Gap, hidden just out of sight inside a cluster of bushes.
  • Players will find the Rio Bravo San Luis River Bone just southwest of Fort Mercer, on the small plateau overlooking the Fort itself.
  • Farther to the west, the Rio Bravo Del Lobo Rock Bone can be spotted around the eastern end of the area’s slope.
  • The Hannigan’s Stead San Luis River Bone is quite easy to track down, as it’s situated between the river’s northern shore and the small island.
  • Lastly, the Hannigan’s Stead Pike’s Basin Bone is located toward the western edge of the area’s canyon, sitting in the open atop the plateau.

Tracking down all 30 Dinosaur Bone locations in Red Dead Redemption 2 should be a breeze with the help of the maps featured above. Once the deed has been done and all locations have been mailed off to Deborah McGuinness, be sure to accept her invitation to Firwood Rise and claim the well-earned Jawbone Knife.