Box art - Fallout 76

Do You Need PlayStation Plus to Play Fallout 76?

It’s looking like potentially being the MMO of the year but do you need PlayStation Plus to play Fallout 76? Citizens of the virtual recreation of a bombed-out West Virginia are likely already prepping themselves for the long haul ahead. Power Armor? Check. Pistol? Check. PS Plus subscription? Well, about that…

Do You Need PlayStation Plus to Play Fallout 76?

While there has been no outright announcement from Bethesda regarding whether you need a PS Plus subscription to play Fallout 76, there is the small matter of the Fallout 76 product page on the PlayStation Store having all the answers. It reads as follows: “Network Players 2-24 – Full game requires PlayStation®Plus membership to access online multiplayer DUALSHOCK®4 Online Play (Required)”

That is… pretty conclusive. The wording- and again, this isn’t official- seems to disprove any theory that Fallout 76 will be similar to Destiny 2 insomuch as a PS Plus subscription isn’t necessary, but you’re missing out on the full experience if you don’t purchase one.

Unlike Destiny 2Fallout 76 is heavily reliant on player interacting within its servers. Bungie’s shooter often used other players as window dressing unless you were part of an official Fireteam or undertook a specific activity; Fallout 76 eschews that mentality entirely by having this be an online-online affair.

It is also worth noting that, if you go into the game expecting to play without a PS Plus subscription and want to return it, that is not grounds for a refund.  So, please, be aware of this and stock up on PS Plus cards before diving in.

Do You Need Any Other Monthly Subscription Play Fallout 76?

No, you do not. And the same goes for Xbox Live Gold members. Everything is included with your PS Plus subscription. An additional Fallout 76 subscription in the style of Final Fantasy 14 is not on the table as of writing and, arguably, never will be.