Box art - Hitman 2

Hitman 2 Cross Platform Play – Is it Available?

Hitman 2‘s release is only days away, and fans of the franchise are wondering if there’s a Hitman 2 cross platform play feature that’s been implemented. There hasn’t been confirmation from IO Interactive on this front yet, but can you expect to play alongside your mates, even if you all use different systems?

Hitman 2 Cross Platform Play – What is Cross Platform Play?

Cross platform play allows gamers to play co-operatively with their friends even if they have different systems to play on. For example, two friends may own an Xbox One and a PS4. In the past, you wouldn’t have been able to game together due to owning different consoles. Recently, however, the likes of Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo have implemented a cross platform feature that lets players game together on different platforms.

Hitman 2 Cross Platform Play – Will it be Available in Hitman 2?

It doesn’t look likely. Like we said, IO Interactive haven’t officially confirmed or denied that such an option exists in Hitman 2, but a couple of threads on the Hitman subreddit claim that it won’t be an option when the game is released.

One user asked the question on the Hitman Reddit page way back in August, and the replies they got suggested that cross platform play would not be available in Hitman 2. This was before Sony finally decided to play ball and agree to the feature with Microsoft and Nintendo, however, so the situation could have changed, right?

Not so. The query was put to other Redditors again on November 9 but, again, there was no indication that it would be present. IO Interactive could always surprise everyone with a cross platform play announcement on release day, but for now it doesn’t look like it’ll be added to the game. Maybe in a patch down the line, but not right now.