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Battlefield 5 Veteran Rewards – How to Unlock Paratrooper Gear?

The Battlefield 5 EA Access Edition is out now on Xbox One and the Origin Access Premier edition on PC can be played now too, and plenty of you are wondering how to unlock the Battlefield 5 Veteran Rewards. In this guide we’ll walk you through all the current Battlefield 5 Paratrooper Gear, explaining what it is, how to unlock it, and the best skins to choose. There’s a good amount of customization in the latest Battlefield, it seems. The full Battlefield 5 release date is November 20, 2018.

Battlefield 5 Veteran Rewards – What is the Paratrooper Gear?

Battlefield 5 Veteran Rewards

The Battlefield 5 Paratrooper Gear acts as skins that you can unlock and equip to your soldier in Battlefield 5. There are eight sets of Paratrooper Gear in Battlefield 5 at launch. EA and DICE may decide to add more sets as time goes on, however.

To unlock one Battlefield 5 outfit, you’ll need to spend a Token. People who pick up the standard edition of the game won’t have any Tokens out of the box, whereas pre-order copies come with one Token, and Deluxe editions of the game come with five. This means that you’ll be able to choose five of the eight Paratrooper Outfits with the Deluxe edition, and one with a pre-order copy. Players who pre-ordered the Deluxe edition will be allowed to unlock six of the eight Veteran Kits.

Of course, you might be wondering what all the sets of Paratrooper outfits are, and which ones to pick. We’ve got you covered.

Battlefield 5 Veteran Rewards – Which Ones to Pick

Battlefield 5 Veteran Rewards

In total, there are eight sets of Paratrooper outfit sets to choose from in Battlefield 5. Both the Allied and Axis troops have four different outfit sets to pick from, however, so you’ll want to pick at least one in each area if you have the five unlock Tokens. Remember, however, that the Veteran Kits don’t change the gameplay at all, merely the look of your soldier and their weaponry. Each Paratrooper outfit set comes with headgear, clothing for legs and torso, and cosmetic weapon additions. The four Allied Paratrooper Outfits are as follows:

  • LRD Driver
  • Phantom Major
  • SAS Medic
  • SAS Operative

The Axis Paratrooper outfits, meanwhile, are these. You’ll notice that the four share similarities in terms of soldier class. There is a pilot and medic outfit for both the Allied and Axis, for example:

  • Fallschirmjager
  • Heavy Fallschirmjager
  • Jagdflieger
  • Sanitater

In terms of what to pick, we’ll leave that to you, but any of the eight looks like a solid choice if you want to stand out. Personally, the SAS Medic (in the screenshot above) and the Sanitater (in the screenshot below) look the most different, with vibrant colors on long coats. However, picking either of these outfits will make you stand out on any number of maps.

The SAS Operative and Jagdflieger might be your best choices for wanting to blend into a number of different environments. Whatever you decide to choose, however, it’s nice to know that there will be a good amount of disctinction between you and everyone else with some nice customization options right out of the box.

Battlefield 5 Veteran Rewards

Battlefield 5 Veteran Rewards – How to Unlock More Paratrooper Skins

As of writing, it’s unclear if you can unlock more Tokens simply by playing Battlefield 5. We’d like to think that you’ll be able to in any in-game events the developers decide to run in the future, however. Perhaps we’ll see in-game events where players can earn rewards such as Tokens and Paratrooper outfits some point down the line of Battlefield 5. Maybe EA will simply let us purchase any of these Paratrooper kits at some stage in the future, too. We’ll update this post with more information as it becomes available.

While we are unsure if there are any ways to unlock the remaining Paratrooper kits in Battlefield 5, there are other ways of earning those sought-after Tokens. Or at least, there were. According to the Road to Battlefield 5 website, “players can also earn two Battlefield V Soldier Tokens by playing Battlefield 1. These tokens can unlock two of eight Special Soldier Sets available in Battlefield V. These sets let you customize your British Special Air Service or German Airborne troops.” Unfortunately, it seems as though this might have been the only way to unlock the remaining two Paratrooper outfits in Battlefield 5. For now, at least, anyway.