Box art - Hitman 2

Hitman 2 Mumbai Arcade Easter Egg – Where to Find

It appears that someone has already located the Hitman 2 Mumbai arcade Easter egg. Hitman 2 isn’t officially released until November 13, but those people who pre-ordered the Gold or Collector’s Edition were able to begin playing it on November 9. Those who are working their way through the game have already found a couple of fun Easter eggs. Here’s how to find the one in the Mumbai level.

Hitman 2 Mumbai Arcade Easter Egg – How to Find the Mumbai Easter Egg

There are six locations for Hitman 2 players to find their targets, eliminate them, and escape without being detected. The Mumbai mission – called “Mongoose” – is the fourth mission in the game, so you’ll have to make your way through the first three to get to this Easter egg.

To locate the Easter egg in Mumbai, you’ll obviously need to head to the arcade machine building. Once you’ve found the cyber cafe, enter it and walk over to the two computers that hark back to the days of the 1990s. You’ll know you’ve found the right ones as there will be a piece of art, akin to the recycling logo, in red and yellow behind one of them.

hitman 2 mumbai arcade easter egg location

Look closely at the computer screen to Agent 47’s right and, lo and behold, you’ll see a version of the old Hitman 2 game –Hitman 2: Silent Assassin – on the monitor.

Hitman 2 Mumbai Arcade Easter Egg – Is it a Playable Version of Silent Assassin?

It doesn’t appear so, but if there’s official confirmation on this then we’ll be sure to update this guide. One final little fun nod to the game’s developer – IO Interactive – has been added to the computer though. If you zoom in on the keyboard, you’ll see that the maker of the keyboard is “Glacier.” This is the name of IO Interactive’s game engine for all of their titles. Pretty cool, huh?