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Battlefield 5 Your Trial Has Ended Error – How to Fix

How about that Battlefield 5 Your Trial Has Ended error message? Pretty fun, huh? The EA Access and Origin Access glitch has already plagued many who want to start playing the latest entry in the Battlefield series a little sooner. Here’s how to fix the Battlefield 5 “Your Trial Has Ended” error, according to EA themselves.

Battlefield 5 Your Trial Has Ended Error – What is It?

First up, a little context. Players are firing up their early access copies of Battlefield 5 and still finding no dice when it comes to being able to play the game. In fact, some are being met with “Your Trial Has Ended” when either A) That simply isn’t the case and B) They own a full Battlefield 5 version.

Battlefield 5 Your Trial Has Ended Error – How to Fix

EA’s Known Issues page on Reddit has the cure for what ails you. It’s pretty much a simple case of turning it off and on again as the recommended solution is to “uninstall the game and install it again.”

If that doesn’t work then, the first thing you should double check- and this is embarrassing to even ask- is if your trial has expired. If it has, you know what the problem is. But if it has and you own Battlefield 5, you’re going to want to check if the Early Access version of your game is out and/or you’re launching it from your console screen rather than the EA Access screen.

That’s due to the PS4 and Xbox One Deluxe editions getting five days early access, starting November 15. So, be sure to go to your console’s main menu and click that from November 15 onwards. Additionally, make sure you’re logged into the correct user account (the one with the active EA Access subscription), and log out of any other accounts before logging in to EA Access.

If that doesn’t work, be sure to raise a ticket with EA or contact EA Help on Twitter for further information.