Box art - Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 – How to Unlock Hero Pearl Grip and Gunslinger Ebony Grip

There are two Red Dead Redemption 2 exclusive pistol grips—the Hero Pearl Grip and the Gunslinger Ebony Grip. Each of these two grips is easy to unlock in RDR2, but in order to get exclusive pistol grips, there are certain things that players must do first. Here’s how to unlock the Hero Pearl and Gunslinger Ebony exclusive pistol grips in Red Dead Redemption 2.

How to Unlock Hero Pearl Grip and Gunslinger Ebony Grip in RDR 2

The Red Dead Redemption 2 exclusive pistol grips are for the Cattleman Revolver. The Hero Pearl and Gunslinger Ebony exclusive pistol grips are unlocked in correspondence with certain honor levels.

As the name implies, the Hero Pearl Grip is associated with high honor. In order to unlock this Red Dead Redemption 2 exclusive pistol grip, you’ll need to get your honor rank to +4. On the contrary, the Gunslinger Ebony exclusive pistol grip is unlocked by decreasing your honor rank to -4.

Whether you’re a hero of the people are an outlaw through and through, there’s an exclusive pistol grip in Red Dead Redemption 2 with your name on it. If you want to flaunt your new stylish Cattleman Revolver, you’ll need to decide on whether you want to be a good guy or a bad guy. Either way, you’ll be rewarded for your actions with an exclusive pistol grip.

The Honor system in Red Dead Redemption 2 is very straightforward. Good actions, like helping a traveler in need, will increase your honor. Bad actions, like shooting a wounded horse or stealing from someone, will decrease your honor. It’s very easy to recognize which actions will cause you to gain honor and which will cause you to lose it. So, choose your exclusive pistol grip—Hero Pearl or Gunslinger Ebony. Once you know what you want, go out and help people, or go out and hinder them.