Box art - Fallout 76

Fallout 76 Alien Blaster Location – Where to Find

Fallout 76‘s official release is nearly upon us, but players in the beta have already been quick to find the Fallout 76 alien blaster location. Bethesda’s online multiplayer game has a plethora of fun and intriguing weapons to locate and use, so where can you find this particular gun? Here’s our guide on where to look for it.

Fallout 76 Alien Blaster Location – Where to Find

To find this unique rare weapon in Fallout 76, you’ll need to head to the north of the map. The exact location you’re looking for is the lake with the crocodile slide in it, which is to the West of the giant butterfly marker on the Fallout 76 map. This is situated off route 97, so head in that direction until you see the butterfly, and then head due west from there.

fallout 76 alien blaster location map

You’ll want to hit the east side of the lake to locate the alien blaster. Once you’re there, you need to keep an eye out for a a tiny patch of water that’s separate from the lake. An almost destroyed building should be in and around this patch of water, and you’ll know you’re at the right location if you see a wooden ramp, with a bath on its edge, running down into the water.

fallout 76 alien blaster location image

Head down the ramp and over the bath tub, and you should come across a submerged box without a lid on it. There are a few items in this box, but if you move yourself around to the correct position, you’ll have the option to take the alien blaster from it.

Fallout 76 Alien Blaster Location – What Does it Do?

Not too much really. According to its stats, the alien blaster deals 14 damage, has an hit accuracy of 75%, a fire rate of 100 and a range of 120. Still, it’s a neat gun to own and show off to your mates, if you’re so inclined.

What does this mean for aliens being present in the game? It remains to be seen. It’s a nice Easter egg to acquire though, so keep hold of it just in case it’s useful for something.