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Hitman 2 Item Placing Action on PC – How to Perform

Hitman 2 fans appear to be really enjoying the latest entry in the series. One problem that some players have come across, however, is being unable to complete the Hitman 2 item placing action on PC. It was something that players on PC could perform in the 2016 version of Hitman, but is there a way to do it in this title? Here’s our guide on how to do so, if it’s possible.

Hitman 2 Item Placing Action on PC – What is it?

In the previous Hitman game, Agent 47 was able to place items on tables, or any other surface, if PC players held the “Alt” button down. This prevented Agent 47 from throwing the item instead, and potentially blowing his cover.

PC players who use a controller haven’t had this issue, but keyboard and mouse gamers have. One user took to the Hitman subreddit – gomslork – to ask if there was a way to place items during missions instead of throwing them, as the “Alt” key no longer worked for them.

Hitman 2 Item Placing Action on PC – How to Perform

To carry out this action, players using a mouse and keyboard have to press “Caps lock” now to place items. Why IO Interactive sought to change what key carries this action out in unclear, but it’s the button you have to use in Hitman 2 to prevent Agent 47 lobbing an item instead of placing it.

There is an option to change what key is bound to this action though. If you enter the settings menu, there should be the option to bind a different key to the “place item” action, if caps lock isn’t your preferred choice. If you want to remap it to the alt key, then here’s your chance to do so. Whatever key you use, just make sure that you don’t mess things up and end your stealthy approach by throwing the item instead of placing it.