Box art - Fallout 76

Fallout 76 – Where to Find the Mothman

Like every other Fallout release, Fallout 76 is absolutely jam-packed with stories and secrets to uncover. Many of them tap into the idea of living in a post-apocalyptic world, but many others make references to modern-era urban legends. The inclusion of the Mothman is one such nod, and Fallout 76 players wondering where to find the Mothman are in for a bit of a search, as the creature is extraordinarily elusive.

Where to Find the Mothman in Fallout 76

The Mothman in Fallout 76 seems to make in-game appearances in several different locations. Unfortunately, likely due to the creature’s mythical nature, it doesn’t seem to appear in any specific place, regardless of current quests or activities. Many players have reported seeing the Mothman around Point Pleasant, specifically around the Mothman Museum, but others have found it as far out as the Crevasse Dam, on the polar opposite side of the in-game map.

The town of Point Pleasant, itself found within Appalachia’s Forest region, houses the Mothman Museum. Located near the map’s northwestern edge, the museum previously served as a home base of sorts for the Cult of the Mothman. It’s within this museum that Fallout 76 players can not only get a feel for the mythical beast, but also pick up some rare loot, including The Mothman Cometh tapes Parts 1 and 2. If they play their cards right, players might even find the Mothman crouched nearby, its red eyes glowing in the darkness.

Assuming they’re lucky enough—or unlucky enough, depending on individual perspectives—players might also encounter either the Stalking Mothman or the Wise Mothman variants. According to the Fallout Wiki, these variants are largely similar stats-wise, but, assuming the related lighthouse event is completed, players stand a chance of earning a temporary experience boost from the Wise Mothman.

As for specific locations on where to find the Mothman in Fallout 76, there’s no real answer. If anything, the creature appears to hang out around the map’s northern borders, but early evidence seems to indicate that he could possibly appear just about anywhere. Just like the real-world Mothman, this is one potential threat that likes to pop up when it’s least expected.