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Fallout 76 How to Join the Cult of the Mothman

The Mothman, one of the most terrifying creatures of modern urban legends, finds its home in the wilds of Appalachia in Fallout 76. Not only can players randomly encounter the elusive creature, they can also learn more about the Cult of the Mothman, a group of people who respect and revere the mythical creature. This guide breaks down all available information on how to join the Cult of the Mothman, and ruminates on potential future opportunities that the unique Fallout 76 faction might provide.

How to Join the Cult of the Mothman in Fallout 76

For now, it appears that there is no way of joining the Cult of the Mothman. With that said, Fallout 76 fans can learn more about the cult by heading over to the Mothman Museum. This place can be found in the forested area near the northwestern border of Appalachia, right near the map marker for Point Pleasant.

Once on-scene, head up to the building and search for a way in. The front door is a level two lock, so most players shouldn’t have too much trouble getting inside. Within they’ll be a somewhat disturbing sight: a full-blown altar to the Mothman, rounded out by just the right amount of creepy trinkets and decorations. There’s a fair bit of lore to be found here, too, all pointing to a ritual that took place just a day before the bombs dropped.

If you’re left wondering how to join the Cult of the Mothman, you aren’t alone. As the game stands now, it just doesn’t seem possible. It may be that the Cult of the Mothman isn’t intended to be a Fallout 76 faction. It’s also possible that it will become a joinable faction through future updates. Instead of asking how to join the Cult of the Mothman, players might instead ask where to find the Mothman. Unfortunately, that question isn’t any easier to address.