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Fallout 76 Can’t Add Friend and Appearing Offline – How to Fix

Hey, there’s a Fallout 76 can’t add friend bug doing the rounds. That’s neat. The inability to send friend requests has plagued PC players for the opening hours of the game and, better yet, you will be appearing offline in Fallout 76 when your friends try and search for you to invite to a server. It’s all a bit messy at the moment. Thankfully, there’s a solution: Here’s how to send friend requests in Fallout 76 every single time, without fail.

Fallout 76 Can’t Add Friend (Friend Request Error) – What’s The Problem?

While there doesn’t appear to be an obvious reason as to why you can’t add friends in Fallout 76, there’s probably a good reason for it: it’s an MMO at launch. Bugs crop up all the time, and this is just another one that needs ironing it after release.

Users on the Bethesda forum has described the problem as involving friends being removed from friends lists, users appearing offline to their friends, as well as not being able to invite friends into a lobby or game session and vice-versa. With Fallout 76 being a game heavily reliant on the social aspect (there are no NPCs, after all), you can imagine that this has been incredibly frustrating for many. But there’s a fix.

Fallout 76 Can’t Add Friend (Friend Request Error) – How to Fix

Praise be to Datqooche on the Fallout 76 support forum for this incredible workaround. It requires *shudder* speaking to someone you don’t know, but the solution is as follows:

  • Send a friend request to someone you don’t know/haven’t previously added before
  • Get them to add your friend in-game/on their Bethesda account through the launcher
  • Tell them to invite your friend to a group
  • They should then invite you to the same group
  • Join a server session together
  • You’ll then be given the option in your group to unblock the friend you couldn’t previously add
  • Send new friend requests

Hopefully (fingers crossed), that should work. Yes, it’s a frustrating, long-winded fix, but it’s a fix nonetheless. Be sure to pester Bethesda Support on Twitter- in a nice way- to make them aware of an issue, so that a patch can be pushed out to help fix the Fallout 76 friend request issue.