Battlefield V How to Build Fortifications

Now that Battlefield V is available worldwide, many FPS fans are coming to terms with the game’s new mechanics. Among other fresh and tweaked gameplay options exists the chance to build fortifications all across the map. Players who learn how to build fortifications stand a much better chance of helping their team achieve victory. Here’s how the system works.

How to Build Fortifications in Battlefield V

Every player in Battlefield V can and should learn when and how to build fortifications. However, not every player and class should be focused on constructing defenses. By and large, the role of builder typically goes to the Support class. The Support player has access to a greater number of fortifications when compared to other classes, notably including bridges and machine gun stands. Not only that, they’re also much faster at building various fortifications when compared to other classes. Given that the class is named Support, this only makes sense.

Actually building fortifications is easy regardless of class. Equip the Build Tool, then look around the map for areas marked with white outlines of potential fortifications. Players can look for building opportunities on the minimap, too: there, places where fortifications can be built will be outlined in gray. Approach any of these locations, then press and hold the Build button to complete the process. Fortifications take time to build, so it’s best to find cover while the construction process is underway.

Choose the Right Fortification for the Job

As every fortification is different, players can expect them to take different amounts of time to complete. Sandbag walls and boarded-up windows won’t take very long to construct, but fortifications like tank traps and trenches will take much more time. Be mindful of the timing requirement, and try to build when enemy forces have been pushed back. Not only does this reinforce the friendly team’s spawn point, it forces the opposition to adapt a new strategy.

Even though all fortifications in Battlefield V serve a distinct purpose, learning how to build fortifications that help the team will be key to victory. The Resupply and Medic stations can and likely should be built as soon as possible, as they give teammates the options to stock up on the ammunition and Medical Kits they’ll need to survive when away from their team’s chosen base. These two can’t be built everywhere, however. EA DICE has only provided a few locations in each map where they Medic and Resupply stations can be built, and players would be wise to learn these locations as soon as possible. The faster they can be built, the sooner the team can start pushing their advantage.

Learning how to build fortifications in Battlefield V is simple. Learning where best to build them is another matter entirely, and will ultimately come down to gameplay time and overall experience. Don’t be afraid to get out there and try out some new fortifications. After all, even one properly placed sandbag wall can change the course of a battle.