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Fallout 76 PC Framerate Issue – How to Fix

A Fallout 76 PC framerate issue is seemingly frustrating some players in Bethesda’s latest title. The online multiplayer game has come under fire for a number of problems since its release on November 14, but this particular bugbear is one afflicting PC gamers more than most. Is there a way fix the FPS on Fallout 76 and get back to exploring West Virginia?

Fallout 76 PC Framerate Issue – What is the Problem?

The beta version of Fallout 76 on PC appeared to run smoothly at 60 frames per second (fps). Since the game’s full release, however, a few PC players have complained that their devices aren’t even able to run the title at 30fps.

A couple of PC users have revealed that the problem has arisen as part of the Fallout 76 Power Armor edition, though it’s unclear if this is the only version of the game that’s troubled by the framerate drop. If further reports on this particular version come through, we’ll be sure to let you know.

Fallout 76 PC Framerate Issue – How do I Resolve This Problem?

There seems to be a couple of solutions to the framerate drop. Firstly, updating your drivers may be the best port of call. Nvidia apparently dropped a driver update to help optimization issues on PC yesterday. Make sure that your graphics card drivers are fully up-to-date and, if they aren’t, update them to potentially solve the problem.

The other option is to change the resolution on your PC monitor. Fallout 76 seems to have an issue where it caps your framerate based on how big your screen is. You can reset, or even change, your screen size by heading to the options menu in the game. Set the title to “full screen”  and restart the game. This should remove any borders around your monitor, and give you a better experience graphically.