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Fallout 76 Can’t Repair Prickett’s Fort Token Dispenser – Bureau of Tourism Bug

You there. Yes, you. So, you can’t repair the Fallout 76 Prickett’s Fort Token Dispenser, eh? The Bureau of Tourism quest bug is stopping plenty of players in their tracks, but is there a fix. Thankfully, there (kinda) is, but it involves going back on yourself or waiting an indefinite amount of time. Here’s the Prickett’s Fort Token Dispenser solution.

Fallout 76 Can’t Repair Prickett’s Fort Token Dispenser – What is the Bureau of Tourism Bug?

Appearing as the fourth step in the Bureau of Tourism quest (right after “Pick up 10 beer bottles at the shooting range”), the Repair Prickett’s Fort Token Dispenser bug crops up when you head to Prickett’s Fort and are asked to collect some resources- most of which you should already have in your inventory- to fix a dispenser.

Unfortunately, this being a Bethesda game, things aren’t quite so straightforward. Many users, such as those on the Bethesda forums have shared their experiences of the ticket dispenser being broken; you cannot interact with it to complete the quest step and, thus, you’re left in limbo.

Fallout 76 Can’t Repair Prickett’s Fort Token Dispenser – How to Fix

There’s one of two things you can do here. Firstly, you can wait: Bethesda are aware of the bug, and are working towards fixing it in a “future update” but, of course, that doesn’t help you right this very moment.

If you want to take some more immediate action, your best bet is to do one of the following:

  • Leave Prickett’s Fort, either on foot or via fast travel and come back after 10-15 minutes.
  • Abandon the quest, then go back to Grafton’s Mayor to restart Bureau of Tourism
  • Log out, change server, then log back in again to restart your quest

All being well, one of those three options should knock the game back into life. Or just leave the quest for now, as frustrating as that sounds, and wait for Bethesda to roll in and save the day with a patch.