Box art - Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu and Let's Go Eevee

Pokemon Let’s Go Pokeball Plus No Sound – How to Fix

The release of Pokemon Let’s Go means that you may hear the odd strange noise emanating from a nearby player’s controller. That is, if they aren’t struck down by the Pokemon Let’s Go Pokeball Plus no sound problem. It’s an issue that a few players have come into contact with, so how do you go about fixing the sound in Pokemon Let’s Go?

Pokemon Let’s Go Pokeball Plus No Sound – What is the Problem?

The Pokeball Plus is a special controller that works specifically with Pokemon Let’s Go. Players can use it to “throw” their in-game Pokeballs at Pokemon to catch them. They can also store their favorite Pokemon in the Pokeball Plus, and take it around in the real world with them. The LED on the front of the controller will emit the Pokemon’s color, and will respond with a signature cry if you shake the Pokeball Plus.

The problem with this is that some players aren’t hearing a sound when they shake the controller. Despite a Pokemon being present in the Pokeball Plus, shaking it doesn’t lead to them happily calling out to their owner, so what gives?

Pokemon Let’s Go Pokeball Plus No Sound – How to Fix

There is a way to resolve this issue. It’s some form of a hardware reset, but it’ll ensure that your Pokemon calls out in response to you if you carry out this fix.

Firstly, press and hold the joystick in the middle of the Pokeball Plus until the LED flashes. After that, shake the controller. If the Pokeball Plus only vibrates, it means that the controller is silent mode.

To produce sound, wait until the LED light is back on. Once it is, press and hold down the joystick and the red button found on top of the Pokeball Plus. Release both buttons simultaneously. This should correct the problem and you’ll be drowning in Pokemon cries in no time. Which isn’t creepy. At all.