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Fallout 76 Power Armor Stolen – Can People Take My Power Armor?

If a player has their Fallout 76 power armor stolen, they’ll likely be quite disappointed. As was the case in previous Fallout games, power armor in Fallout 76 is incredibly powerful and valuable. Players often work hard and take dangerous risks to get power armor in the first place, meaning that if it was stolen all of their hard work would be rendered useless. The question remains—can anyone steal my power armor in Fallout 76? Here’s a guide on what to do if you get your Fallout 76 power armor stolen.

Fallout 76 Power Armor Stolen – Can People Take My Power Armor?

It’s your lucky day, because you can’t get your Fallout 76 power armor stolen. However, you might think you’ve lost it sometimes.

If you don’t pick your power armor up and you either leave the area or die, it may seem as if it’s gone for good. However, it will actually appear in your inventory after 60 seconds. This is because once you pick up a set of power armor in Fallout 76, it’s yours for good.

This doesn’t mean you can only have one set of power armor, though. You can actually have multiple sets, as you can store each individual power armor chassis in your stash box for safekeeping—not that it needs safekeeping, given the fact that nobody can steal your power armor in Fallout 76.

Of course, there’s no point in even worrying about having Fallout 76 power armor stolen if you haven’t even gotten any yet. Here’s a list of 25 Fallout 76 power armor locations, which can help you get your first set of power armor, or show you where to go if you’re looking to add new suits of power armor to your collection. You can’t have your Fallout 76 power armor stolen, so you might as well stock up on as many sets of it as possible.