Box art - Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu and Let's Go Eevee

Pokemon Let’s Go Everstone – How to Automatically Stop Evolution

The Everstone allows you to keep your Pokemon from evolving. All you have to do is have them hold it, and voila, you’ll never see the evolution animation. However, since you can’t actually hold items in the game, is there a Pokemon Let’s Go Everstone? If not, is there another way to automatically stop evolution?

Is There an Everstone in Pokemon Let’s Go?

For those wanting to train Pokemon in their base forms, the Everstone is a godsend. You can just have your monsters hold the stone, and you never have to worry about them accidentally evolving when you’re not paying attention.

Holding items has been a mechanic since Gen 2, but in Pokemon Let’s Go it’s missing. Therefore, the mechanic that allows for the Everstone to work just isn’t present in the game. It seems likely then that the Everstone itself is not in Pokemon Let’s Go.

However, popular Pokemon franchise resource site Serebii has a description for the Everstone under their entry for the item. Whether or not this is some sort of placeholder or mistake isn’t known. The site lists no location for the item, so it’s likely it’s just there in error.

Can I Automatically Stop Evolution in Pokemon Let’s Go?

Since the Everstone is likely absent from Pokemon Let’s Go, then you’ll probably be relegated to stopping evolution manually each time your Pokemon levels. This can be done by holding B when the evolution animation starts. It’s a minor annoyance to do this each time your Pokemon levels, but it’s one that could have been avoided by including the Everstone.

It’s possible that the Everstone’s functionality has been duplicated by another item or mechanic in-game. However, we haven’t discovered it yet if it exists. If we do figure out how to keep your Pokemon evolving automatically in Pokemon Let’s Go, we’ll update this article immediately.