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Fallout 76 1.02 Update Patch Notes – What’s Changed?

The mammoth Fallout 76 1.02 update has landed. The 47 GB install may have you wondering what’s changed in the new Fallout 76 update and, honestly, there’s going to be a lot of ground to cover over the next few days. Now that the official Fallout 76 1.02 update patch notes have been released by Bethesda, we can dive right into what’s new in the update.

Fallout 76 1.02 Update – What’s Changed?

Bethesda has given us the best glimpse at what to expect while we’re all sat, twiddling our thumbs, and downloading the Fallout 76 1.02 update. In its latest post, the studio has been frank about the changes coming our way, and has outlined what is and most likely isn’t dropping today, November 19.

The Bureau of Tourism quest has finally been fixed, as has an issue with enemies being aggro’d for far further than their expected range. Crafting has also been partially patched up, with gear that would previously revert to being broken now being put back in its repaired state.

There is also a reference where “Several issues have been addressed to resolve hitches during gameplay and other performance issues” plus general stability fixes. That should make the entire Fallout 76 experience far smoother than the one we were previously burdened with.

Finally, the Xbox One X instability issues should also cease for the time being, as will the problem which saw Beta Power Armor paint designs not accurately reflected in the final game by players who used them. You can read about all of that, and more, in the link down below.


Fallout 76 1.02 Update – What to Expect Post-1.02

Not everything has been changed straight off the bat. We will not be getting a Stash limit upgrade, nor are Ultrawide or FOV settings coming imminently. Expect them as we head into December. Additionally, the “push to talk” feature also isn’t appearing in Fallout 76 1.02 update, so don’t cross your fingers too hard if you’re waiting for that.

Fallout 76 1.02 Update – Patch Notes

The Fallout 76 1.02 update patch notes can now be found on Bethesda’s site. For an update of this size though, it’s not the lengthiest piece of literature you’ll ever read. Still, it should make Fallout 76 that much better, which can only be a good thing.