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Battlefield 5 Canis Horribilis Epic Skin – How to Unlock

The Battlefield 5 Canis Horribilis epic skin is one that become a sought after outfit by players of EA DICE’s latest war-based game. Despite it being an axis uniform outfit, there are quite a few Battlefield fans who have asked about it on the internet. How do you unlock the Canis Horribilis skin in Battlefield 5? Follow our guide to find out how.

Battlefield 5 Canis Horribilis Epic Skin – What is it?

The Battlefield 5 Canis Horribilis epic skin is one of four epic skins present in the game that you can outfit your Axis-based soldiers in. It is made up of a visor hat with a red trim, a gold motif sitting in the middle above the visor, and an emblem that depicts a bare set of dog’s teeth on a blood red background as its main features.

Your character is also dressed in a long, dakr trenchcoat with a red lining, dark grey trousers, and black boots with a dark red finish to them.

Battlefield 5 Canis Horribilis Epic Skin – How do I Unlock it?

You can unlock this epic skin by reaching level 20 in the Recon class of soldier in Battlefield 5. The Recon class’ default combat role is the sniper, but you can change this out for the pathfinder combat role if long-range weaponry isn’t your forte. Once you have progressed through the ranks and attained this level, you will be handed the Recon mastery special assignment.

Assignments provide you with a list of objectives that you’ll have to complete, which usually consist of two or three listed objectives. Carrying these out will reward you with XP and company coin – Battlefield 5‘s in-game currency – but, once you complete the mastery assignment set at rank 20, you’ll also unlock the Canis Horribilis skin. To change skin, simply head to the cusomization menu in the game, and equip your new outfit.