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Pokemon Let’s Go Legenday Bird Locations – Where to Find

One of the biggest mysteries for Pokemon Let’s Go players has been the Pokemon Let’s Go legendary bird locations. In the original Red and Blue games, each bird was found in a specific area of Kanto, so where do you find Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres in this version?

Pokemon Let’s Go Legendary Bird Locations – What are They?

Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres are the three legendary birds that you can come across, catch, and add to your Poekdex in the Pokemon series. They’ve been ever presents in the franchise since the first games in 1998, and the trio all have unique properties.

Articuno is an ice type Pokemon, Zapdos is an electric type, and Moltres is a fire type. All three can fly too, obviously, and you’ll want to get them if you wish to 100% complete your Pokedex.

Pokemon Let’s Go Legendary Bird Locations – Where to Find

Pokemon Let’s Go has only been out for four days at the time of writing this, but we’ve already uncovered where to find these legendary Pokemon:

  • Articuno – You’ll need to head to Seafoam Islands, which is located in the South of the Kanto region. You’ll need to have a Pokemon that knows the “Sea Skim” technique, so you can cross the body of water to reach it. You can get this at the Pokemon Go Park complex in Fuchsia City. Once you locate the cave on Seafoam Islands, you’ll need to push a few boulders out of the way with the Strong Push technique, which you get from the Safari Park warden after you return his gold teeth. Once that’s done, you need to surf across a small bit of water to reach Articuno.
  • Zapdos – Like Articuno, you’ll need Sea Skim to reach Zapdos. Head to the Pokemon Center on route 10, and walk North from here to find a stream. Surf up the stream until you come across a small crop of land, which houses the power station. Walk inside and Zapdos will be there.
  • Moltres – You’ll want to backtrack to Victory Road if you didn’t see Moltres here upon your first visit. You can access this area once you have all eight gym badges, so it’ll be the end of the game before you can locate it. Once inside, work your way around until you see a ladder that heads down. You’ll know you’ve found the right one as there will be a police officer on the other side of the cavern. Head down the ladder, take a right to a new area, and Moltres will be on a podium nearby.