Box art - Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu and Let's Go Eevee

Pokemon Let’s Go Secret Moves – Where to Find

There are a few Pokemon Let’s Go secret moves that you’ll want to find and earn to help you on your Pokemon journey. Each one has a specific purpose that will allow you access new areas, find Pokemon more easily, and more. Where do you find the secret moves that you need to complete your Pokedex then?

What are Pokemon Let’s Go Secret Moves?

Secret moves have replaced the franchise’s previous special techniques, which were known as Hidden Moves (HMs). More importantly, they can’t be taught to any old Pokemon like previous entries in the series. Only Pikachu and Eevee can learn them, but unlike HMs, these secret moves don’t take up a slot in your starter Pokemon’s move list.

Pokemon Let’s Go Secret Moves – What Are They Called and Where Do I Find Them?

There are five secret moves in Pokemon Let’s Go, and each one has a specific function that grants you a much-needed technique. We’ve listed them below, and you can find out where to locate each one as well as what they do.

  • Chop Down – This lets you chop down small trees to access new areas of Kanto. You can teach your Pokemon how to learn this on the S.S. Anne. Head to the Captain’s quarters once you reach this part of the story, and he’ll teach you how to use it.
  • Light Up – Lights up dark areas such as caves, and allows you see where you’re going. After you exit Diglett’s cave, you will be en route to Vermillion City. You should reach a small house on your way, with Professor Oak’s assistant standing outside. Speak to him, and he’ll take you inside and teach you the technique.
  • Sea Skim – Acquired at Fuchsia City near to the Pokemon Go Park. There should be a Pokemon trainer with a Lapras sitting next to him in this area. Speak to him, and he’ll offer you the chance the learn this secret move.
  • Sky Dash – Learned in Celadon City, inside the Gaming Corner. Find the secret entrance to Team Rocket’s headquarters, and work your way through the various baddies until you come across their leader Giovanni. Battle and beat him, then exit the building. You’ll spot a man with a flying machine outside. Speak to him to learn the move.
  • Strong Push – Found in Fuchsia City. Head to the South of the city, and there you’ll come across Team Rocket digging something up. They’ll hand you some gold teeth. Head to the Pokemon Center and jump down to your right to the Warden’s home. Give him his teeth back, and he’ll teach you this move.