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Pokemon Let’s Go Transfer Error – How to Fix

Have you found the Pokemon Let’s Go transfer error? You’re not alone. There’s plenty of other players whose experiences of it have been marred by a bug that’s preventing Pokemon transfers from Pokemon Go to the Nintendo Switch game. There must be a Pokemon Let’s Go transfer error fix lurking in the wild, right?

Pokemon Let’s Go Transfer Error – What are the Problems Some are Facing?

The bug seems to be two fold in some cases. Firstly, some players aren’t even able to transfer Pokemon between the titles at all. An error message that states “We failed to transfer your Pokemon” or “Nintendo Switch not found” means that players are either unable to transfer their Pokemon to Pokemon Let’s Go, or that their smartphone and Switch are failing to sync together to be able to transfer them at all.

The other main bug that’s afflicting players is the issue of Pokemon disappearing during a transfer. If an interruption occurs during the transfer of Pokemon from one device to the other, your critters could be lost in the ether.

Both of these problems have left players raging at an issue that shouldn’t be occurring. It is making the experience of playing this part of Pokemon Let’s Go a frustrating one, particularly when you need the transfer system to work in order to send exclusive Pokemon, like Meltan, from one game to the other.

Pokemon Let’s Go Transfer Error – How to Fix

To ensure that you don’t keep running into the transfer failure problem, there are a couple of things you can try. Firstly, remove the Joy-Cons from the sides of the Switch, and make sure that the Switch’s handheld component isn’t sitting in the dock. Both of these can cause interference with the Bluetooth connection between your phone and Switch. Another option is to make sure that your Pokemon Go Plus wristband, if you own one, is turned off. This can also interfere with the transfer process.

For the Pokemon disappearance bug, there are a few obvious things to not do during the transfer. Don’t press the “home” or “power” buttons during the transfer, do not turn off the Bluetooth on either device, and make sure that your phone and switch devices are as close to each other as possible. If you get the error, you may need to uninstall and reinstall the Pokemon Go app on your phone. You could have lost the Pokemon you were trying to transfer unfortunately, but all future transfers should work as normal.