Box art - Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu and Let's Go Eevee

Pokemon Let’s Go Can You Catch Meltan Without Pokemon Go?

In a left-field move, Nintendo created a brand-new Pokemon species for Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee but is there any way to catch Meltan without Pokemon Go?  Meltan is a strange Pokemon, too. Its silver Ditto-like body sits beneath a large golden hexagon nut of some kind, with a big eye in the middle, and it can even evolve into Meltan. Here’s if it’s possible to catch Meltan in Pokemon Let’s Go.

Catch Meltan Without Pokemon Go – Is it Possible?

As of writing, you cannot catch Meltan without Pokemon Go. Currently, the only way to get hold of Meltan in Pokemon Let’s Go is by owning one in Pokemon Go, and transferring it over to Pokemon Let’s Go.

Players who own a Meltan in Let’s Go via transferring from Pokemon Go, however, should be able to trade Meltan with whomever they see fit. While transferring via Pokemon Go is currently the only way to get a Meltan in Let’s Go, this isn’t to say that Nintendo couldn’t add the little shiny newcomver into the game proper at a later date. Nintendo could also decide to distribute Meltan via mystery gifts, as they have done with plenty of other ‘Mon in the past.

Pokemon Let’s Go Can You Catch Melmetal Without Pokemon Go?

As with Meltan, unfortunately, you can’t catch Melmetal in Pokemon Let’s Go without owning Pokemon Go. Currently (as far as we know), the only way to get a Melmetal is to evolve Meltan in Pokemon Go.

To do this, you’ll need to feed Meltan 400 pieces of Candy. Once Meltan has evolved Meltan into Melmetal, you will need to head into the Go Park in Fuchsia City and transfer that sucker over. Again, as with Meltan, Nintendo may decide to patch Melmetal into Pokemon Let’s Go proper, or set up a Mystery Gift distribution. Fingers crossed.