Pokemon Let’s Go Bike – How to Get It

Players online have been asking about the Pokemon Let’s Go bike location, as it seems that the iconic Cerulean City bike salesman is absolutely unwilling to sell you a bike.  He’s got Mach Bikes and Acro Bikes to burn, but if you’re looking for where to find a bike in Pokemon Let’s Go, I can tell you one thing—it isn’t there. Here’s a guide on how to get the bike in Pokemon Let’s Go.

Pokemon Let’s Go Bike – How to Get It

To put it plainly, the Pokemon Let’s Go bike doesn’t exist. Well, it does, but you can’t buy one or ride one. The only ones in the game seem to be the ones in the bike shop in Cerulean City, and the owner isn’t quite as nice as his original Gen 1 counterpart.

This affects the game in a pretty huge way. Cycling Road has been replaced with Pokemon Road, an area where trainers go to spend time with their Pokemon and engage in top quality battles. The trainers here all have Ace Trainer line-ups, usually choosing to use fully evolved forms of various types on their teams. It’s an interesting place to go, and seemingly the only place in Let’s Go in which you can farm berries, but there are no bikes, so it’s weird.

However, the absence of bikes affects the game in an unexpectedly interesting way, too. There are no bikes, but there are… other travel options, per se.

Pokemon Let’s Go Bike – Riding Pokemon in Pokemon Let’s Go

There may be no Pokemon Let’s Go bike, but some Pokemon are just huge. Take Arcanine, for example. He’s a massive dog that can breathe fire. Bigger than a horse. You can climb on his back in Pokemon Let’s Go and storm cities like the knights of old. Except you can’t really, as there are limitations to riding Pokemon.

We compiled the full list of rideable Pokemon in Pokemon Let’s Go if you’re curious as to which of your favorite ‘mons you can ride, but there are some interesting things on top of the simple fact that you can ride them. For instance, Lapras and Gyarados can be ridden across bodies of water, allowing you to put away your surfboard and take to the seas in a far more majestic manner.

However, perhaps the most interesting Pokemon riding mechanic, which almost makes up for the absence of a Pokemon Let’s Go bike, is flying atop certain Pokemon.

Pokemon Let’s Go Bike – Flying Pokemon in Pokemon Let’s Go

You can ride Pokemon in Pokemon Let’s Go because there’s no Pokemon Let’s Go bike, but some of these Pokemon can provide you with a lot more than any bike ever did. However, you can’t really make the most of flying atop certain Pokemon until after you’ve beaten the Elite Four. This isn’t included in our Pokemon Let’s Go post-game guide, but if you want to check that out for some tips and tricks for after the Elite Four, head on over.

Anyway, after you’ve beaten the Elite Four you’ll unlock a unique new feature for riding Pokemon. There are three Pokemon that this feature will affect: Aerodactyl, Charizard, and Dragonite.

As three of Lance’s Elite Four dragons (or pseudo-dragons in the case of the first two), these Pokemon are fairly huge winged monsters. That being said, they’re more than capable of carrying their young trainer.

Although all three can fly close to the ground in the early game, after beating the Elite Four they can really take to the sky. Whenever you choose to ride these Pokemon, they’ll fly above buildings and over caves. Also, the skies won’t feature any trainer battles, but you can find some pretty powerful Flying-types up there. For example, using a lure while flying above Route 20 can allow you to encounter wild Charizards and Dragonites regularly.

So, although there’s no Pokemon Let’s Go bike, there are some things that have been set in place in order to make up for that. Being able to fly is a particularly interesting new feature, but the nostalgia hit from the bike absence is still pretty heavy. The guy in Cerulean has tons of bikes, but apparently none are for you.