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Pokemon Let’s Go Post-Game – What to Do After Beating Elite Four?

Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee is out now, exclusively for Nintendo Switch. The Pokemon Generation One remake has added in a bunch of new features, not limited to Pokemon Go integration, Mega Evolutions, and rideable Pokemon. As usual, completing the game will take you anywhere upwards of 30-40 hours, but for this remake, Nintendo has added in plenty of Pokemon Let’s Go post-game content. What can we do in the Pokemon Let’s Go endgame? Read on to find out.

What Does Pokemon Let’s Go Post-Game Content Mean?

Typically speaking, completing a game’s story isn’t the final chapter of a game. The same can be said of Pokemon Let’s Go. As there was in most of the previous Pokemon games, there is plenty you can get on with after beating the Pokemon Let’s Go Elite Four. Naturally, as previous Pokemon games feature post-game content, people have been wondering exactly what there is to do in Pokemon Let’s Go after beating the main story. Of course, everything that follows is a spoiler for Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee. If you don’t want to know what there is to do after beating the Elite Four, then you might want to look away now.

Pokemon Let’s Go Post-Game – What New Pokemon Are There to Catch?

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Unfortunately, just as in the original Pokemon Red and Blue games, there is just one new Pokemon to catch in the Pokemon Let’s Go endgame. Mewtwo. Just as in the original, beating the Elite Four will allow you access into the Cerulean Cave, where Mewtwo will be waiting for you, but more on that below.

Unfortunately, we can’t catch Mew. Nintendo didn’t update that, either. Originally, we were only able to get hold of Mew during events ran by Nintendo, but this time around, Mew is stuck behind a paywall.  That’s right. The only way to get hold of a Mew in Pokemon Let’s Go is to buy the Poke Ball Plus accessory/controller. You won’t even be able to transfer a Mew over from Pokemon Go. While this isn’t the best news, there is still plenty to get done in the Pokemon Let’s Go post-game.

While there aren’t many new Pokemon to catch after beating the Elite Four, you can always go back and catch any Pokemon you might have missed the first time around. Now that you don’t have a story to worry about, you can explore Kanto as you please. There are no time limits to your findings of Articuno, Mewtwo, and all the Alolan forms. It’s up to you to catch ’em all, after all.

What New Items Are There in Pokemon Let’s Go Post-Game?

Typically speaking, you will be given a new item upon completing a Pokemon game. In Pokemon Let’s Go, however, things work a little differently (aside from the Champion Belt, but more on that later). There is a new item you can get hold of upon completion, but not for beating the Elite Four. Upon completing the Pokedex, you will be given a Shiny Charm. Using this item will allow you to easily locate Shiny Pokemon every time you use it. This is the perfect tool for any perfectionist Pokemon trainers out there. You’ll have to find and speak to the Game Director in order to get hold of your Shiny Charm. You will find him in the Game Freak building in Celadon City. You can also only find a few Mega Stones upon beating the Elite Four, most of which you should find in the Indigo Plateau.

Pokemon Let’s Go Post-Game – Mewtwo and Cerulean Cave

The Pokemon Let’s Go post-game keeps with Kanto tradition by allowing players to enter the Cerulean Cave after becoming the Pokemon League Champion. When you arrive at the cave, though, you’ll see that the trainer blocking it is actually a Coach Trainer. Defeat him and you’ll get TM60, Megahorn.

Afterwards, you can venture into the cave itself. It’s got tons of incredibly powerful Pokemon inside, although a few key Pokemon from the originals seem to be missing, such as Parasect. However, you can catch Rhydon, Ditto, Golduck, Golbat, Lickitung, Poliwhirl, and many more. There are also plenty of items scattered around the cave, which is much easier to navigate now that Kanto isn’t top-down. Be sure to scale every ladder so that you can truly plunder the cave’s greatest treasures.

After you’ve thoroughly searched everywhere, it’s time to go to the second floor. Any ladder on the ground floor will take you there. Take the ladder in the northwest corner and you’ll arrive in a narrow passage with another ladder. Climb it and you’ll arrive at a brand new floor.

Go the whole way to the right of the room and then the whole way down. When you reach a body of water, use Sea-Skim and travel left. Here, you’ll encounter Mewtwo’s iconic platform. Be very careful here, as Mewtwo is level 70 and begins the battle by buffing all of his stats. He can easily sweep an unprepared team by spamming Psychic.

Pokemon Let’s Go Post-Game – How to Catch Mewtwo

In the Pokemon Go Let’s Go post-game, you can catch Mewtwo after you defeat him in battle. As mentioned above, this is easier said than done. However, if you do manage to catch him, there will be a surprise waiting for you outside.

After you catch Mewtwo and leave Cerulean Cave, you’ll bump into your rival, who is bitterly disappointed that you beat them to catching Mewtwo. However, they’ll state that a third trainer was also in the run for catching it—she’s still inside.

Go inside and you’ll meet Green, a trainer with an incredibly powerful team. Beating her isn’t an easy feat, but if you defeated Mewtwo, you should be fine. Just be sure to heal up first.

After defeating Green, she will quite literally attempt to catch you. She’ll toss five Poke Balls at you, each of which you can pick up afterwards. After this, she just leaves. When you exit the cave, your rival is gone and so is Green.

Is There a New Region to Explore Post-Game?

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Unfortunately, you won’t unlock any new region or island to explore after beating the Elite Four in Pokemon Let’s Go. In previous Pokemon games, new islands or previously blocked parts of the map have been opened for exploring upon completing the game. While this isn’t the case in Pokemon Let’s Go, past Pokemon games have done so. This time, however, a whole new series of challenges awaits us upon beating the Elite Four: Master Trainers.

Pokemon Let’s Go Post-Game – Master Trainers Explained

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Master Trainers bring a brand-new gameplay aspect to the Pokemon series. These ultra-powerful trainers can only be fought after beating the Elite Four and Champion. In total, there are 153 Master Trainers to find across Kanto in the Pokemon Let’s Go post-game. These trainers are standard NPCs, but with a little speech bubble floating above their head containing a sprite of their favorite Pokemon. Once you have found a Master Trainer, simply go up to them and talk. You can only battle them, however, if you own a “truly powerful” specimen of their favorite Pokemon. That’s correct, to beat all 153, you need to own all 153 Pokemon.

As these are Master Trainers, however, the battles are not easy. You can only fight a Weedle with a Weedle, a Rhyhorn with a Rhyhorn, a Magikarp with a Magikarp, and so on and so forth. Each battle will also come with different qualifiers. You can’t use items, the Master Trainer’s Pokemon will be around Level 75, and they will know unexpected moves that will cause you serious grief. Completing each Master Trainer battle, however, will award you with their title, which you can proudly display on your Trainer Card. Our full and detailed Pokemon Let’s Go Master Trainer Guide might be more than useful here.

Unfortunately, some Master Trainers can be a nuisance. As there’s no Everstone in Pokemon Let’s Go, having to raise a level 75 Caterpie while manually cancelling evolution every time is time-consuming and annoying. Also, if you stop paying attention for a second, which is a common thing to do while level grinding, your level 63 Caterpie will only be useful against the Metapod Master Trainer, which is also a nightmare. Obviously, raise first evolution Pokemon to a high level and take on their relevant Master Trainer first. Go up on level, allow evolution, and then take on that Master Trainer. So, go Caterpie, Metapod, and then Butterfree, in that order with the same Pokemon. Time-consuming, but less so if you’re clever about it. This will save you a significant amount of time in the long run, thankfully.

What Else is There to Do in Pokemon Let’s Go Post-Game?

Aside from the Master Trainers, perhaps the second biggest new thing to do upon completing the game is having rematches with each of the game’s Gym Leaders. Be warned, however, that each one will come equipped with a Pokemon team that’s far more powerful than it was before. Apart from this, the post-game in Pokemon Let’s Go can generally be your playground to do whatever you want to do. Want to be the very best? Train up your team before taking on the world. Want to find all the Mega Stones that you missed on your first trip around Kanto? Do this in the post-game, why not. Kanto is your oyster.