Rainbow Six: Lockdown PC Cheats

Cheat Codes

While playing the game press [~] to access the console, then enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function:

god - Toggle God mode on/off

Listcmds - Show all console commands

boom - The screen shakes

Unlock All Stages

Before You start with this one keep in mind You'll be changing a file so make a copy before You start. Go to "Rainbow Six Lockdowndatasave" folder and open the lockdown.pro file in Notepad. You'll see levels to unlock under mission data like completedNormal = "0" and completedChallenge = "0". Set all the zeroes to "1" to unlock the stages as needed, save the changes and start the game.



Spend the indicated amount of Intel points at the "Special Features" menu to acquire the corresponding artwork:

Part I - 10 Intel Points

Part II - 10 Intel Points

Part III - 10 Intel Points

Part IV - 10 Intel Points


Spend the indicated amount of Intel points at the "Bonus" menu to acquire the corresponding weapon:

GL69A - 100 Intel Points

SR-4 CQB - 100 Intel Points

M249SPW - 80 Intel Points

P90TR - 80 Intel Points

MTAR-21 - 70 Intel Points

USAS 12 - 70 Intel Points

AS9 - 60 Intel Points

U100MK3 - 60 Intel Points

UMP-9 - 50 Intel Points

MP7SD - 40 Intel Points

SPAS 15 - 40 Intel Points

Level 1

Always shoot hinges or locks instead of blowing them because it is quieter. Shoot through the car windows. They are a useful shield. Always crouch behind objects and make sure that your squad is with you shooting or your are guaranteed a death.