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Pokemon Let’s Go Coin Case – Can I Get Porygon at the Game Corner?

If you’re trying to find the Pokemon Let’s Go Coin Case, you’re not alone. One of the unsung accomplishments in Pokemon Red and Blue was getting to the Celedon City Game Corner, grabbing the coin case, and playing the slot machines until you rack up the 9,999 coins needed to purchase Porygon from the counter. Unfortunately, if you’re trying to get the Coin Case, you’re working in vain. Here’s the info on playing slot machines and catching Porygon in Pokemon Let’s Go

Where Do You Get the Coin Case in Pokemon Let’s Go?

Pokemon Let's Go Coin Case Guy

When I reached the Celedon City Game Corner, I was pumped to push Team Rocket out, grab the coin case, and start spinning those slots. Imagine my dismay when I finished booting Team Rocket out of their hideout and the coin case was nowhere to be found. In Pokemon Red and Blue you could discover the coin case by heading to the top left corner of Celedon City and talking to a man who lost it all at the slots. After that, you could play slots at the Game Corner to your heart’s content.

In Pokemon Let’s Go there is no coin case, though. Many of the NPCs in the Game Corner say the same phrases, but the man you got the coin case from in the original games no longer provides it. The restaurant still exists in Celedon City, albeit in a different location, and there’s even an old man who talks about gambling too much, but he no longer provides the Coin Case.

Can I Play Slots at the Game Corner in Pokemon Let’s Go

Pokemon Let's Go Inside Game Corner

Since there’s no Coin Case, there’s no way to get the coins used in the slot machines in the Celedon City Game Corner. When you talk to the man at the counter there, he merely says that they’re out of game coins. As for why this change was made, no official position has been released by Nintendo, but it’s likely due to ratings.

Because of a change made to the PEGI rating system in 2009, any game that includes gambling is automatically rated 12+. If you visit the PEGI website, you’ll notice that the versions of Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow that were evaluated for release on 3DS in 2016 are the only Pokemon games rated 12+.

The reason the 12+ rating was given to the re-release of Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow is:

“The game was rated PEGI 12 for moving images that encourage the use of games of chance that are played as a traditional means of gambling. Not appropriate for persons below 12 years of age.”

So, since Nintendo markets Pokemon as an all ages game, it’s likely they cut the Game Corner to secure a 7+ PEGI rating.

How to Catch Porygon in Pokemon Let’s Go

Pokemon Let's Go Map Route 7 Porygon Location

So, you can’t get a Porygon in the Game Corner anymore, which used to be the only location you could find it in the original games. Luckily, you can still get your hands on a Porygon elsewhere in the game. You catch Porygon in Pokemon Let’s Go as a rare spawn on Route 7.

There’s no real catch to finding a Porygon, you just go to Route 7, which is west of Saffron City, and wait until it spawns. When you see one, it’ll be between level 22-27 and shouldn’t give you much trouble as long as you use a Great Ball or better.

You can also get a free Porygon, no strings attached, by talking to the man beside the Saffron City Pokemon Center after defeating Team Rocket at Silph Co. Head Office.