Box art - Silent Hill: Shattered Memories

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories Wii Cheats


Konami Customer Service Phone Number

Press [1] on the Wii Remote, go to Hints, click on "Cell Phone Calls", on the picture shown is Harry's phone with a number.

Dial the number on your phone to call Konami Customer Service who are unable to help you due to the fact you're in Silent Hill.

Unlock UFO Ending

You must complete the game once to get this ending. Load the save and do the walkthrough has normal. When you reach the point where you must choose to enter Clear Picture or Theresa's. Look at the billboard above Theresa's and you'll see a phone number for the United Fruitcake Outfit (555-3825). As soon as you have access to a phone, call this number to start the quest.

You must photograph all 13 saucers to get the ending. Here are the locations:

1. In an alley outside the Playground, under the street light.

2. In the Boat House in the Woods. Look through the hole in the corner of the


3. On a barrel outside of the Orion Hunting Lodge.

4. In the sky between the goal posts at the Midwich High School football field.

5. In the sky above the roof between Wonderland Burger and the Bar. Look around.

6. Hovering over the statue in the middle of the Midwich High School courtyard.

7. In the tree outside the entrance to the Midwich High School gym.

8. In the parking garage below the mall entrance level. Downtown area.

9. In the fish tank in The Family Pet shop.

10. Green Lion Pawn Shop, look at the left shelf near the door.

11. Near the exit of the Sewer area by the ladder. Check the closed up bars.

12. At the end of the left dock outside the Amusement Park.

13. A big saucer glowing underwater. At the shore from the Lighthouse clinic.