Box art - Battlefield 5

Battlefield 5 Xbox One Blurry Graphics – How to Fix

Are you encountering Battlefield 5 Xbox One blurry graphics whilst playing EA DICE’s latest game? It’s a problem that a few players have sough a solution for online. There must be a Battlefield 5 Xbox One blurry graphics fix out there, right? Here’s how to resolve the issue if it’s affecting you.

Battlefield 5 Xbox One Blurry Graphics – What is the Problem?

Some players have complained that they’re unable to make out objects in distance due to the blurriness of some graphics whilst playing on Xbox One. Whether it’s enemies, vehicles, or just the scenery way off in the distance, it’s making some Battlefield 5 players feel frustrated over how their matches are playing out.

Given that EA DICE will have wanted to improve their game graphically, compared to its predecessors anyway, you’d think that this would have been sorted before release. That is, if it’s a major problem. It doesn’t seem to be affecting tons of players, but it is annoying some. How do you go about fixing it then?

Battlefield 5 Xbox One Blurry Graphics – How Can I Fix This Issue?

There is a way to sort out how blurry parts of Battlefield 5 look. The answer lies in the game’s video settings menu, and there are a couple of things you can tweak to see if they make any difference to the graphics.

First, you can try to turn down the “motion blur” setting past its 50% default mark. This will give the illusion that anything moving past you won’t seem as a blur rushing by.

The other option you can try, if this fails, is to change the four options at the bottom of the video settings menu. These settings are “chromatic aberration”, “film grain”, “vignette”, and “lens distortion.” Try tweaking some or all of these, and your matches should look all the better for it.