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Fallout 76 Prototypical Problems – Where to Find the Siphon Holotape

Is your quest marker bugged in the Fallout 76 Prototypical Problems side quest? Yeah, us too. It can make knowing where to find the Siphon Holotape in Sugar Grove that much trickier, which means you might miss out on one of the best distractions in the Alpacchian wastes. Here’s the exact Project Siphon Holotape location, easy as pie.

Fallout 76 Prototypical Problems – Is My Quest Marker Bugged?

Almost definitely. As you’ve probably noticed by know, Fallout 76 is riddled with bugs, ranging from minor nuisances to game-breaking fiascos. Thankfully, this is in the former category.

What essentially happens is, as you enter Sugar Grove to complete the Protoypical Problems quest step “Get a Project Siphon Holotape” but also have another quest active (you may very well have “Novice of Mysteries” on the go at the same time), then it’ll constantly keep telling you go to go outside when you’re inside the building and vice-versa. Ignore it, and follow the instructions below.

Where to Find the Siphon Holotape

Right, to make this simple: start out by entering the main Sugar Grove door. From there, go straight forward, as far as you can go, before being stopped by an obstruction and wires spouting electricity. Turn left and go down the snaking stairs.

Once you’ve reached the bottom, immediately turn right and take the second door on your left. At the back wall, you’ll find a desk with an Analyst’s Terminal placed upon it. Fire it up, press the second option on the first menu (“Project Siphon”) and the third option (“Dispense Project Siphon Holotape”) on the second menu.

…and that’s pretty much all she wrote. Now just make your way to the Advanced Research Terminal by going back to the base of the stairs, heading to the very end of the corridor, turning left, then making a right at the end of the hallway. The terminal you’re looking for is at the far end of the room from where you came in but, by now, your quest marker should be all fine and dandy and leading the way.