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Pokemon Let’s Go Marowak – How to Get

Pokemon Let’s Go, like other Pokemon titles, lets you catch a wide variety of Pokemon in the wild. One of those that many are unsure of, however, is the Pokemon Let’s Go Marowak version. The evolved form of Cubone may or may not be catchable in the wild. Can you catch it and, if not, how do you get it?

Pokemon Let’s Go Marowak – Can I Catch it in the Wild?

This has been hotly disputed among the Pokemon Let’s Go community. It appears that the pro gamer website RankedBoost insists that you can. In Marowak’s entry, RankedBoost has claimed that there is a 10% Marowak spawn rate in the Pokemon Tower, which is located in Lavender Town.

However, other reputable Pokemon resources state that you can’t catch Marowak in the wild. Serebii, an in-depth Pokemon research site, shows that there’s only one way to get Marowak in Pokemon Let’s Go, and it isn’t by catching it in the wild. It’s best to check Pokemon Tower for yourself and, if you don’t come across one, try the alternate method below, which has a guaranteed success rate.

Pokemon Let’s Go Marowak – How do I Get it?

In order to get Marowak in Pokemon Let’s Go, you’ll need to evolve it from Cubone. Cubone can be evolved from level 28 upwards, and its Marowak evolution can take two forms depending on what process you use to evolve it.

Evolving Cubone naturally leads to you getting the normal Marowak. However, you can also get Marowak’s Alolan form in Pokemon Let’s Go.

To do this, you’ll need to head to Fuchsia City. Find the NPC Trader in this city’s Pokemon Center, and you can trade a normal Marowak to get the Alolan form. The traded Alolan Marowak you get will be level 38, by the way, but that shouldn’t be an issue if you’re only looking to fill out your Pokedex.