Box art - Fallout 76

Fallout 76 Lever Action Rifle Location – Where to Find

One of the rarest items in the game is undoubtedly the Fallout 76 Lever Action Rifle. Reloading glitch aside, it’s a fantastic weapon to have at your disposal, but searching high and low for the Lever Action Rifle location probably hasn’t done much good for you up to now. Which is why we’ve set about looking at how to find the Lever Action Rifle in Fallout 76 and the Lever Gun plans, so you don’t have to.

Fallout 76 Lever Action Rifle Location (Vendor)

You’ve probably spent enough time in the Appalachian wastes now to know that finding exactly what you need can be hit and miss at the best of times. However, to narrow down your search for the Lever Action Rifle (and Lever Gun plans, should you have a high enough crafting level) you’re going to want to hunt down Vendor Bot Responders. They can be found in the following places:

  • Grafton Station
  • Welch Station
  • Morgantown Station
  • Charleston Station
  • Camden Park

The plans can be bought for 1050 caps, and it’s recommended you purchase them in case of weapon degradation in the future. The resources required are pretty simple, and consist of:

  • Adhesive x4
  • Gear x1
  • Oil x2
  • Screw x10
  • Spring x9
  • Steel x5
  • Wood x10

Fallout 76 Lever Action Rifle Location (Loot)

As ever with Fallout you can have the luck of the draw shine upon you when it comes to salvaging loot. However, there isn’t a guaranteed location to help you find the Lever Action Rifle every single time. Despite this, the level requirement of 25 needed to use the gun does shorten the list of possible areas to comb through a fair amount.

Again, this isn’t an exact science, but you could do worse than looking in the following areas for loot, and switch servers if things are coming up empty:

  • Big Bend Tunnel
  • Watoga
  • Fort Defiance

But, this can’t be repeated enough, to get a Lever Action Rifle without fail it is highly recommended to check the Vendor locations above, purchase the plans, and up your crafting level to 25. This will give you the ability to get a Lever Action Rifle at all times rather than relying on blind luck.